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Following 39 days in the wilderness for contestants and a great number of hidden immunity idols burned, Survivor: Blood vs. Water came to a conclusion last night.

The final episode started with seven players and concluded with just one, the 27th champion in series history…

Congratulations, Tyson Apostol!

In his third time as a participant on the CBS hit, Tyson took part in finale challenges that included placing wooden blocks on an unbalanced table and racing through an obstacle course in order to recover various puzzle piece.

He won them both.

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The new season of Survivor pits loved ones against each other. Thus the subtitle, Blood vs. Water! What other twists lie in store? And who's been cast?

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Cast

Starting September 29, the season will be comprised of 39-and-a-half days, kicking off with "Day Zero," where 10 pairs of loved ones will be sent off.

"The whole idea was to try and get them thinking and maybe believing that they would play as a pair,” Jeff Probst teases of the season's angle.

The loved ones will then be split into two tribes, with returning players on Galang and their "partners" on Tadhana. That should be a fun twist.

Redemption Island will make its return after three seasons, with contestants permitted to swap places with their loved ones following duels.

As for the actual Survivor: Blood vs. Water cast members? They are ...

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A season of medical evacuations, impromptu tribal councils, shocks, surprises, twists and turns came to an end last night.

With Dawn Meehan, Sherri Biethman and John Cochran comprising the final three on Survivor: Caramoan.

Who took home the grand prize of $1 million?

Survivor: Caramoan Winner

Although he was criticized for a strategy that involved letting Meehan to do all the work, Cochran received all nine votes from the jury, hugged his family and collected the massive check.

"Obviously, it feels incredible," Cochran said after the vote was revealed. "I've loved this game for half of my life. It's a dream come true."

What do you think, Survivor fans? Did the right contestant win?


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An Iowa sex therapist is reality TV's newest millionaire.

On last night's season finale of Survivor: Philippines, Denise Stapley took home the show's grand prize, brewing out Michael Skupin and former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel  in the process.

Survivor: Philippines Finalists

"In Iowa, you can do a lot with this," said host Jeff Probst upon presenting the check to Stapley, who referred to the win as "life changing."

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Lisa Whelchel is still in the running for the $1 million prize on Survivor: Philipines, but first she must outwit, outplay and outlast an unexpected new adversary:

West Nile virus.

Lisa Whelchel Photo

"Dr. just called with blood test results ... I have West Nile. Ugh," Welchel, 49, tweeted, adding that she should recover fully and is more or less "fine, just tired."

Spread by mosquitos, West Nile's symptoms include fatigue, headaches and body aches. Whelchel did not say if she contracted it during the reality series.

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Angie Layton of Survivor fame denies she's a dumb blonde, and has other observations in this new interview you should really read in between ogling pics of her.

  • Angie Layton, Survivor
  • Angie Layton Pic

The 20-year-old former Miss Teen Utah and the third person voted out of Survivor: Philippines shared some ups and downs of the experience with People.

On the perception of her at the start: "[Everyone] perceived me as a dumb blonde. You know, here's the pageant girl from Utah. So I was stereotyped from the start."

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The new season of Survivor will:

  1. Take place in the Philippines.
  2. Premiere on September 19.
  3. Include a former sitcom star, an ex-National League MVP, a sex therapist and two beauty queens.

Intrigued? Meet the cast below.

Survivor: Philippines Cast Photo

Sarah Dawson
Age: 28
Current Residence: Silver Spring, Md.
Occupation: Insurance Sales

Katie Hanson
Age: 22
Current Residence: Newark, Del.
Occupation: Former Miss Delaware 2011

Jeff Kent
Age: 44
Current Residence: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Retired MLB Player

Angie Layton
Age: 20
Current Residence: Provo, Utah
Occupation: Model/Student

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It was ladies night on Survivor: One World yesterday, as five women battled for the $1 million grand prize on the season 24 finale.

But - no offense to Chelsea, Sabrina, Alicia or Christina - these final few episodes have really been all about Kim Spradlin, who dominated as few before her have, earning the votes of the contest-filled jury AND the $100,000 reward as the Fan Favorite.

The only question isn't whether Kim deserved to win it all, but where she now ranks among all-time Survivor greats such as Boston Rob (Survivor: Redemption Island), Brian Heidik (Survivor: Thailand) and Tom Westman (Survivor: Palau)?

Jeff Probst, meanwhile, announced that season 25 would take Survivor to the Philippines, where three previous contestants who left their editions early due to injury will return. Watch a preview for what's to come and then read an extended Survivor finale review at TV Fanatic:

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Sophie Clarke was crowned the winner of Survivor: South Pacific last night.

"I had a feeling, but you never know," she said in a CBS reunion special after the big reveal. "I think I had my finger on the pulse of the game the whole time."

The 22-year-old outfought, outwitted, outlasted and outplayed Benjamin "Coach" Wade, Albert Destrade, Rick Nelson, Oscar Lusth and Brandon Hantz Sunday.

Sophie Clarke Photo

On last night's finale, Nelson was the first to be eliminated by the remaining members of the Te Tuna tribe, and Clarke beat out Lusth to win the final immunity necklace.

In the second elimination, the tribe spoke again, this time eliminating Lusth with three votes (Destrade received one). The final three were then brought back in front of eight members of the original tribe to make their final case.

"When it comes to outplaying," Clarke said, "I feel like I held out my own."

Ultimately, Clarke received five votes, and Wade received three.

Follow this link for a full Survivor season finale review ...


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Survivor host Jeff Probst and actress Lisa Ann Russell have tied the knot.

The pair got married Monday in front of family and friends in an intimate ceremony at a private Los Angeles residence, says a spokesperson for the couple.

Here is a happy photo of the newlyweds ...

Jeff Probst and Lisa Ann Russell

This is the second marriage for both Russell, 40, and Probst, 50.

She shares custody of two children with Franklin & Bash actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who also got engaged to advertising executive Catriona McGinn this summer.

Probst will preside over the finale of Survivor: South Pacific on CBS December 18, and at least two more seasons of the long-running reality competition next year.

His self-titled talk show will also debut in the fall of 2012.

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