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New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, who is being investigated in a homicide case, recently got into a nightclub altercation that involved a gun.

Hernandez, A

Hernandez, who is separately being sued by a man who alleges Hernandez shot him in the face, was part of a skirmish at a Providence, R.I., club.

According to a May 18 police report, the NFL star was being harassed for several blocks by the subject, who yelled, "(Expletive) the Patriots. I'm a Jets fan."

So original.

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Has Kate Upton found herself another star athlete quasi-boyfriend?

The supermodel, who has previously been linked to Justin Verlander and Mark Sanchez, is now getting close with L.A. Clippers forward Blake Griffin!

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The duo was seen at NYC hotspot Beauty & Essex this week. Sources say the NBA star showed up to meet a group of friends around 10:30 p.m.

Kate Upton, 20, showed up an hour later to join the group:

“The entire party looked like they were all having a great time in each other’s company – specifically Upton and Griffin who were very cozy with each other."

Upton and Blake Griffin "were cuddling and holding hands," and although they were not seen making out," they seemed pretty cute together."

Doesn't it figure. On the bright side ... it may not be in person, but thanks to this recent video, we can appreciate the joy of Kate Upton topless.

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Former baseball star Lenny Dykstra was let out of Victorville Federal Correctional Complex in California on Thursday after just six and a half months.


Dykstra was sentenced to do time in December for bankruptcy fraud, one count of concealment of assets, and one count of money laundering.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2009, and was then accused of illegally hiding and selling up to $400,000 worth of possessions from inside his mansion.

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Kate Upton wished a friend happy birthday this week with an e-card. Innocent enough, but the subtle dig at her ex is what has the sports world talking.

Kate Upton Sunglasses

Frank Viola III, son of the famed left-handed pitcher with a similar name, is one of Justin Verlander's best friends. Kate used to date Justin, the Tigers' ace.

Apparently, Kate's friendship with Frank survived while her romance with Justin did not. Her e-card to Viola, included in her Tweet, was a good one, saying:

"Happy birthday to a friend of a friend who I now like more than the original friend."

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Cristina Torre, the 44-year-old daughter of former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, made an all-time catch yesterday afternoon in Brooklyn.

She was walking along the street when she saw a 1-year-old boy about to fall from the awning of a building. When he did, she caught him in mid-air!

Cristina Torre Photo

“The woman caught the baby,” said witness Kristen Bramsen, 48. “The baby was shaken. Everyone was going up to the woman and hugging her."

But the daughter of the legendary baseball skipper didn’t gloat one bit.

“She just smiled and said she was in shock,” Bramsen recalled.

As the saying goes ... never take your eye off the baby.

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New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was sued earlier this month for allegedly shooting a guy in the face after an altercation at a strip clip.

Even more astonishingly, this appears to be unrelated from a homicide investigation that led police to search his home in Massachusetts this week.

Aaron Hernandez Pic

According to the lawsuit, Aaron Hernandez and Alexander Bradley went to Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami on February 13, 2013, and got into an argument.

Bradley claims they left the club and got into the same car heading to Palm Beach. During the ride, Aaron allegedly aimed his weapon at Bradley.

The gun discharged, striking Bradley in the face.

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Tennis great Serena Williams is in hot water over incendiary comments she made in Rolling Stone about the victim in the Steubenville, Oh., rape saga.

Williams came under fire this week after saying that "[the Steubenville rape victim] shouldn’t have put herself in that position" at a high school party.

Serena Williams Image

Now Serena is issuing an apology, though she also appears to be deflecting responsibility and implying that she may not have ever made that remark.

"I am currently reaching out to the girl’s family to let her know that I am deeply sorry for what was written in the Rolling Stone article," Williams says.

"What was written - what I supposedly said - is insensitive and hurtful, and I by no means would say or insinuate that she was at all to blame."

So ... what she supposedly said was hurtful. What did she say?

Follow the link for the Rolling Stone article. You be the judge.

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The NBA Finals will be decided in a winner-take-all Game 7 Thursday after Ray Allen rescued the Miami Heat from the precipice of defeat last night.

Allen drained a late three-pointer to tie the game in regulation after LeBron James powered Miami to a frantic fourth-quarter rally and overtime escape.

The Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs 103-100 to extend the NBA Finals as far as they can go and keep Miami's hopes for a second straight title alive.

Losing his headband but keeping his cool in playing the entire second half and overtime, James tallied 32 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists.

He made the go-ahead basket with 1:43 remaining in OT, and later called it "by far" the best game he's ever been a part of. Can he top it tomorrow?

Neither team has won successive games in the Finals, with the Spurs taking Games 1, 3, and 5, and the Heat answering in Games 2, 4, 6.

Who will win Game 7? Who do you want to take the crown?

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Police searched the home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez Tuesday following the killing of a man police say may be an "associate" of his.

The story broke as Massachusetts State Police and prosecutors arrived at his $1.3 million, 5,600-square foot home in North Attleborough, Mass.

Investigators reportedly spent hours with him inside the mansion.

Aaron Hernandez Photo

Two friends tried to leave house at the time of the search, but were stopped by a state police car at the end of driveway; their car was later searched.

During the search, Hernandez received a hand-delivered package from the prominent law firm Ropes and Gray, to be opened only by "Mr. Hernandez himself."

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Three hosts at Atlanta radio station 790 the Zone have been fired for partaking in an on-air skit mocking former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason.

Steve Gleason Photo

Gleason, a one-time pro safety who suffers from ALS at the age of 36, was the subject of a routine many listeners and NFL players deemed offensive.

A swift Internet backlash led to angry calls flooding the radio station, and the trio was initially suspended indefinitely. Mere hours later, they were terminated.

Rick Mack, 790 The Zone Senior V.P. and G.M., said in a statement:

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