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What's hot? The all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA!

What's hotter? Kate Upton washing it in slow motion.

In order to tease us before the Super Bowl and its ad starring the Sports Illustrated stunner, the automaker has just released a 90-second preview.

It features Kate Upton, plenty of soap and not much clothing. Enjoy:

The real Kate Upton Mercedes Super Bowl ad, airing February 3, will feature the bombshell along with R&B star Usher. Think it will live up to the hype?

If you've seen any Kate Upton videos, is there any way it can't?

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The stage has been set for Super Bowl XLVII. Or, unfortunately, should we call it Har Bowl I?

Brothers Jim and John will go up against each other on February 3, as the 49ers take on the Ravens and the world grows ever sicker of alleged murder conspirator, Ray Lewis.

With the sibling storyline already feeling played out, let's turn our attention to what really matters: the commercials!

Taco Bell has released the following teaser for its upcoming spot, which will apparently have something to do with an 87-year old man; a scooter; and one football field-relayed joy ride...

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Max Page, the boy who played a mini-Darth Vader in a memorable Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial, successfully came through open-heart surgery Thursday.

"The surgery went extremely well," Dr. Vaughn Starnes, the cardiothoracic surgeon who performed the two-hour operation at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, said.

"Max is in the cardiac ICU and recovering very well."

The seven-year-old, born with a congenital heart defect, is expected to remain there for the next 3-4 days, followed by six weeks of home recuperation.

Max Page

Max's mother, Jennifer Page, said that her boy – who has had recurring roles on The Young and the Restless and Prime Suspect – put on a brave face.

"Max wanted to hold his brother's hand and Max said, 'It's okay, I'm not scared,'" said Jennifer. "He just wanted to hold our hands and his stuffed animals."

"He went in much calmer than we were."

"Max spent all night making us laugh," his father, Buck Page, said the night before. "Even this morning, he kept telling us everything is going to be fine."

On Friday morning, Jennifer Page told the Today show in an e-mail, "Max is awake at times, talking, and looking forward to going home."

Max is also helping to raise money for kids in need at Children's Hospital. To contribute, click here. Then watch the youngster in action below ...

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Clint Eastwood wants to make one thing clear: when he filmed a Super Bowl commercial on behalf of Chrysler, he had no intention on making the Democrats' day.

Nor any political party's, for that matter, as the iconic actor spoke to The O'Reilly Factor Producer Ron Mitchell last night and shot down talk - started by Karl Rove and a few other Republicans - that he starred in an ad Sunday night with the implicit aim of supporting President Barack Obama and the auto industry bailout.

"I am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama," Eastwood told Fox News. "It was meant to be a message about just about job growth and the spirit of America. I think all politicians will agree with it. I thought the spirit was okay.

"I am not supporting any politician at this time... Chrysler to their credit didn’t even have cars in the ad... Anything they gave me for it went for charity... If any Obama or any other politician wants to run with the spirit of that ad, go for it."

While Rove said he was "offended" by the commercial and accused Obama’s “political minions” of "using our tax dollars to buy corporate advertising," White House spokesman Jay Carney has insisted there was no involvement by the administration.

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GLADD wants Roland Martin to be fired for his comments related to the David Beckham H&M commercial that aired during last night's Super Bowl.

Conversely, Karl Rove and a few other Republicans are afraid that a different Super Bowl ad was created with the aim of getting President Barack Obama rehired.

The spot in question is narrated by Clint Eastwood and touts both Chrysler and the turnaround of the auto industry in Detroit, with the actor saying via voiceover: It’s “halftime in America and our second half’s about to begin."

Might this be a veiled reference to a second term for Obama?

Rove believes so, pointing to Eastwood's claim that Detroit "almost lost everything, but we all pulled together" and "now Motor City is fighting again" as support for the administration's bailout of various companies in the area.

“I was, frankly, offended by it,” Karl Rove told Fox News this morning. “I'm a huge fan of Clint Eastwood, I thought it was an extremely well-done ad, but it is a sign of what happens when you have Chicago-style politics, and the president of the United States and his political minions are, in essence, using our tax dollars to buy corporate advertising.”

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It's official, isn't it, America? The day of the funny, original Super Bowl commercial is over.

While tonight's Giants versus Patriots game featured serious fourth quarter drama, the breaks in between the action produced... more lame naked girl teases from GoDaddy? More Polar Bears from Coca Cola? More of that E TRADE baby?

Did any spot really make you laugh? Will any stand out 24 hours from now? Yeah. We didn't think so, either.

Review a number of the Super Bowl XLVI commercials below and prepare yourselves already for Super Bowl XLVII - by lowering your expectations.

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Superheroes will unite. G.I. Joe will retaliate.

Taylor Kitsch will try to save the world on a couple of occasions. Sacha Baron Cohen will try to run a country.

And, of course, Katniss Everdeen will be awesome.

While most of the Super Bowl XLVI commercials were downright awful - Polar Bear again, Coca-Cola? More naked women, GoDaddy? - movie fans were at least treated to a number of extended looks at a few upcoming blockbusters. View them here and then vote on the one that has you most excited:



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For all the criticism leveled at the first season of The X Factor - which resulted in the dismissal of Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and Steve Jones last week - no one took issue with the show's champion.

Melanie Amaro can seriously sing.

And Super Bowl viewers will find out for themselves on Sunday, as the 19-year old teams with Elton John for a 60-second Pepsi commercial. Said the latter: "Pepsi wanted to make me ‘King for a Day’ on Super Bowl Sunday. How could I possibly pass that up?"

What, exactly, is he talking about? Watch the spot now and see for yourself:

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Talk about perfect timing.

Just as our friends at Movie Fanatic are offering readers two free tickets to The Hunger Games premiere in Los Angeles, Lionsgate has released the second official trailer for this March blockbuster.

It features an extended look at the Reaping; a long look at Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman; and heavy emphasis on the all-important Mockingjay, along with plenty of Jennifer Lawrence, of course. But enough from us. Sit back and take in the new footage below!

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