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Earlier this year, a photo of PGA Tour player Jason Dufner, slouched and emotionless, on a visit to a youth center gave way to meme known as Dufnering.

It truly was an amazing photo, and with the 36-year-old Dufner's PGA Championship win, the #Dufnering tributes have been pouring in like never before.


The picture went viral due to Dufner's blase look while in a class with students at the Salesmanship Youth and Family Center in Dallas, Texas.

His facial expression - which mimics what he looks like on the golf course, no matter how well or poorly he's doing - and his awkward sit-down stance? Classic.

Dufner wasn't actually uninterested while "Dufnering," though. He was helping demonstrate to area youth a "focus activity to help them get ready to learn."

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Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones has come out with a damning accusation against a fan in San Francisco.

Following his team's 10-2 victory over the Giants yesterday, Jones Tweeted the following to his 129,000 followers:

"I want to thank whatever slapd--- threw that banana towards my direction in CF in the last inning. Way to show ur class u jacka--."

Jones is African-American and the tossing of a banana has generally been considered an especially racist move.

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Shayanna Jenkins, Aaron Hernandez's fiancee, is under investigation by police still searching for the murder weapon they say he used to kill Odin Lloyd.

Investigators believe Hernandez may have asked Jenkins to get rid of the weapon shortly after the victim's body was found about a mile from his home.

  • Shayanna Jenkins Photo
  • Aaron Hernandez Cuffed

Warrants for a Bristol, Conn., storage facility suggest he may have instructed her to take a gun safe or lock box out of his home in North Attleboro, Mass.

The warrants claim Shayanna Jenkins was seen on surveillance video bringing an object the size of a lock box or safe out of the house and into her sister's car.

She allegedly asked to use the vehicle the day after Lloyd was killed to go to the bank, and returned home about 35 minutes later without the object.

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Michael Jordan is a married man who has moved from the playing court to the owner's suite.

He's also 50 years old.

But the greatest basketball player of all-time (sorry, LeBron James, only four more titles to go) can still throw it down when need be... such as when he's one-on-one with a kid at the Flight School basketball camp.

In the the following video, Jordan gives the little guy a few pump fakes and backs him down... before exploding to the rim for an earth-shattering slam dunk!!!

Or at least a slam dunk. Watch His Airness soar again now:

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One of the most popular members of the PGA Tour is now on top of the sport.

It's not often a major golf championship is secured with bogeys on the final two holes, but PGA winner Jason Dufner will take it any day of the week.

Not only was competition doing the same thing, but the 36-year-old had bested the field for the first 70 holes of the event, giving himself wiggle room.

As a result, he is now a major champion, no longer known predominantly for his near-miss at the 2011 PGA, or the Internet meme known as Dufnering.

A fan favorite on Twitter and among his fellow golf pros, Dufner's 2013 PGA Championship win officially etches his name in the sport's storied history.

In addition to the Wanamaker trophy, Dufner and wife Amanda went home with some acorns and an oak tree sapling from the Rochester, N.Y. grounds.

They plan to plant them on their 50 acre farm in Auburn, Ala.

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Game-ending catches are amazing to watch at all levels of baseball - and they don't get much more fun than this, even if it was just a charity wiffle ball game.

Watch Konnor Fleming dive over the fence and into the bullpen to take away a potential home run and seal a 3-0 win for his team at Little Fenway in Essex, Vermont.

Yes, there is a miniature replica of Fenway Park there, and it's rather amazing ... as is the reaction of his teammates after the game-winning grab:

Even better? The tournament raised $500,000 for the Travis Roy Foundation, dedicated to enhancing the life of spinal cord injury victims and families.

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Getting ready for your fantasy football draft? Don't make a move without consulting first with The Hollywood Gossip!

We've already rundown the top quarterbacks of 2013, along with the best running backs available.

So now it's time for a list of the most draft worthy wide receivers on the market. Scroll down for our exclusive Top 10...

Megatron Wallpaper
  1. Calvin Johnson: Breaking the all-time record for receiving yards in a season almost always guaranteed you number-one.
  2. Larry Fitzgerald: Carson Palmer is not a good quarterback. But he is a good fantasy quarterback. Look for a big season from Fitzgerald with a competent signal caller under center.
  3. Julio Jones: Probably the game's best deep threat and really just coming into his own as a pro.
  4. A.J. Green: Concerned that he only scored seven times last year? He was targeted 19 times in the end zone. Expect him to break double digits in 2013.
  5. Brandon Marshall: Three games over 140 yards, two over 160 last season. It's safe to say he gets along well with Jay Cutler.
  6. Demaryius Thomas: Don't worry about the addition of Wes Welker taking away targets from Thomas. He finished as the fifth wide receiver last year, even as teammate Eric Decker finished number-eight.
  7. Dez Bryant: If he stays healthy, he could sky-rocket into the upper echelon.
  8. Victor Cruz: He'll have some bad days when Eli Manning struggles, but he'll also break off the occasional 80-yard catch and run. Also great if your league hands out points for Salsa dancing.
  9. Randall Cobb: Breakout season alert! You've gotta have Aaron Rodgers' new number-one option, don't you?
  10. Andre Johnson: Arian Foster is still the center of Houston's offense, but Johnson still broke 100 yards six times last season. Including an absurd 273-yard performance.

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Alex Rodriguez returned to Yankee Stadium last night for his first home game since Major League Baseball suspended him for steroid use and general douchebaggery.

The maligned third basemen went 0-4, struck out three times and was booed lustily.

Fortunately, however, 27-year-old Nick Falliven hit a home run with his girlfriend prior to the game, getting down on one knee in front of a local news camera and popping life's most important question.

Would this be another public marriage proposal gone wrong? Watch now and find out for yourself!

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Lindsay Lohan was swept off her feet by Shaq Thursday night.

The Canyons star tweeted a photo of the massive NBA legend picking her up, along with the caption: “This just happened right now!… Such a gentleman ;)"

"What a gift after a good cycle!”

Lindsay Lohan, Shaquille O'Neal

It’s unclear where the photo op took place, but Lindsay Lohan had reportedly been to a SoulCycle spinning class. Maybe the big fella also took part?

Probably not, but that's a fun visual.

Later in the evening, the recently rehabbed star partied with Max George, but her rep denied the obligatory gossip columns suggesting that she relapsed.

Keep smiling, Linds!

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We might not typically cover a collegiate summer league game between the Humboldt Crabs and the California Warriors.

But over the weekend, Sergio Sanchez got hit by a pitch by Michael Peterson - following two pitches that nailed the backstop when Sanchez was at the plate - and responded by throwing his bat at the mound.

Seriously! Watch the dangerous move now and the bench-clearing brawl that ensued:

We haven't seen a baseball player take such drastic action since Sandlot star Tom Guidry head-butted a cop.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in either the bat throw or the subsequent fight.