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Some major websites went dark briefly Friday in a "moment of silence" for the victims of last week's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Websites Go Dark

AOL, Yahoo, The Huffington Post, Digg, and more than 100,000 people and sites have pledged to participate in Causes (dot) com's Web Goes Silent campaign.

People and companies across the Internet were also spreading the word by tweeting their intention to go quiet Friday with the hashtag #momentforSandyHook.

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Attention, Internet users: Instagram has an important message to pass along...

In response to uproar over the rumor that a new terms of service agreement would allow the company to sell photos without compensating the subject of said photos, co-founder Kevin Systrom has released a statement.

Instagram Logo

"[The new terms of service] was interpreted by many that we were going to sell your photos to others without any compensation. This is not true," Systrom says.

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A slew of recently announced changes to Instagram's terms and conditions have sent celebrities and regular folks alike running for the virtual exits.

Instagram, which was bought by Facebook earlier this year, is under heavy scrutiny for its new usage agreement ... in which users sign over everything.

Rihanna Pantsless

Basically, big bad corporate parent Facebook is co-opting all Instagram's content ... so many pantsless Rihanna photos will soon be company property.

The user soon must agree, by posting photos on Instagram:

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The hacker network Anonymous has released what it claims to be a cache of personal details on the members of the extremist Westboro Baptist Church.

This after after church said it planned to picket Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Anonymous Pic

The scene of a mass shooting where 26 children and adults died Friday would seem an unlikely spot for a protest ... for any other group of humans.

Westboro Baptist said it planned a demonstration at the Newtown, Conn., school, which apparently didn't sit well with supporters of Anonymous.

Itself a subversive community of activists and trolls of a different sort, the "hacktivist" group appears to have taken down the church extremists' website.

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Did Connecticut school shooting perpetrator Adam Lanza preview Friday's stunning massacre on the online forum / bulletin board 4Chan two nights beforehand?

That's the rumor going around, anyway.

Adam Lanza Yearbook Photo

In the following 4Chan forum exchange, an anonymous user purported to be Lanza makes an ominous promise that he will kill himself Friday and it will make the news.

He adds that he lives in Connecticut.

The below screen grabs from 4Chan have been censored, but also appear to show other users egging Adam Lanza on (if it's really him). Take a look ...

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Police in Victoria, Australia have issued a warning to motorists regarding Apple Maps:

Don't use it.

Officials spoke out after several travelers became stranded in the Murray-Sunset National Park trying to reach the city of Mildura using Apple's utterly inaccurate directions.

Apple Maps Fail

Tests of the system by police confirm the mapping application lists Mildura in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park, about 43 MILES from its actual location.

Police are extremely concerned as there is no water within the Park and temperatures can reach as high as 114 degrees, making this a potentially life threatening issue.

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After a fox nabbed Lars Andreas Bjercke's iPhone 5 and took off into the woods, the Norwegian teenager certainly never thought he'd hear from the creature again.

He thought wrong, apparently.

Bjercke had downloaded an app on his iPhone to make it emit rabbit noises, then played it at night to coax a fox into his yard, just to see how that would play out.

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Safe to say November was a relatively good month for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The social network's stock shot up from $21.08 a share on the first day of trading to $28 a share this past Friday, reaching its highest price since July.

Zuckerberg Photo

Zuckerberg, who owns about 504 million shares of Facebook stock (give or take), saw his net worth increase $3.48 billion as a result. Not bad for 30 days' work.

Long story short, his critics can Zuck on that! Sorry.

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Apple's iTunes 11 is here today, and its much-anticipated release marks one of the biggest overhauls of the tech giant's media management service to date.

How does it hold up in terms of actual usage, though?

iTunes 11 Pic

At least according to very early reviews, pretty well!

Better positioned to compete in the era of the Cloud, iTunes 11 is chock full of new/revised features (as was the iPhone 5, which came out in September).

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For those unsatisfied with a mere singular screen on your iPhone 5, popSLATE is for you.

An "E-Ink" screen in an iPhone 5 case, it's always illuminated and totally customizable, allowing you to live Tweet Vampire Diaries and text your mom at the same time!

Check out the promotional video demo for popSLATE here:

The only possible downsides: its .54-inch thickness, on top of the .30-inch iPhone 5, and its 2.64 ounce weight, on top of the iPhone 5′s 3.95 ounces.