Sting fought in the WWE for the first time. The Undertaker rose from the dead. The Rock appeared. And the Money in the Bank Suitcase was cashed in.

Airing live from Levi's Stadium in San Francisco last night, Wrestlemania 31 provided non-stop thrills and shocks.

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Former NFL star Darren Sharper has reportedly agreed to a plea bargain that will mitigate his time in prison for sexual assault to a maximum of eight years.

It's still hard time for a man who was once one of the hardest safeties in the league, but he could have faced a life sentence if convicted in this case.

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Broadcasting legend and video game namesake John Madden has gifted the world with loads of unintentional humor over the years, such as the many, many times that he pointed out that teams need to score points in order to win football games.

Despite all the times Madden has made us laugh, however, it seems that he doesn't totally understand comedy, as evidenced by his recent criticism of Will Ferrell.

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