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Kate Gosselin is in the middle of another nasty battle on Twitter, and this one is weirder than ever. She's allegedly being stalked ... by an older woman.

Kate Gosselin Chest

A war between pro- and anti-Kate that's raging on Twitter has now gone nuclear as the group @Bullyville named what they claim is Kate’s stalker.

That stalker, they claim, is a 62-year-old woman.

Bullyville posted a screen grab Monday of a tweet apparently sent to Kate containing what appears to be a chilling threat plus profane, abusive language:

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Jennifer Capriati, the former teen tennis prodigy and top-ranked player in the world, has been charged with stalking and battery against an ex.


The charges stem from an incident on Valentine's Day.

According to North Palm Beach, Fla., police, Jennifer Capriati approached her ex-boyfriend, Ivan Brannan, at a gym and began screaming at him.

When he tried to leave by going to the locker room, Capriati punched Brannan in the chest after blocking his exit; someone at the gym called the cops.

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Rihanna, wisely, has obtained a restraining order against an obsessed fan who tried to break into her home but illegally entered the wrong house last week.

Steveland Barrow was arrested Thursday after breaking into the home of Rihanna's neighbor, believing he entered the residence of the pop star.

Bikini Rihanna

He laid in the bed he thought was Rihanna's and stole property; she was obviously not there, or even in the U.S. Rihanna and Chris Brown were on vacation.

Rihanna claims in legal documents that she fears for her safety.

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Alyson Hannigan has been granted a restraining order against a mentally unhinged individual who has been threatening her life over the Internet.

TMZ confirms that the American Pie/How I Met Your Mother star alleges John Hobbs has been dangerously harassing her over Facebook, MySpace and the actress' official website.

Alyson Hannigan Picture

In her court documents, Hannigan refers to Hobbs as "mentally unstable" and says he  "was recently discharged from a mental hospital."

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Bristol Palin received a marriage proposal from a creepy stalker and promptly sought a restraining order after he showed up at her mom's house on her son's birthday.

Yep, all of that happened.

Bristol Palin Legs

According to court documents, Bristol Palin obtained a temporary restraining against Michael Cummings, a 39-year-old Texan she claims she's never met.

Their only contact? An engagement ring he sent her in the mail, along with a note saying, "I (heart) you." That's not strange or uncomfortable at all.

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Justin Bieber was NOT smoking pot behind the wheel this week, but he HAS split with Selena Gomez once again.

So says a close especially close to the singer in response to the death of Chris Guerra, who was hit by a car on Tuesday night while pursuing Bieber.

A friend of the late photographer says Guerra called him prior to his passing and said he saw Justin smoking up whole driving and was hoping to break that major story.

Justin Bieber Stripping Pic

But this Bieber mole makes it quite simple: That's a lie.

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Aubrey Ireland didn't want it to come to this, but the 21-year old student at College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati says she had no choice:

She has been awarded a civil stalking restraining order against her parents.

Aubrey Ireland Image

A judge has ruled that David and Julie Ireland must remain at least 500 feet away from their only child because Aubrey says their protectiveness has spiraled out of control.

"They basically thought that they were paying for my college tuition and living expenses that they could tell me what to do," Ireland told ABC News.

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Note to Taylor Swift fans: Appropriate birthday gifts for this singer include cupcakes and/or Selena Gomez dance videos.

Not uninvited stops by her house.

But some idiot named Jacob Kulke apparently didn't get that memo, as sources confirm to TMZ the 24-year old was arrested around 1:45 a.m. today after after jumping a fence and trespassing on her property.

Taylor Swift on Jingle Ball Red Carpet

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He famously stuck his finger in the peanut butter many years ago as a cast member on Real World: San Francisco, but now David Rainey is in serious trouble.

The man best known as "Puck" kicked off his stint in prison this month, following a No Contest plea in April to charges of stalking.

David Rainey Mug Shot

TMZ reports that Rainey committed the crime on February 22, though details behind it are unclear at the moment.

He was sentenced to over a year in prison, however, which implies a court order violation of some kind.

Rainey turned himself in to the Wasco State Prison on November 8 and was credited with 401 days served; he has approximately 300 remaining.

We wish Puck the best of luck behind bars, and we encourage readers to browse through our gallery of celebrity mug shots.

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