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Flirting has been around for generations, but needless to say, the onslaught of technological devices and applications has taken it to new levels nowadays.

Notice we said levels, not heights. What technology provides in convenience, speed and efficiency, it taketh away in tact, grammar and excitement.

Our lack of inhibitions, shifting expectations and ability to fire off what's on our mind in nanoseconds have transformed flirting dramatically, and forever.

This can be good or bad for the potential relationships in question, but as we've seen time and again, it's hilarious to watch play out via text message.

For better or worse, these 21 people have mastered the art of flirting via text, Facebook, Twitter and other instant communication platforms. And we thank them.

Scroll through the gallery below and bow down to the masters ...

Sometimes, But Not All the Time
I don't always think about you naked, but when I do, it's presuambly a pleasing image.

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Sometimes, Siri can help with directions, errands and hands-free tasks.

Other times, Apple's infamous virtual assistant outs you as a cheater.

According to one Reddit user, that's what happened here when the girlfriend decided to "show him something awesome Siri can do." This backfired unexpectedly.

No word if she took the screen shot before or after they broke up.

Siri BF

Could be an ex, we realize ... but why is his name still in there?

Moreover, why is he still listed as boyfriend? Makes you think!

No word on whether iOS added full support for polyamorous relationship structures in version 7, or if Siri is being a smartass with her use of quotation marks.

"Boyfriend" kind of reads like that, intentionally or not ... and it wouldn't be the first time Siri was kind of a dick on top of being just plain unhelpful.

See below, and hope for a revamped Siri on the iPhone 6.

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Calling your cable service provider for any reason is never on anybody's list of things they enjoy doing, but this particular example turned into an epic nightmare.

When tech journalist Ryan Block and his wife, Veronica Belmont, tried to cancel their Comcast service over the phone, they did not have an easy time of it.

Not because they couldn't get through or were transferred to an overseas call center ... but because the representative refused to let them cancel it.

Seriously. He rudely, incessantly demanded to know why ... why?! WHY WOULD YOU CANCEL SOMETHING AS AWESOME AS COMCAST?!?

The more Block refused to engage in a discussion of why he was severing all ties with Comcast, the more aggressive and inappropriate the rep became.

Eight minutes later, he finally got what he wanted ... and posted the conversation on SoundCloud. He says he started the post about 10 minutes in.

It's not clear what happened in those first 10 minutes, but Block was adamant about bailing on the cable giant, and just as adamant about not saying why.

Block patiently, calmly and repeatedly asked what it would take to disconnect his service, which only made the world's worst customer service rep more irate.

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Some Pugs out there may be unimpressed by everyday toys.

But others are completely mesmerized by technology.

Take the canine in the following video, for instance. He's so into his owner's iPad and its water app that he begins to lick the screen... over and over and over and over again.

The poor guy. Let's hope he was rewarded for his oblivious cuteness with a big bowl of ice cold aqua.

Perhaps Pugs should just stick to reenacting Home Alone and How to Train Your Dragon.

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Tendonitis of the thumbs is a real, legit, frequently diagnosed medical condition among teens.

Why? Because their thumbs never stop moving, flying over the keyboards of their cell phones to send text messages and Snapchats (!!!!) at lightning speed. 

Our opposable thumbs weren't made for all that texting, people! They were made to do things like ... hold a pencil or button pants or play the Kim Kardashian video game!

But we, as a society, both young and old, are addicted to our phones. They keep us connected and in the loop and they fuel our anxiety and frustration.

We take the good with the bad, but what some of us could really use a vacation. From our phones. If you're saying "Psh! Not ME!" right now, we're probably talking to you.

Here are 17 signs you need a vacation from your cell phone ...

You Love Your Cell Phone This Much
If your attraction to your cell phone is this strong, it's probably a good sign that you need to break up.

NOTE: If you're reading this ON YOUR CELL PHONE (especially if you're reading this on your cell phone while on the toilet) please begin your vacation soon.

Right after you catch up on the rest of your celebrity gossip.

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Technology is supposed to make our lives better and easier, right? That's the idea of it, we imagine, although sometimes it does anything but. 

Take Siri, for instance.  Asking Siri ridiculous questions and awaiting her equally ridiculous responses is a favorite pastime of Apple lovers everywhere.

Anyone with an iPhone has a personal assistant in the palm of his or her hand, but sometimes that personal assistant seems permanently out to lunch.

Or decides to respond with inane and off the wall information probably just to screw with us, or delivers an insult so perfectly timed it's like she's our BFF.

And we keep coming back for more. Check out 17 hilarious Siri fails sure to make you laugh and maybe question whether Skynet is becoming aware ...

What Web Are You Using?
Siri is either straight up lying, isn't searching the web particularly hard or needs to turns Safe Search off.

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What transpires when you present young, technologically-savvy people with archaic, seemingly pointless technologies they’ve never seen in their lives?

As we saw when kids react to a Walkman, hilarity ensues. Ditto this video of future leaders encountering early computers with utter befuddlement.

Watch what happens as kids ages 6 and 13 turn on and use what looks like the Apple II computer, one of the first PCs ever put into production ...

Even turning it on proves challenging for such advanced minds, and a harbinger of things to come for kids who had no idea how to do anything on it.

Not that there were many options for them, in fairness. The realization that there were no games, apps or INTERNET was nothing short of jarring.

After increasing frustration and more than a little confusion, the children decided they would much rather stick to the devices they already own. 

It's hard to blame them, although it's wild to think that in another 30 years, today's iPhones, iPads and the like may be treated with similar disdain.

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Are you ready to feel like a rocket scientist? Have we got a gallery for you.

As it just so happens, there's exactly ZERO limits on the dumb things people will ask on the Internet. Anonymously or otherwise. Happening upon these dumb Yahoo questions has two effects:

  1. You feel REALLY, REALLY smart
  2. You lose all faith in humanity because how can people be this dumb!?!?

But alas, they are. They ARE this dumb and they walk among us! GASP!

They're like tiny little intelligence leeches that steal our smarts one dumb question at a time. And yes, Virginia, there are such things as dumb questions.

Check out these 19 Yahoo questions that will make you question humanity, yet pat yourself on the back because no matter what stupid thing you've said in your life, you're not this dumb.


Canadian Birds? Are Those a Thing?
There are no birds in Canada, you guys. Because the CANADIAN GEESE have all flown south to terrorize the rest of the continent.

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Moms. Texting.

They go together like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Chris Brown and peaceful conflict resolution. Lindsay Lohan and sobriety. Kim Kardashian and privacy.

They're just not a terrific fit is what we're saying. We love moms, and we love texting, but certain things are simply not greater than the sum of their parts.

Well, except when it comes to unintentional comedy. You could make a strong case that moms and texting make for an amazing combination in that respect.

Case in point:

Epic Mom Texting Fail

To be fair, we've all been done in by auto-correct a time or 10. The end really solidifies this text exchange's place in the viral history books, though.

Classic mom.

Where does this rank among all-time bungled communications by parents trying to use phones? You be the judge. See other vintage mom texting fails below ...

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The fate of former NFL cheerleader Sarah Jones' federal defamation lawsuit against celebrity gossip website The Dirty remains up in the air, according to reports.

Sarah Jones won the suit and a $338,000 judgment last summer.

The verdict was so unprecedented, however, that it prompted some of the country's largest companies to file briefs asking the appellate court to reverse the decision.

Now, it looks destined to go before the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Sarah Jones Bengals Photo
  • Sarah Jones Cheerleader Photo

In 2012, high school teacher Jones pleaded guilty to criminal charges and admitted that she had sex with a 17-year-old student she taught at Dixie Heights H.S.

She later became engaged to the student.

Like a lot of websites, TheDirty (dot) com allows commenters to leave posts, some of which could be considered offensive. Or in this case, defamatory.

Jones, for one, said she was offended by two that said she'd had sex with every Bengals player on the team and likely had gonorrhea and chlamydia.

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