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The "Big Three" of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are due on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII soon, the latter revealed in an interview.

Promoting her appearance on The Big Bang Theory, Fisher confirmed as much, saying that the trio is expected on set sometime in “March or April.”

Star Wars Big 3

While it's long been rumored that Luke, Leia and Han would return in Star Wars: Episode VII, Carrie Fisher's confirmation is as concrete as anything so far.

It's also the closest thing we've had to a production schedule.

As for Fisher would like for her character? “I’d like to wear my old (cinnamon buns) hairstyle again - but with white hair,” she said. “I think that would be funny.”

How involved the iconic characters will be in this trilogy remains to be seen. Some have suggested they may be more Obi-Wan type characters in advisory roles.

Others have suggested that one (Han feels like the logical pick) or perhaps more will meet their demise, with their children seeking justice against the dark forces.

What would you like to see out of Star Wars 7? Tell us below, and don't forget to watch The Big Bang Theory online to see Carrie's guest spot on CBS.

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Let the countdown officially begin:

Star Wars: Episode VII will hit theaters on December 18, 2015.

The major news was announced today via a statement by Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn.

Star Wars Font

“We’re very excited to share the official 2015 release date for Star Wars: Episode VII, where it will not only anchor the popular holiday filmgoing season but also ensure our extraordinary filmmaking team has the time needed to deliver a sensational picture,” said Horn.

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Place that talk about Star Wars: Episode VII on hold for a moment.

Let's not look ahead to 2015 just yet. Instead, let's take a couple minutes to look way back… 36 years back, in fact, as never-before-seen footage from the original Star Wars has hit the Web.

Lucasfilm book division author and editor J.W. Rinzler has unveiled outtakes from the iconic film, as he stumbled upon a Star Wars blooper reel while compiling archive footage from a making-of production.

Check it out now, as all your favorites - from Han to Luke to Leia to Chewbacca - are featured below. (NOTE: It's not your computer. The opening few scenes lack sound.)

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There appears to be a disturbance in the force of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Michael Arndt - the Oscar-winning screenwriter behind Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3 - will no longer pen the script for this wildly anticipated 2015 release.

Instead, that duty will fall to J.J. Abrams and Raiders of the Lost Ark scribe Lawrence Kasdan.

Star Wars Scene

Abrams, of course, is also directing the blockbuster, while Kasdan wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Said Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy in a statement:

“I am very excited about the story we have in place and thrilled to have Larry and J.J. working on the script. There are very few people who fundamentally understand the way a Star Wars story works like Larry, and it is nothing short of incredible to have him even more deeply involved in its return to the big screen. J.J. of course is an incredible storyteller in his own right.

"Michael Arndt has done a terrific job bringing us to this point and we have an amazing filmmaking and design team in place already prepping for production.”

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There has been plenty of "casting" news surrounding the upcoming Star Wars VII, with Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron being the most recent names for Ben Skywalker, so it makes sense that people are asking other actors what their hopes for the Star Wars sequel are.

In an interview with IGN, Karl Urban was asked if he would attempt to leverage his working relationship with J.J. Abrams into a role in the new Star Wars. Somewhat surprisingly, Urban replied with an immediate "No, absolutely not."

Karl Urban Photo

When pressed further, Urban admits that he is a huge Star Wars fan. So huge in fact that he feels it would be wrong for the Star Trek and Star Wars worlds to intermingle. 

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From the moment Star Wars 7 was announced, there has been speculation behind the film. Everything from the storyline, to the director, to the casting.

  • Zac Efron in Italy
  • R. Gosling Picture

This morning's buzzy casting rumor is that both Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling have their names in the hat for the upcoming Star Wars film. 

Surely this news has plenty of Star Wars fans rolling their eyes.

Seriously, Zac Efron? Nothing against the guy but Star Wars is not your typical Nicholas Sparks fare. Gosling isn't as cringe-worthy but doesn't scream "Jedi Knight" either. 

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Star Wars has a lot in common with Game of Thrones.

Both deal with betrayal… power… mean dictators… awkward sibling relationships.

But some of the characters from the movie may scoff at some of the characters from the TV show and vice versa, as the aforementioned themes are dealt with through various degrees of bad ass-ery across the two stories.

Courtesy of the Wars vs. Thrones subreddit, see what we mean in the following hilarious memes:

  • Star Warms meme
  • Got Meme
  • That's Cute

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I can not tell you how many times I've seen a bird fly off into space, not hitting anything or anypig, while playing Angry Birds Star Wars and thought to myself, "man, I really wish I could miss that box of TNT while playing on this on my XBox."

Well it appears as if Rovio and Activision have heard my bitter mutterings as they are bringing Angry Birds Star Wars to all consoles, including hand-helds!

According to the press release, in addition to the levels already in the mobile game, there will be an additional 20 levels of Angry Birds Star Wars.

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George Lucas and Mellody Hobson said "I do" Saturday at his famed Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, Calif., the filmmaker's rep confirmed to People.

Mellody Hobson Photo

Few details about the ceremony have been made public, but a couple of the Star Wars creator's famous friends gave shout outs to the newlyweds.

Samuel L. Jackson Tweeted: "Let's give a Galactic shout out to Master George Lucas & his Bride Melodie on This their WEDDING DAY!! Congrats!!!!!!"

Ron Howard added: "George Lucas Melody Hobson wedding was joy to behold Bill Moyers service was beautiful, nothing short of profound. Congrats Mr & Mrs Lucas!"

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The dudes in Wedding Crashers have nothing on these guys.

The entire wedding party fleeing a squad of Imperial AT-AT Walkers a la The Empire Strikes Back? Probably the best idea for a wedding photo ever ...

Star Wars Wedding Photo

Photographer Lisa Wiebe tried to creating a nerd-tastic chase scene for bride and groom Leslie Seiler and Paul Kingston, both diehard Star Wars fans.

Safe to say she succeeded.

Wiebe halted traffic while a horde of screaming bridesmaids and groomsmen ran for their lives down a Toronto street in order to get this shot.

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