Even if you're not a basketball fan, by now you've probably heard about Kobe Bryant's retirement and his epic final game as a Laker last night.

Before a star-studded crowd at the Staples Center, the Black Mamba dropped an astonishing 60 points on just 50 shots, outscoring the opposing team by himself in the fourth quarter. But for one group of fans, the night the highlight of the night ook place in the stands:

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In any conversation about mega-star athletes who aren't also human pieces of crap, LeBron James' name is bound to get mentioned.

He's been the biggest name in basketball since he was in his teens, but he's never been caught up in a scandal, and he's never been accused of cheating - on the court or in his marriage - until today:

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Given his recent streak of troubling behavior and questionable decision making, it was only a matter of time before Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel faced some serious discipline from his team.

Now, TMZ is reporting that in a move that's unlikely to come as a surprise to many, the Browns announced on Twitter moments ago that they've cut Manziel from their roster.

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