Over the past few weeks, there have been rumors that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her third child, rumors that she's back on drugs, and rumors that she's engaged to David Eason.

Jenelle never keeps quiet for long, so we knew she'd come forward and spill the tea eventually. We just didn't realize there would be actual tea involved.

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As you probably already know, lots of celebrities endorse products on Instagram, and some of them are very well compensated for it.

Curiously, products that promise to tone your midsection are among the most commonly shilled, and dozens of reality stars cash in by pretending they owe their physiques to "flat-tummy teas" and, of course, waist-trainers:

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Part of the agreement with most reality shows is that the stars will more or less live their lives in the public eye. This means that the big moments in one's life generally play out in front of a camera crew.

It can be awkward, but the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise are mostly (if somewhat grudgingly) accepting of it.

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