Keyser Soze may have been right about The Devil. The greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

But what about the greatest trick play a high school football team has ever pulled? That may have been executed over the weekend.

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Two NFL fans were treated for injuries during Sunday's game when one Buffalo Bills fan fell from the upper-level deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium into the crowd below.

CBS inadvertently aired the accident when showing a wide shot of the field upon returning from a commercial break. The men, whose names have not been released, were taken to a nearby hospital for observation.

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Tony Picard is a man among boys. Almost Literally.

The senior is a running back for the White Swan Cougars, a high school located about 30 miles south of Yakima. He has ran for over 700 yards already this season, including 15 touchdowns and a number of highlight-reel worthy plays.

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