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Sandra Bullock has filed a lawsuit in to make sure she is alerted when her alleged stalker is released from a mental-health facility in Tennessee.

Risky New Fake Romance!

Thomas James Weldon, currently a patient at the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute, was hit with a restraining order in 2003, and must stay at least 200 feet away from Bullock. In May, that order was extended until June 2009, but the Michigan man may receive a 90-day leave this month.

Bullock's lawsuit, filed last week on behalf of her production company, Fortis Films, calls on Tennessee authorities to comply with a California court order requiring she be notified upon Weldon's release.

When requesting an extension of the restraining order, Bullock said Weldon had been stalking her from Michigan to Texas and California, sending her e-mails and faxes and leaving voice mails "indicating he wants to have a relationship with her."

Her lawyer said Weldon admits to suffering from schizophrenia. Fortis Films is not seeking monetary damages, but asks Tennessee to pay any costs to comply with the order.

Just another case of psycho peeps stalking the celebs we know and love. Once in awhile, however, the tables turn and crazy famous people like Tom Cruise stalk ex-ballplayers.

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As frightening as it must've been for Joe Dimaggio to hear that Tom Cruise was stalking him, the Yankee Clipper is probably looking down from heaven now and thinking:

At least it wasn't Osama bin Laden.

Good Morning America Goner

Unfortunately for Whitney Houston, she can't say the same thing. According to Osama Bin Laden's concubine - yes, you read that correctly - the world's most wanted man has had a long-time fixation on Houston. He was willing to go to great lengths to win her heart.

Fortunately, Kevin Costner stepped in and protected his employer. Just kidding.

However, Kola Boof, a Sudanese poet and novelist, is dead serious in her book, "Diary of a Lost Girl." She said that Bin Laden deemed Houston "the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen." The terroist mastermind also agreed that Paris Hilton was the most overrated.

But, seriously, folks, Osama said "he wanted to give [her] a mansion that he owned in a suburb of Khartoum" and that to nab the diva, "he would be willing to break his color rule and make her one of his wives."

Take notes from bin Laden, fellas: love is all about compromise.

Whitney's husband, Bobby Brown, better watch his back, though. Boof says Osama believed that Whitney had been "brainwashed by American culture and by her husband." She said bin Laden wanted to have Brown killed.

Don't go thinking you're all special, though, Bobby. The same is pretty much true for 250 million other Americans.

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Although the general public is now fully aware (you're welcome!) to the bizarre behavior of one Tom Cruise, the late baseball great Joe DiMaggio may have been one of the first to know.

A recent report says that in the mid-1990s, the actor followed Joltin' Joe all over the place, spooking him and nearly prompting him to call the cops.

Tom Cruise at Valkyrie Premiere

According to and Rush & Molloy, the insane one would show up uninvited at baseball-signing shows and wait for DiMaggio to appear, and even waited outside a restaurant for him once for three hours. But the Yankee Clipper wasn't impressed, and instead referred to Cruise as "a short little guy" who "scared him a little."

"This guy is following me around everywhere I go. Next time, I'm going to call the cops," DiMaggio is quoted as saying.

Cruise's representatives didn't respond to the story (nor have they offered any proof that baby daughter Suri Cruise is real -- vote in our official poll). It's perfectly possible, in his defense, that Tom was trying to get DiMaggio's life story made into a film, as the actor has been known to go to extreme lengths to get projects underway.

Reportedly, he showed up motorcycle in the middle of the night at director JJ Abrams' house to convince him to direct Mission: Impossible 3.

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Typically, we'd be in favor of ANYthing that causes Lindsay Lohan to lose sleep and fire off hilarious, self-pitying emails.
However, the problem with the news that someone is stalking Lohan is this: it makes the sex-crazed anorexic think she's important. After all, you don't see random celebrities such as Bob Uecker being stalked.

Oh, wait.

Walking Train Wreck

The alleged stalker has sent several letters to Lohan asking to meet her, each one ending with his name and phone number. This is the worst stalker ever! A source connected to Lohan says her "top notch" security is getting in touch with the man in question.

In addition to sending letters, the obsessed fan has sent Lohan flowers at the studio. The nerve! Of course, Lindsay isn't used to receiving anything from men but a check on the bedroom dresser. If you know what we're saying.

We're saying she's a dirty harlot.

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More information has come to light regarding the Colin Farrell stalking saga. E! Online reports that the woman, who has published a tell-all book about the 30-year-old Irish actor, dropped off a copy of the text on Jay Leno's desk while the talk show host was interviewing Farrell. The actor didn't appreciate it, and joked to Leno that he had just met his first stalker.

Farrell obtained a restraining order against Dessarae Bradford the next day, and Bradford countered by denying allegations she's a crazy stalker and by filing a $10M lawsuit.

Colin Farrell Picture

"I am telling the truth," Bradford said on her website, her comments directed at the media. "Colin and his handlers are lying... If you all don't start checking more thoroughly what Colin's people are saying you will be unknowingly, yet viciously lying to your viewers, readers and listeners, not to mention destroying my name, and my life."

As for who is doing the stalking here, well, that's anyone's guess at this point. Bradford sued Farrell in December 2004 and again in July 2005 in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging he stalked her with phone calls and lewd text messages. When her initial claims proved too small for small-claims court, the 31-year-old woman filed the $10 million suit in U.S. District Court.

A federal judge has since ordered her to produce clear evidence why this suit shouldn't be tossed out as well. Bradford said that no one has seen footage of last week's Tonight Show incident because Farrell gave her a much warmer reception than reports have suggested.

"Security never came over to us and Mr. Leno never moved from his seat nor summons [sic] his security because Colin was talking to me comfortably with his whole arm draped around me extremely close," Bradford said. "He chatted with me as I tried to explain my presence at the show, until he realized people took notice of us talking closely. He then whispered softly for security after he and I were still debating about settling this court matter before going to court."

Bradford, whose book on Farrell is entitled Colin Farrell: A Sick, Twisted Puppy, also penned My S/M Romp with Alec Baldwin back in the day. Wonder what that's about. She told E! outside the L.A. courthouse Monday that NBC security "parted like the Red Sea" as she walked toward the stage. She also denied reports that used to be a phone sex operator, saying that she is only an author.

"Colin has hurt me so deeply, and I'm here to disparage the rumors and lies. I am not a stalker, and he's machete-chopped my name [in public]." The aspiring auteur also passed out copies of her book," Bradford said.

Farrell joins fellow actor John Cusack in the he-said, she-said game right now. A strange, transient woman whom Cusack obtained a restraining order against last week has filed for a similar court order barring him from approaching her. Just in case.

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The woman who rushed the stage of The Tonight Show to talk to actor Colin Farrell is telling that she's filing a lawsuit against him, and there's more to the story than the public knows right now.

Stopping in the Street

According to Dessarae Bradford, she and a private eye from Counter Force PI Services (based in Marina Del Rey, Calif.) served Farrell with court papers on the red carpet of the premiere of Miami Vice, roughly two hours after The Tonight Show altercation took place.

Bradford wants $10 million from Farrell, who she alleges committed numerous crimes against her including stalking, harrassment and slander.

Bradford says the Tonight Show incident was her first attempt at formally serving Farrell with the suit. She also stressed that the actor's reaction to her at the show is "nothing like Colin Farrell's PR team is trying to spin it to be."

"I am not stalking Colin Farrell, I am too self-absorbed to ever stalk anyone," Bradford said, in what appeared to be an attempt to be convincing.

Farrell filed a request for a restraining order against Bradford shortly after she accosted him.

"I am concerned that her harassing behavior has escalated and may pose an immediate threat to my well-being and the well-being of my family," said Farrell in documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Bradford is holding a press conference to tell her side of the story Monday afternoon. We will have the latest for you as this develops.

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John Cusack scored a court victory when a judge granted a temporary restraining order against the crazy lady he says has been stalking him for a year and a half, People reports.

John Cusack Photo

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered Emily Leatherman, 31, to remain at least 500 feet from Cusack, his home, workplace, car and any place he does business. Cusack was not in court when the ruling was issued.

Cusack alleges, in court papers, that Leatherman:

"... is showing unusual interest by stalking, throwing long letters of interest over my fence in bags with rocks and screwdrivers inside, making unannounced visits to offices of people I work with in an attempt to meet with me and listing my address as her own during a recent arrest."

Cusack also states that Leatherman, who court documents indicate is homeless, has threatened to commit acts of violence against herself if he does not help her. Help her do what? We may never know.