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Michelle Money may get more attention has the consensus loon of The Bachelor, but diminutive dentist Ashley Hebert put on quite a display last night as well.

Fueled by envy and massive amounts of alcohol, Ash turned into an emotional wreck, hijacking alone time with Brad Womack from rival Britt Billmaier.

As Womack and Billmaier's makeout session escalated, so did Hebert's desire.

"I just want him to myself," she cried as she barged in. "One-on-one time is critical. I'm a firsthand witness to Brad's relationship with these other girls."

That's not all. Crazily enough, her tactics worked, and she looked poised to capture the group date rose - until blurting out something really awkward.

The clip above shows Ashley's antics, which we also discussed in our Bachelor recap, in all their glory. Here's a bonus clip of the cocktail party, as well:

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Last night's episode of The Bachelor was all about facing fears. Or so the cue cards claimed. Who's up to the task and who's packing their bags, ladies?

The fourth installment of the season met its usual quota of tears, catty comments, unintentional comedy and awkwardly-phrased sentences from Brad.

How did it all play out? Let's break it down in THG's classic +/- recap!

Michelle Money Pic

Michelle Money is really coming into her own as an insane contestant.

The episode hilariously opens with Michelle waking up to learn she has a black eye. "I have no idea what happened," she tells Brad. Meghan thinks she's just trying to get attention ... by punching her own face?! Eh, we'll buy it. Plus 10.

Ashley S. couldn't care less how it happened, she just wishes she'd been responsible. "I want to rip her head off," she says. Girl, tone down the crazy. Minus 4.

Off to Catalina with Chantal. Where Kip-Ten fell in love. So poetic. Plus 3.

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Give Brad Womack credit.

On The Bachelor and in life, the 38-year-old Texan is open about who he is, even when that requires admitting his faults. It's refreshing in a sense.

This week, celebrity gossip reports exposed his alleged brushes with the law in the past, an impressive list of infractions. Womack says it's all true.

Brad WHOA-Mack

Brad's criminal history includes carrying a forged driver's license, public intoxication and passing a bad check, but he says he learned from those mistakes.

"I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to admit that I had a couple of missteps when I was a teenager – some 20 odd years ago," says the Austin, Tex., bar owner.

"Some of the claims have been blown out of proportion but I took responsibility for my actions and took immediate measures to remedy the situation."

"It was just growing pains. I was still young and naïve. You learn from your experiences, good and bad, and move on. It ultimately builds character."

Hopefully his chosen fiancee agrees. Speaking of, should he pick ...


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You don't really need The Bachelor spoilers or the reigning Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky, to tell you who Brad Womack has eyes for this season.

Ali's top pick, if she were doling out roses on Brad's behalf? Southern sweetie Emily Maynard, the 24-year-old widow and single mom. Shocker!

"I think he’d be a great match with Emily," Ali said. "Sweet, southern, knockout, beautiful beautiful. She seems like a total package to me."

  • Chantal O'Brien Photo
  • Emily Maynard Picture

Are Chantal O'Brien (left) and Emily Maynard locks for hometown dates?

The Fox 5 San Diego correspondent, who visited The Bachelor to "assist Brad" with fiance Robert Martinez, also clicked with Chantal O'Brien.

"She's so raw - matter of fact, down-to-earth," Fedotowsky said. "I don't know as much about a match with Brad, but I like her personally."

Those are our two picks to make the final rose ceremony as well. We just get a feeling they have an edge over all the other girls, don't you?

What do you think? Brad Womack should totally pick ...


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When this season of The Bachelor premiered, contestants were noticeably wary of Brad Womack because he left both finalists with a broken heart during his first run on the show.

But suitors now have a new reason to worry: Womack is a criminal!!!

According to police records, Brad was arrested in 1993 for forging a Texas driver's license. Did ABC miss this infraction during its background check because Womack was booked under his birth name, Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer? Or did the network not care because he's just so gosh darn handsome?

Brad Womack Mug Shot

This felony counterfeiting charge netted Womack 180 days of probation.

Meanwhile, Star Magazine also reports that the bachelor was busted for public intoxication and for passing a bad check.

Consider yourself warned, Emily Maynard.

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Like much of America, Jennifer Aniston is mesmerized by The Bachelor.

Also like much of America (at least we hope), she can't take it seriously.

Aniston in Action

"You know what I find fascinating? The Bachelor," she says as part of her Allure cover story. "I'm mesmerized by how the girls meet this guy, have three dates together or something, then weep as though they've just lost the love of their life."

"I just don't understand that."

ELIGIBLE BACHELORETTE: Despite her perennial single status, don't expect Jen to pine for Brad Womack the next time ABC has him star on The Bachelor.

Typical of Hollywood's most notorious lonely girl to thumb her nose at the genuine stories of romance and love that unfold before our eyes every Monday.

If Jen had seen Emily Maynard open up to Brad this week, we doubt she'd question the sincerity of those tears. Cue cards can't script that kind of drama.

We do see her point, though. Every time crazy stalker Michelle Money whines about how Brad is "mine" and laments "sharing," we question her lucidity.

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Monday night, 25-year-old Madison Garton, a.k.a. Fang Girl, chose to abruptly leave The Bachelor in the middle of the rose ceremony. That was a first.

What prompted the aspiring actress to pack her bags? Emily Maynard.

Emily's decision to reveal her tragic past to Womack - a past that made Madison cry hearing the story earlier - led Garton to feel she was out of place.

Madison Garton Pic

Madison Garton told Brad Womack it was too late for them.

Fang Girl basically concluded she had no shot, had not been herself, and it was her own fault, so she bailed, explaining the surprise exist later as such:

"Hearing Emily's story, it became very real. A lot of girls here already have their heart on the line and anything I do now would be taking away from them."

"It could have been very different if I showed my cards and been the real me. There's a chance I'll wake up tomorrow and wonder what the heck I just did."

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We give The Bachelor a hard time for being scripted and full of contrived nonsense on a weekly basis, but last night was legitimately emotional and warm.

All thanks to Emily Maynard.

Just three weeks in, she's already proven one of the sweetest, most likable and most beautiful contestants in Bachelor history. How do you not get behind that?

As our official recap of last night's episode discussed, not even a group of catty chicks can find a reason to hate Emily Maynard. That's saying something!

Her one-on-one date with Brad Womack, which we've posted in its entirety above, started off awkwardly because she was afraid to open up to the guy.

Unlike typical Bachelor baloney, however, she's guarded for good reason. Her story even left a vampire in tears, and Brad was understandably moved.

Will she make it far? The Bachelor spoilers we've compiled so far indicate she's got a good shot. Will she get engaged and become Mrs. Brad Womack?

If not, she'd better be The Bachelorette. Start the campaign now.

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There comes a time each season on The Bachelor where we find ourselves basically going through the motions. That time is usually weeks 2-9 out of 10.

That said, last night's third episode actually provided some genuine emotion, some drama, some stalking and some unintentional comedy for the ages.

Not shabby, right? Let's break it down. On to THG's classic +/- recap!

Chantal in Action

Chantal could actually pass for an action movie star. Maybe.

The women partake in an action shoot. Minus only 3, because while this was fairly pointless, it could not compare to the awkwardness of the first one-on-one.

Ashley S. and Brad go to Capitol Records and "sing" Seal's hit "Kiss from a Rose." This is beyond bad, but Plus 4 for the sense that they just want it to end too.

During the date, Michelle is complaining about having to "share" Brad, who is "mine. MINE." Lady, have you not seen seasons 1-30 of The Bachelor? Minus 10.

Seal personally appears to serenade them! Plus 7, because while this marks the end of Seal's career, dude probably got paid, and is still married to Heidi Klum.

Minus 9 for Heidi Klum not appearing.

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Make no bones about it. Brad Womack has found THE ONE.

"I'm confident that I chose the right woman. I'm even more confident in our love and that it's very real. I mean it," the Austin, Tex., bar owner told Us Weekly this week.

"I'd like to give myself credit. This particular woman is so stable."

Hey, don't take stable for granted. Vienna Girardi won last season ...

Brad W. Pic

A CHANGED MAN, A SECOND CHANCE: Having blown his first shot at this, Brad Womack admits he worried about not finding his true love this time, either.

"I'd be lying if that didn't cross my mind. I told the producers if I don't feel it, I'm walking," Womack said. "I would never say I was in love if I was not in love."

Fortunately, that's not a problem.

"She knows exactly the type of guy I am," Womack said of the unnamed winner (read The Bachelor spoilers here for more on that). "What we have is very real."

The Bachelor Quotes

There’s still a lot of growing to do in our relationship. We will not tie the knot until I am mentally and physically prepared as well as Matt.

Shayne Lamas

It was a fairytale proposal like I’ve always dreamed about. I forgot that there [were] cameras around. In that moment, it was just Matt and I and it was the most amazing moment of my entire life.

Shayne Lamas [on proposal by Matt Grant]
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