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The One Who Knocks is also The One Who Gets Buzzed About A Lot on Twitter.

Nielson has released a rundown of the 10 most Tweeted shows in 2013-2014, ranking programs by the number of times they were mentioned on that social media network between September 1, 2013 and May 25, 2014.

What does the list prove?

Ready to countdown the Top 10? Let's do this...

Dancing with the Stars
Did you see the latest Tango? How about that Rumba?!? Even through 18 seasons, Dancing with the Stars remains a must-Tweet event.

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ABC has released the cast for The Bachelor in Paradise, its latest Bachelor and Bachelorette spinoff set to kick off later this summer, post-Bachelorette.

Like the now-defunct Bachelor Pad, the show will send some of your favorites (and least favorites) off to live together in search of a new love connection.

And 15 more minutes of fame. That goes without saying.

Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley

E! confirms that loyal viewers will see a number of women spurned by the last two stars of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe and Juan Pablo Galavis.

Dudes from three different Bachelorette seasons will be featured as well, with members of Andi Dorfman's current cast still to be determined.

So who's booking a ticket to Paradise? Let's find out ...

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The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have seen their share of eliminations over the years. After all, 24 people get the chop for every one winner!

There are always one or two exists that come as true shockers, however, especially in situations where a contender departs outside of a rose ceremony.

Monday's exit of Eric Hill, which tragically preceded the contestant's death by mere weeks, made for the biggest drama of Andi Dorfman's season so far.

But Eric is far from the first contestant to leave in controversial fashion. Right reasons or not, sometimes emotions run high and it doesn't work out.

From head-scratching rose ceremony stunners to significant others back home to "it's not you it's me" and everything in between, we've seen it all.

Here are 21 of The Bachelor and Bachelorette's most shocking eliminations:

DeAnna Pappas AND Jenni Croft
The one that started it all: Brad Womack rejected Jenni Croft on his season finale, and looked poised to propose to fan favorite DeAnna Pappas ... who he ALSO rejected!

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Courtney Robertson will soon released her intriguingly-titled tell-all book, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.

The question: Do you even remember Courtney Robertson?

She won The Bachelor two seasons ago, getting engaged to Ben Flajnik, who starred on the ABC reality hit before Juan Pablo Galavis and Sean Lowe.

They lasted for awhile and then broke up, which came as no surprise to most viewers, as Court was almost universally disliked by fans and co-stars.

Not that she gave a rat's arse then, or does now. At. All.

She actually delivered on her vow to pen a "super dishy" Bachelor tome. Short of The Bachelorette spoilers 2014, she reveals quite a lot of stuff, such as:

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Juan Pablo Galavis may not love Nikki Ferrell, but he sure loves his CAPS LOCK and issuing advice to the new star of The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman.

Not that he watches the show, of course. He WON'T be!

We're guessing Juan Pablo doesn't read The Bachelorette spoilers, either, or cares who she picks. But in an open letter to Dorfman, he offers some "advice."

"Today I want to wish the BEST to you Andi Dorfman on your JOURNEY as the Bachelorette," he writes, seemingly without IRONY with his random capitalizations.

"I'm GLAD to hear that now you have gone THROUGH the process, some of the things that we TALKED about while we were on The Bachelor which to you seemed NEGATIVE, became your REALITY."

He went on to praise Andi for being kind to Nikki Ferrell.

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Watch out, world! Uncle Jesse is out for blood! 

When a HuffPo blogger called Full House "dumb," John Stamos responded to defend the show that was his career.

Annelia Alex wrote an article titled "The Lies I Learned From Dumb TV" and listed Full House among the shows she says "distorted her expectations for reality."

(Might want to pick up the Merriam-Webster 2014 dictionary and look up the word "fiction." It's been in there for at least 20 years.)

Full House
Alternate title: Three men and three little ladies. Don't even pretend you never wished for an Uncle Jesse of your very own.

When Stamos read the article, because what else is John Stamos doing these days aside from trolling HuffPo, he responded, criticizing Alex for laying the blame for the way her life has turned out squarely on the shoulders of television.

Yeeeeeaaaahhh...pretty sure Uncle Jesse also needs to pick up a dictionary and learn the definition of the words "satire." His sense of humor was apparently lost about the same time his career began to circle the drain.

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It's been quite the weekend for love among The Bachelor castoffs. First, Kacie Boguskie got married. Now, Cassandra Ferguson is engaged! To Rodney Stuckey!

Cassandra, who was originally known as one of Juan Pablo's "special ones" this season before being turned aside, got back with her ex after the show.

That ex, Rodney Stuckey of the Detroit Pistons, proposed on Mother's Day to Ferguson, a former Pistons dancer, along with breakfast in bed and a letter.

Cassandra Ferguson, Rodney Stuckey

Ferguson couldn't wait to share the big news, and who can blame her.

“He proposed!” she gushed on Sunday. “This morning, he made me breakfast in bed and wrote me a letter. Super simple and sweet, which is how he is."

Looks like it truly was a blessing in disguise for Cassie - and Andi Dorfman, and Clare Crawley - that Juan Pablo Galavis sent her packing on her birthday.

Breaking the big news to her friends and the public, Cass posted a picture of a beautiful engagement ring on Instagram, captioning the shot "Yes, I'm engaged!"

Eat your heart out, Neil Lane. And sorry, Nikki Ferrell.

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The Bachelor's Kacie Boguskie married music executive Rusty Gaston Sunday, across the street from their house in Nashville, Tenn. at the Belle Meade Plantation.

Boguskie, or Kacie B. as she was known on ABC's title cards, appeared on Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor and made it to the hometown dates.

She then awkwardly sought a spot on Sean Lowe's season as well in a twist that didn't go as well, as she was dispatched early in his journey for love.

"Rusty and I met in December of 2012," the reality star said. "We randomly met while we were both out to dinner with friends at the same restaurant."

"We were both sitting at the bar with each of our friends and started talking. He asked me out to dinner the next week, and I went. And we've been dating ever since."

Her hubby also surprised her with a secret honeymoon at the wedding.

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As Bon Jovi once crooned, it's all the same, only the names will change. The Bachelor has been renewed for a 19th (seriously, 19th) season by ABC.

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo is extending a rose in this photo. We know millions of women would love to take it.

Perhaps more than any other TV except live awards shows, The Bachelor has consistently benefited from celebrity gossip coverage and social media.

Reading The Bachelor spoilers and writing live Tweets have become as popular as the show itself, as fans love to hate it and mock it, even if they love it.

Even when the star is a disaster (Brad Womack, Juan Pablo Galavis), the guilty pleasure thrives due to its format, the inevitable drama and just enough real emotion.

It's a strange dichotomy, but it made for a no-brainer renewal for ABC.

The hit dating competition has become an institution, with The Bachelorette spinoff about to kick off its 10th season, starring Andi Dorfman, on May 19.

There's even The Bachelor in Paradise, another spinoff set to air this summer (not to be confused with the previously terrible and similar Bachelor Pad).

Here's a look at ABC's other renewals for the 2014-15 season:

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Andi Dorfman may have dissed and dismissed Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor, but his presence looms large in ABC's first promo for The Bachelorette.

In truth, it's likely ABC milking the anti-Juan sentiment (and big ratings) more than it is the star still hung up on a guy she dislikes and has publicly mocked.

Either way, a new promo for Season 10 of The Bachelorette (May 19), gives us a glimpse of the men seeking Andi Dorfman ... and her disdain for Juan:

A good portion of the 30-second preview above is dedicated solely on Andi's dramatic exit from season 18 of The Bachelor (seen in its entirety below).

"Eesss OK," Juan Pablo tells Andi, in what became his signature line.

While there is no mistaking this focus on Juan Pablo for Andi pining for him, El Bachelor being such a self-absorbed jackass is still in her (the network's) mind.

Hopefully once the season starts, the story will shift and we'll concentrate on her journey to find her soul mate, not just getting over / berating Juan Pablo.

After all ... doesn't everybody want to get over this douche eventually?

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