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Was Kate Upton snared by the oldest online trick in the book?

The FBI is investigating whether the supermodel fell victim to not to an iCloud security breach, but phishing, the classic online scamming technique.

Kate Upton Bikini Model

It's gotten more sophisticated over the years, but the premise is the same: You get an email informing you there's some sort of problem with your account.

In order to fix it, of course, the helpful people contacting you will need your personal info - username, phone number, credit card, even your password.

Basically you unwittingly give the hackers all they need because they masquerade as a person or company trying to help you, and they're well disguised.

In this case, the emails sent to celebrities might have been doctored up to look like it was coming from Apple, which backs up their info to its iCloud.

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The hacker who stole and posted naked photos of more than 100 celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, claims he has a sex video of the actress as well.

The unidentified hacker said that he or she (it has to be a he) has not shared the alleged clip, but he might ... Paypal donations for the video are being accepted!

Hot Jennifer Lawrence Picture
Wow. That's the only word that's really necessary when gazing upon this Jennifer Lawrence photo.

"I know no one will believe me, but i have a short Lawrence video," wrote the perv who posted the Jennifer Lawrence nude photos that nearly crashed the Internet.

"Is way too short, a little over 2 minutes and you only get to see her boobs."

Given the response to the photos ... can you imagine if that video is real?!

"Anyways, if somebody wants it let me know how i can upload it anonymously (i dont want the FBI over me, and you dont wanna know how I got this video)," he adds.

The FBI is already all over the case, so he may want to clam up if he enjoys life outside of a jail cell ... but who are we to tell the man what to do?

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Flirting via text message carries the inherent risks of not being present to gague the other person's reaction, or even hear the tone of their voice on the phone.

It also gives the recipient of your electronic overtures ample time to process what you have just put forth, and to formulate an appropriate response

As a result, it can lead to getting shot down in epically hilarious fashion ...

It's Morning
And it's a great setup for that burn.

Technology has really done a number on the ancient ritual known as flirting.

Not just by ruining our grammar and giving birth to emoji sexting, but on a more significant note. Behind screens, our inhibitions lower and our honesty rises.

This can be a good thing or a bad one, but either way, it's entertaining.

Scroll through the gallery above and prepare to cringe and LOL at the same time, because while we feel bad for the rejected, some of these zingers are amazing.

Then bow down to these people who are masters of text message flirting.

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Look, we're not saying that some people have too much time in their hands, but... well, okay, fine, that's pretty much exactly what we're saying.

Some people probably have too much time on their hands. So they use their hands to text, tweet, message, and do things that aren't really productive. (Like take selfies.)

We're not at all, however, implying that we don't love being the beneficiaries of said time-wasting, especially when those people spend their time creating emoji masterpieces

From songs to stories to incredible pictures made up solely of other pictures, these 27 amazing emoji masterpieces are works of art ...

Fresh Prince
You know you're totally singing this song right now. Don't even pretend like you aren't.

And then of course there are times when people used emoji to tell their significant others a different kind of story. A story kind of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sexting emoji are legit and real life.

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Sexting is so 2013. If you haven't discovered the infinite emoji possibilities when it comes to booty calling your beloved over the phone, you haven't lived.

With all the fruits, animals and other images you can send with fewer keystrokes and grammatical mistakes than your normal texts, how can a person go wrong?

Well, besides the obvious confusion you might encounter if your smiley faces, hand gestures, etc., don't make any damn sense to your prospective partner.

Sure, if you want to hump somebody tonight, typing that out might be less confusing than sending a small camel picture, but that's the challenge of it!

Embrace it. These people clearly have. Check out 23 examples of how to express your erotic, emoji needs in humorous (and often direct, NSFW) fashion:

Put Your ...
Yeah. These people totally got naked.

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Moms. We owe them everything, and not just because they literally gave us life.

They are the nurturing, driving force behind all of us and a source of unconditional love and support that we can never possibly repay or show enough gratitude for.

All that said with utmost sincerity, they really should not be allowed to text.

They do not know what LOL means. Ditto WTF. Nor can they locate their own space bar or notice the miscues caused by auto-correct, seemingly ever.

Combine these technical snafus with oversharing brought on by instant communication and the sometimes TMI nature of mothers being mothers, and ...

Yeah. The gallery below speaks for itself. Scroll through 37 classic mom text fails below and send her Lots of Love ... in a phone call or maybe over email:

LOL Fail
No, parents everywhere. LOL does not stand for "Lots of Love." Not at all.

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The Google. Confusing parents everywhere since 1998.

Despite the ubiquity and apparent simplicity of the search engine behemoth, a company so big it sells for $570 a share and has become a verb, it still baffles some.

As Will Smith once said, parents just don't understand.

Tales of Google confounding Americans of intermediate to advanced age are as old as time. Or at least the late 1990s. Take this classic text message exchange:

Mom Does Not Understand Google

Google probably thought everyone loved their doodles, too.

Not this mom! What is this confusing stuff?! She just wants the white screen with the brightly-colored GOOGLE and blank search field back, thankyouverymuch.

So we learned from her son, who took the blame for this.

Erroneously under attack, he helpfully explained that Google's clever changes were not the result of her offspring changing up the settings of her computer.

And no, mom, there is not a number you can call.

Add this to the list of vintage mom texting fails, as well as the mountain of evidence that parents should not use Facebook, Google or any technology for that matter:

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Flirting has been around for generations, but needless to say, the onslaught of technological devices and applications has taken it to new levels nowadays.

Notice we said levels, not heights. What technology provides in convenience, speed and efficiency, it taketh away in tact, grammar and excitement.

Our lack of inhibitions, shifting expectations and ability to fire off what's on our mind in nanoseconds have transformed flirting dramatically, and forever.

This can be good or bad for the potential relationships in question, but as we've seen time and again, it's hilarious to watch play out via text message.

For better or worse, these 21 people have mastered the art of flirting via text, Facebook, Twitter and other instant communication platforms. And we thank them.

Scroll through the gallery below and bow down to the masters ...

Sometimes, But Not All the Time
I don't always think about you naked, but when I do, it's presuambly a pleasing image.

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Sometimes, Siri can help with directions, errands and hands-free tasks.

Other times, Apple's infamous virtual assistant outs you as a cheater.

According to one Reddit user, that's what happened here when the girlfriend decided to "show him something awesome Siri can do." This backfired unexpectedly.

No word if she took the screen shot before or after they broke up.

Siri BF

Could be an ex, we realize ... but why is his name still in there?

Moreover, why is he still listed as boyfriend? Makes you think!

No word on whether iOS added full support for polyamorous relationship structures in version 7, or if Siri is being a smartass with her use of quotation marks.

"Boyfriend" kind of reads like that, intentionally or not ... and it wouldn't be the first time Siri was kind of a dick on top of being just plain unhelpful.

See below, and hope for a revamped Siri on the iPhone 6.

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Calling your cable service provider for any reason is never on anybody's list of things they enjoy doing, but this particular example turned into an epic nightmare.

When tech journalist Ryan Block and his wife, Veronica Belmont, tried to cancel their Comcast service over the phone, they did not have an easy time of it.

Not because they couldn't get through or were transferred to an overseas call center ... but because the representative refused to let them cancel it.

Seriously. He rudely, incessantly demanded to know why ... why?! WHY WOULD YOU CANCEL SOMETHING AS AWESOME AS COMCAST?!?

The more Block refused to engage in a discussion of why he was severing all ties with Comcast, the more aggressive and inappropriate the rep became.

Eight minutes later, he finally got what he wanted ... and posted the conversation on SoundCloud. He says he started the post about 10 minutes in.

It's not clear what happened in those first 10 minutes, but Block was adamant about bailing on the cable giant, and just as adamant about not saying why.

Block patiently, calmly and repeatedly asked what it would take to disconnect his service, which only made the world's worst customer service rep more irate.

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