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NBA All-Star playmaker Steve Nash is making a play to block ex-wife Alejandra from moving from Arizona to L.A. so he can avoid paying child support.

Or so she claims in their contentious court battle.

Steve Nash, Ex-Wife

Alejandra wants to relocate from Phoenix to L.A. so the kids can be closer to their dad, who is putting on a full-court press (so to speak) to defend against that.

Nash even chose the L.A. Lakers over the N.Y. Knicks because it's closer to Arizona, but says he doesn't want them to move to L.A. at this moment.

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Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash is in the news for two reasons today.

First, the recently-divorced star was spotted with a woman believed to be girlfriend Brittany Richardson at Game 2 of the NBA Finals last night.

Nash was bombarded by texts after ABC showed him on TV, to which he responded on Twitter: “How can I watch the game when I just got a thousand texts for being on tv?! Been there before people. #kindofabigdeal”

Steve Nash and Brittany Richardson

Steve and Brittany watch the Mavericks' 95-93 win over the Heat.

Nash and his wife divorced in November - the day after their third child was born - and he and Brittany Richardson have reportedly been dating since.

Meanwhile, the Suns point guard Steve Nash made news by telling the New York Times that he does not think an NBA player admitting to being gay would be a “big issue” and that it would be “surprisingly accepted.”

Here's what Nash had to say about it ...

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