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Does Dave Hester owe A&E a ton of money in legal fees after the network prevailed in an anti-SLAPP motion against the former Storage Wars star?


Dave Hester Picture

Hester, who's suing Storage Wars' production company Original Productions and A&E in a complaint that claims the show is staged, must pay $122,692.

In a tentative ruling, Dave Hester was ordered to cough up $96,735 to A&E and $25,957 to Original (they asked for $138,194 and $43,283 initially).

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Storage Wars cast member Dan Dotson allegedly hatched a plan to sue A&E for more money and shut down the show if his demands weren't met.

Dan Dotson, Wife

The embattled show, which has been rocked by revelations that items are planted and a lawsuit from Dave Hester, is now facing another scandal.

Dotson, the show’s main auctioneer, discussed a plan to demand more money, sue the network and even have most of the cast walk out ... on video.

“I really believe that unity is going to be really, really strong. And I can see it’s us all locking arms and telling A&E ‘F*ck off," he can be heard saying.

He tries to rally his co-stars, saying, "We’re not going to show up. You think you can make us show up? You’re not going to get anything out of us.”

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Brandi Passante of A&E's Storage Wars just scored a court victory against a porn site she claims posted a fake video and fake nude photos of her.

How big a victory? That depends on how highly you value moral victories, given that she sued XXX website Is Anyone Up for $2.5 million in damages.

A judge ruled in her favor, but awarded her ... $750.

Brandi Passante Pic

A central California judge said he awarded her the small compensation because Passante "[provided] absolutely no support for this calculation of damages."

In addition to the $750, Selna ruled that Passante's legal fees will be covered and the site "remove any remaining and undisclosed content of video."

Incidentally ... Passante also reportedly suffered taunting during the trial, when the website's owner sent explicit photos of his privates to her lawyer.

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In the aftermath of Dave Hester's Storage Wars lawsuit, two more familiar faces have now been cut back on the hit show, according to a new report.

Darrell Sheets on Storage Wars

David Hester has already been frozen out by A&E execs after he filed suit, complete with charges that the show is faked in many ways to add drama.

Now Darrell Sheets has been cut out of approximately six episodes, and auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson were also cut loose, Radar is reporting.

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David Hester's lawsuit against A&E, claiming he was wrongfully terminated and that Storage Wars is rigged, has been somewhat limited by judge's ruling.

As such, A&E has drawn first blood in this legal battle.

Dave Hester Picture

L.A. Superior Court judge Michael Johnson tossed Hester's claim of unfair business practices, and stated that his wrongful termination claims must be more specific.

Hester is a professional buyer of abandoned storage lockers; Storage Wars shows him and other buyers competing for the contents of those lockers.

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The network behind reality series Storage Wars, A&E, is responding to a recent lawsuit filed by star David Hester alleging that the popular show is rigged.

A&E is vouching for its show's authenticity as well as questioning Hester's motives, accusing him of "a transparent attempt to distract from the issues."

Storage Wars Logo A&E

Those issues include a dispute between the network and Hester over "improper use of AETN trademarks," such as catchphrases like "storage warrior."

Yes, really. Also at issue is Hester's reported attempt to get a new contract; A&E claims he is masquerading as a "crusading whistleblower" to stir up drama.

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In news that could lead to a different kind of Storage Wars lawsuit than we reported on earlier this week ... Lindsay Lohan is on the verge of having hers seized!

Due to ongoing, worsening financial woes, Lohan, whose assets were already seized by the IRS, may see her physical possessions taken from her as well.

Hot Mess Anonymous

We're talking expensive designer clothes, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items, all because she hasn't paid her storage bill of about $16,000.

As a result, the unit is about to go up on the auction block.

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A blockbuster lawsuit against Storage Wars has been filed by David Hester, one of its best-known figures, alleging that the A&E hit is fake and fired him out of spite.

The show reportedly picked up Hester’s contract option, then rescinded it for Season 4 after he raised a series of complaints to the network and producers.

Storage Wars Photo

Now, in his Storage Wars lawsuit, Hester accuses the show of illegal activity and an ongoing pattern of outrageous behavior in deceiving the public.

The suit contains many bombshell claims, including that that the network and producers regularly “salt” lockers with valuables to add drama to the show.

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