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Google Now, the company's own personal assistant service, is coming to your mobile devices. Ask Siri if she's worried ... or ask Google Now if she is!

G Now

Today Google is releasing its Google Now service for the iPhone and iPad, and it will be available in Google's Search app in the Apple App Store.

Similar to the Android version, the iOS version will provide information custom-tailored to your life, your habits and your routines, just as you need it.

"Our goal is to get you the right information, at just the right time," Google CEO Larry Page said of the service on a company earnings call last week.

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Ah, technology. Is there anything it can't do in this day and age?

It's certainly led to some high-tech marriage proposals in recent years, but this one, made with the aid of a drone, may have set the new high water mark.

A man from San Francisco, Calif., Jason, proposed to his girlfriend, Christina, in the city's Alamo Square Park with the excuse of taking some pictures of her.

She's pregnant, so that excuse was certainly a good one.

As she posed and discussed the arrival of their unborn child, he had a remote-controlled helicopter drone deliver a ring in the geekiest proposal of all time.

Geekiest, most elaborate and maybe awesomest.

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Reddit is currently under a malicious DDoS attack, according to the site's official Twitter.

The attack seems to have started Friday, coinciding with the developing story of the Boston bombing suspect manhunt, which is very much still underway.

Reddit Error

A source of the attack is unconfirmed, however, a Reddit admin says it was/is being performed by "someone with a lot of time and bandwidth on their hands."

From all known accounts, this is serious, large-scale attack.

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Venture capitalists Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, a.k.a. the Winklevoss Twins or Winklevii if you will, now claim to own about 1 percent of all bitcoins.

That's about $11 million worth of the beloved, digital quasi-currency that has acquired a following among hackers, libertarians and other non-conformists.

Winklevoss Twins

The Winklevoss twins, who are famous for suing Mark Zuckerberg over the idea for Facebook, are getting in the game at the peak of the bitcoin mania.

They believe they're in "on the ground floor."

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A photo published by French blog Nowhereelse purports to give readers their first look at Apple's new iPad.

The company, of course, just came out with an updated version of this tablet in November, but it's safe to assume another is on the way in 2013.

If this picture is to believed, the new iPad will be thinner and lighter than past generations, possessing a different rim design yet maintaining the same screen size.

See for yourself:

New iPad?

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Fox is threatening to convert its entire operation to a pay-TV-only channel if Internet startup Aereo continues to "steal" its over-the-air television signal.

News Corp., which owns Fox, said not being paid by Aereo threatens the economics of broadcast TV, which relies on both retransmission fees and advertising.

Say what now?

  • Aereo Logo
  • Fox Logo Small

Anyone with an antenna can pick up a TV station's signals for free.

However, as we well know, cable and satellite companies typically pay stations and networks for the right to distribute their programming to subscribers.

Industry-wide, those retransmission fees can add up to billions of dollars every year. Fees that Aereo is circumventing with its new business model:

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Even though people who wear the futuristic eyewear may not be their target demographic, strip clubs are already calling for a ban on Google Glass, reports indicate.

Google Glass Image

NBC News says that when it comes to the all-seeing and all-recording Google Glass, strip clubs will give it the same treatment as phones with built-in cameras:

Not allowed.

The manager of a strip club in Las Vegas said: "We've already been dealing with rampant cellphone video-ing and the picture taking over the years."

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Microsoft was once king of technology, owning 90 percent of the operating systems market and making Bill Gates the world's wealthiest human.

Times have changed. As demand shifted from desktops to laptops and then to tablets and smartphones, Microsoft lost its reign to Google and Apple.

Microsoft Logo

So drastic is the trend that a new report from technology research and advisory firm Gartner forecasts that by 2017, Microsoft could be all but obsolete.

How is this possible? By then, shipments of devices using Google’s Android operating system will likely dwarf shipments of Windows PCs and phones.

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Facebook spent most of its time Thursday talking about its new Facebook Home software that puts FB at the center of the Android operating system.

However, the company also announced the long-rumored "Facebook phone," a new smartphone with HTC (2498) that will be the first to use Home.

Facebook Phone

The appropriately named HTC First will be available in four different colors - black, white, red and pale blue - and will launch exclusively on AT&T April 12.

For $99.99, the device comes with a 4.3-inch display, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Facebook Home and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 dual core processor.

The new FB phone could find a receptive audience among the under-25 crowd, which is comfortable with having their mobile devices in reach at all times.

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Facebook Home, unveiled today, is the company's attempt to stop what it sees as an alarming trend:

Facebook users actually spending less time on Facebook.

So what is Facebook Home? To quote the video below:

“Home isn’t a phone or operating system, and it’s more than just an app. Home is a new experience that lets you see the world through people, not apps.”

Basically, it's a suite of apps that constitute an interface for Android users willing to let FB mediate pretty much everything they do on their mobile devices.

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