Four continents, nine countries and more than 35,000 miles later, we finally have the winners of the 23rd (!) season of CBS' The Amazing Race

On Sunday night, our final four teams booked it to the finish line one last time in hopes of snagging the glory and the coveted one million dollar prize.

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On September 30, CBS will premiere Season 21 of The Amazing Race. It will include a doubled grand prize of $2 million, along with a cast that includes: two Chippendales dancers; professional monster struck drivers; and the bassist for Megadeath.

Check out the first photo of the teams and then review their resumes below...

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The 19th season of The Amazing Race covered four continents, 20 cities and nearly 40,000 miles as the various couples battled to beat other fiercely competitive teams.

After last week's elimination of Olympian snowboarders Tommy Szechin, 31, and Andy Finch, 30, who won six legs along the way, it was wide open on last night's finale.

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