Lamar Odom swears he is not on crack again, despite a video that surfaced this week and would certainly suggest as much to the untrained observer.

The athlete admits he fell off the wagon last week, when the video (below), was shot, but he insists he was merely drunk out of his mind. No crack.

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Keyser Soze may have been right about The Devil. The greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

But what about the greatest trick play a high school football team has ever pulled? That may have been executed over the weekend.

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Two NFL fans were treated for injuries during Sunday's game when one Buffalo Bills fan fell from the upper-level deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium into the crowd below.

CBS inadvertently aired the accident when showing a wide shot of the field upon returning from a commercial break. The men, whose names have not been released, were taken to a nearby hospital for observation.

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Tony Picard is a man among boys. Almost Literally.

The senior is a running back for the White Swan Cougars, a high school located about 30 miles south of Yakima. He has ran for over 700 yards already this season, including 15 touchdowns and a number of highlight-reel worthy plays.

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