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It's easy to give Jenelle Evans a hard time, or to simply your eyes at her.

Between her whirlwind relationships, Twitter rants and Teen Mom 2 antics, she's entertaining to say the least. But she's also clearly a very troubled individual.

When MTV considers you a liability, you know you have some issues.

Jenelle Evans Twit Pic

Evans' attorney, Dustin Sullivan, confirms that she is back in rehab again for the second time in a week, and it's not just for anxiety, stress or exhaustion.

"Jenelle is in a rehabilitation treatment facility in North Carolina to address addiction issues for drug use," said Sullivan. It's reportedly heroin, no less.

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Jenelle Evans got out of rehab last Friday. That's the good news.

The bad? Drama involving her ex(es) is once again off the hook.

Jenelle Evans, Gary Head Kiss

Upon leaving rehab, the Teen Mom 2 star got her phone back and immediately jumped on Twitter ... to find out from Gary Head that she was single again.

Suffice it to say, the newly-sober Jenelle Evans was pissssssssed.

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The fourth and likely last season Teen Mom 2 is more turbulent than ever.

Last week, we learned one of the fab four may be pregnant, while another might leave her fiance for her ex, and Jenelle Evans ... she's just in her own world.

What did this week's episode have to offer on these and other fronts?

Let's break it down in THG's weekly +/- Teen Mom 2 recap!

Leah Messer on Teen Mom 2 Pic

Leah Messer is still torn between her baby daddy and ex-husband Corey Simms and new fiance Jeremy Calvert - and toying with both of them as a result.

Minus 40 because while she does have feelings for both and you can't fault what her heart feels, the way she's reacting to said feelings is marginal.

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Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has reportedly checked into rehab for the second time as she continues to struggle with a heroin abuse problem.

Jenelle Evans on the Phone

She is “seeking treatment for her drug addiction issues and related stresses stemming from a tumultuous last few months,” a source close to Jenelle says.

According to celebrity gossip site Radar Online, “Everyone's been worried about Jenelle doing heroin, even though she was denying that for a long time.”

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The fourth season and possibly last season Teen Mom 2 is off to a turbulent start.

Last week's opener featured the usual Jenelle drama and Chelsea stress, while Leah started a new family and some Kailyn Lowry domestic abuse was teased.

What did this week's episode have to offer on all of those fronts?

Let's break it down in THG's weekly +/- Teen Mom 2 recap!

Teen Mom 2 Cast Pic

Jenelle Evans' rage returned this week. Big shocker there.

So who was the big target? Follow the jump to find out!

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In the trailer for Season 4 of Teen Mom 2, viewers witnessed Kailyn Lowry hitting both husband Javi Morroquin and Jo Rivera, the father of her son.

That led Kailyn to apologize and some fans to speculate that Lowry might even be subject to domestic violence charges ... but did this even happen?

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin

The trailer shows Kailyn pushing Javi, apparently causing him to storm out, but a friend of Lowry's claims MTV edited the footage to exaggerate it.

"She never hit him," Lex Lopez, who reportedly witnessed the incident, said. “She pushed him out of frustration and was instantly sorry for her actions."

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And just like that, the fourth season of Teen Mom 2 is officially underway!

Monday, we picked up pretty much where Season 3 left off ... basically the usual Jenelle drama, plus surprising revelations from Leah, Kailyn and Chelsea.

How did it all play out? Find out in THG's +/- Season 4 premiere recap!

Teen Mom 2 Credits Photo

Jenelle Evans is sober, back in school, moving into her own place and even has boyfriend that her mom Barbara Evans loves. Seriously. Plus 20.

The boyfriend? Gary Head! Amazingly, Jenelle may even be with him RIGHT NOW ... while she is married to some other guy, but still. Plus 10?

Of course, this being Jenelle Evans, trouble is always awaitin' and this week its name is Kieffer Delp, who is fresh out of jail and trying to contact her.

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Rumors have been swirling for weeks now that Season 4 of Teen Mom 2, which kicks off Tuesday, will be the last for the popular MTV reality series.

The reason is simple: Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle E. Photo

Supposedly, the North Carolina Hurricane has become such a liability that even MTV and her own co-stars worry about their association with her.

Their fathers do too, apparently.

Last week it was Corey Simms' dad, Jeff Simms, calling her out. This week it's Chelsea Houska's father, Randy Houska, taking a shot at her on Twitter.

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Leah Messer raised many an eyebrow on Monday's Teen Mom 2 Season 3 reunion when she insinuated that she'd have "no problem" leaving fiance Jeremy Calvert.

For ex-husband Corey Simms.

Leah Messer Calvert Picture

However, Season 3 is ancient history in Teen Mom 2 years. Seriously, a week their time is like six months regular person time. Things change quickly.

Leah Messer made the same point on Twitter after the reunion show aired, telling fans that it's all good now. "Wow, So much has changed!" she wrote.

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Jenelle Evans isn't on speaking terms with estranged husband Courtland Rogers, but she sure is getting along well with her former fiance Gary Head.

The two have been having the time of their lives since he was there to comfort her during Jenelle Evans' miscarriage (with Rogers' child) last month.

Now that she's recovered, they're hitting the clubs together!

Gary Head, Jenelle Evans

“Going out with the bessssst tonight to the O House ! :),” the always-unpredictable Teen Mom 2 star said on Twitter Friday, tagging Gary Head in the tweet.

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