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The CW has given fans a reason to celebrate. Some very pretty and handsome reasons to celebrate, that is:

Five network dramas were just handed early renewals, with the lucky shows all guaranteed to be on The CW schedule next fall or spring including:

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Arrow
  • Supernatural
  • The Originals
  • Reign
Men of The CW

Said CW President Mark Pedowitz in a statement:

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 11 provided fans of the long-running CW cult smash with a new twist, as the Winchester brothers were split up and partnered with others.

Not to fear, though. Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki got plenty of air time, and the Winchesters each got their man (spirit?) at the end of the day.

In one storyline, we saw Castiel try to extract grace from Sam to help him find Gadreel. In another, Dean and Crowley sought the weapon that could off Abaddon.

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 11 also introduced fan to father of murder, Cain, who offered Dean a pact and revealed the truth behind his brother Abel's death.

It was an eventful night, to say the least, and you can watch Supernatural online below to relive the emotion, action and hotness from start to finish:

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Jared Padalecki has come out swinging against Justin Bieber. And he appears to be aiming for a knockout.

Following Lil Za's arrest for cocaine yesterday, the Supernatural star took to Twitter and taunted the artist with the following question:

"Hey @justinbieber, how much are you paying your friend for pretending that it was HIS cocaine, and taking the fall for you?"

Oh yes. Shade. Thrown.

  • Jared Padalecki Red Carpet Pic
  • The Cute Biebs

Sources now say the substance found inside Bieber's home - via a raid brought on by Bieber likely egging his neighbor's home last week, causing thousands in damages - was likely ecstasy, not cocaine.

But that is beside Padalecki's point, of course.

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Jared Padalecki is asking fans to send his expanded family some love today - and for a very good reason:

The Supernatural star and his wife are parents for the second time!

Jared Padalecki, Wife

The actor and Genevieve Cortese Padalecki (a former costar who he wed in Idaho in 2010) welcomed a baby into the world last night, exciting news shared by Jared via the following Twitter message:

"My amazingly strong wife home-birthed a happy and healthy baby boy last night. Please send love."

Wow. Impressive. You've got it, Jared.

The couple is already parents to Thomas Colton, 21 months and they announced Genevieve's pregnancy in July.

We send the pair our very best and we encourage readers to watch Supernatural online in order to get their fill of the hunky actor.

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9 may have been the best of the season so far, as the stakes continued to rise and the CW staple bid farewell to 2013.

The angels continued to wreak havoc here on Earth, capturing and torturing Castiel in a bid to get back through the pearly gates. Were they successful?

Meanwhile, Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9 also showcased the return of Metatron, the real identity of the angel inside Sam, and the first name on his hit list.

Who was possessing Sam? Who suffered a tragic fate.

Click the photo below to watch the full episode now!

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8 featured porn stars, virgins and goddesses this week, so you knew going in that it would be a good time for the Winchesters.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and an installment all about sex? CW gold.

As far as the plot was concerned, Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8 centered around an investigation into the Roman goddess of hearth. Hot, in more ways than one.

What were the best one-liners? Are Sam and Dean really game for becoming Born Again Virgins? And were any future story arcs teased on Tuesday night?

Click below to watch the full episode now and see for yourself ...

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We are just days away from the Supernatural Season 9 premiere.

And, hopefully, from the saving of Sam Winchester.

Following the fallen angel-related events on the May finale, this sexy sibling finds himself in a coma on Wednesday's "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here," leaving his brother in an unexpected state of his own:

Sullen, desperate - and turning to prayer.

Watch this clip from the Supernatural Season 9 opener to see Jensen Ackles' character ask for assistance for Dean... from anyone who will listen. Uh-oh. What might that mean in the long run?!?

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Supernatural returns for its ninth season on Tuesday, October 8.

The first promo showed us Dean concerned over the state of his brother, expressing shock to a doctor who claims that Sam's life is "in God's hands."

Here, we see more footage - and unanswered questions.

Can the fallen angel Ezekiel help Sam recover from the injuries he suffered after failing to complete the third trial at the end of Supernatural Season 8?

What will happen when Castiel is hunted by a group of very pissed off angels? And is that a familiar face - and sight for sore eyes - making his return?

Watch the Supernatural Season 9 trailer now and see:

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