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There was a sinking feeling at Rangers Ballpark Tuesday, and we're not talking about the visiting Cleveland Indians, who had lost 12 straight on the road.

A busted pipe under the infield created a sinkhole behind the mound.

Sinkhole Ballpark

As a result, batting practice for both the Indians and Texas Rangers to be canceled before the MLB game so the grounds crew could fix the problem.

Workers had to dig more than three feet deep to try to fix the pipe - used to water the infield - but were able to finish the repairs and patch up the field in time.

Cleveland manager Terry Francona was asked if these were shenanigans by his struggling team in an attempt to sabotage the game and get a day off.

"I didn't do it," Francona chuckled. "We're not there yet."

"We're frustrated, but we're not there."

Cleveland went on to win, 5-2. Good luck sinkhole?

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Chad Johnson is appealing to a Broward County, Fla., judge's sense of reason after slapping his lawyer's ass the other day and being jailed as a result.

Derided by the judge for disrespecting the court and the legal process, Chad says it was the opposite - an "attaboy" sign of respect for his legal eagle!

Eight Five

Attorney Adam Swickle, the recipient of Chad's butt-tap, filed legal documents pleading with the judge to rethink her decision to throw out Chad's plea deal.

After believing that he disrespected the court with the ass slap, the judge negged a deal that would've kept Ocho out of jail for a recent probation violation.

Swickle says that's ridiculous, given Chad's gesture:

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Accustomed to digging in across from wide receivers on the football field, Adam Jones is now digging in against charges of assault.

The beleaguered cornerback pleaded not guilty today in court to charges that he assaulted a woman outside a Cincinnati nightclub on June 5.

As previously reported, Jones approached a female outside a city establishment following a Reds game last week and the video above does depict her making some kind of move toward the NFL star.

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Can you hear it, New England? Feel it? Smell it? Taste it?

Tebow Mania is alive and well!

The much-maligned quarterback officially signed with the Patriots today, though terms of the rumored two-year deal were not disclosed.

Tim Tebow Wallpaper

"Tim is a talented player, is smart and works hard. We'll see how it goes," Patriots coach Bill Belichick told reporters at a press conference, not revealing much about how the team would use the running quarterback.

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Following just one year behind the bench, Ralph Krueger was fired this week as coach of the Edmonton Oilers.

Via Skype.

Yes, Krueger received the news from general manager Craig MacTavish while the 52-year old was on vacation in Switzerland with his family.

Ralph Krueger Image

MacTavish reportedly asked for his then-coach to accept him as a contact on the video network Saturday… only to quickly get to the point: Krueger was out after 48 games.

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Adam Jones has been arrested.

The Bengals cornerback was taken into custody on Thursday night after two women approached him and asked for a photo.

The troubled star reportedly agreed… only for one woman to throw a beer bottle at him and for Jones to retaliate with a slap to the face.

It's actually caught on camera around the 50-second mark of this surveillance video:

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Twitter's ability to quickly connect common folk with celebrities, political figures and athletes has changed modern media and communications forever.

It's also fed the formidable beast of anonymous online trolling.

In honor of the NBA Finals, Jimmy Kimmel put together a special hoops edition of Mean Tweets, in which famous people read horrible things written about them.

The segment's concept is as simple as it is hilarious.

Watch Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Metta World Peace, Shaq, Kobe, Rajon Rondo and others recite some of the best Tweets they've received from morons below:

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Look out, Tom Brady!

ESPN confirms that Tim Tebow will sign with the New England Patriots tomorrow, as the embattled ex-Bronco and ex-Jet looks to resurrect his career with one of the NFL's top franchises.

T. Tebow

Tebow was released by New York in late April after producing very little as Mark Sanchez's backup last season.

In New England, he will be reunited with former Head Coach Josh McDaniels, who currently serves as the Patriots' Offensive Coordinator.

Chuck Norris is clearly a fan of this move... but should Patriot supporters be excited? Is the team making a good move in signing Tebow?


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Chad Johnson was just kicked out of court and jailed after slapping his male lawyer's ass and enraging the judge overseeing his probation violation hearing.

The troubled former NFL star was in court in Broward County, Fla., to face a judge for the recent probation violation in his domestic violence case.

During the hearing, the judge and Chad's lawyer were about to finalize terms of Chad's punishment - terms fairly favorable to #85, no less.

But the deal fell apart in epic fashion as the judge asked Chad if he was satisfied with his representation ... and he playfully slapped his attorney's ass.

The court erupted with laughter, except for the judge. She was PISSED!

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LeBron James' insane block on Tiago Splitter during last night's NBA Finals contest was the unquestioned highlight of the Miami Heat's Game 2 blowout.

LeBron James Block GIF

James' dunk-denying rejection of Splitter early in the fourth quarter was part of a run that cemented a 103-84 win for the Heat, tying the Finals at 1-1.

The epic reverse-posterization wasn't a game-changer, but was emblematic of how LeBron took over in the second half against the San Antonio Spurs.

Can he lead Miami to its second straight title this month? That remains to be seen, but the man continues to make nightly plays that defy comprehension.

Watch the play from numerous angles in the video after the jump:

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