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Has LeBron James gobbled up Reggie Bush's alleged sloppy seconds?

According to a Bossip report, the basketball superstar exchanged some racy text messages with the model after spotting her at a Miami nightclub this month, although it's unclear if any bodily fluids were exchanged between the two.

Heck, it's unclear if this story is even true, considering Ortega ALSO accused Bush of texting her inappropriately back when he was dating Kim Kardashian.

Learn more about these allegations in the following video and take note: LeBron is engaged to Savanna Brinson and a wedding is scheduled in San Diego for September 14.

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Dirk Nowitzki is known as one of the best shooters in NBA history.

But the power forward really scores in a new commercial aimed at Dallas Mavericks season ticket holders.

The former MVP and NBA champion mocks those irritating Geico Hump Day ads by bothering the heck out of team employees and constantly asking them in the following spot: What day is it? What day is it? What day is it?

Watch the hilarious video now for Dirk's answer:

With current news surrounding Aaron Hernandez and Lamar Odom, it's nice to know sports can make us laugh sometimes, isn't it?

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A Rolling Stone investigative report into the background of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez makes some surprising allegations about the jailed athlete.

Most notably, the magazine's profile claims the ex-New England Patriot was a regular user of PCP (phencyclidine), known as “angel dust” or “wet.”

Though PCP’s street name links it to heaven, angel dust has been notorious for its association with devilish, extremely gruesome violent crimes.

The 23-year-old was indicted for first-degree murder this month. He's accused of orchestrating the execution-style slaying of Odin Lloyd this summer.

The story tries to explain why this superstar athlete was ensnared by drugs, guns and a life of violence. Here are some of RS' primary revelations:

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A new source has come forward and disputed the allegation that embattled NBA star Lamar Odom is hooked on crack.

HOWEVER, the basketball player and reality star most definitely does have a drug problem. A very serious one at that.

"The problem is cocaine," an anonymous insider tells Us. "He would be high for three or four days at a time... The addiction had taken over [his] marriage."

In response to Odom sadly falling off the wagon, the athlete's wife, Khloe Kardashian held an intervention for her husband last week.

It did not go well, Lamar refused assistance and Khloe subsequently kicked him out of their home. He reportedly went off the grid after that.

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NBA Hall of Fame member Scottie Pippen has been cleared in the incident this summer in which he got into a fight with an overzealous fan in Malibu.

The 47-year-old Pippen mixed it up with autograph seeker who authorities say was drunk and exaggerated his injuries including faking seizures.

Thus, the L.A. County district attorney's office said there was insufficient evidence to bring assault charges against Pippen for the altercation.

Camran Shafighi approached him at Nobu, a sushi restaurant and celebrity hangout on the beach in Malibu, back on June 24, reports indicate.

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There, there, Francesca Schiavone.

Many opponents of Serena Williams can feel your pain.

The former French Open champion got positively smoked by the defending U.S. Open champion in the first round of the latter last night, going down 6-0, 6-1 and seeking comfort wherever she could find it... like in the arms of a very confused ball boy.

Watch Schiavone actually go in for a hug in this hilarious clip:

Dude, she may not be Maria Sharapova. But still. Get Francesca digits!

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Nneka Ogwumike is gonna be okay, folks.

But the Los Angeles Sparks forward was injured this week when teammate Candace Parker gave her a violent bear hug in celebration of Ogwumike's big-time basket during a 90-88 victory over the Tulsa Shock.

Watch the incident now and take note: The Sparks and the Shock both apparently play in the WNBA. Research indicates this is a professional basketball league for women that has been around since 1997.

Take heed, though, Ogwumike. It could have been worse.

You could have been on the receiving end of a Bill Goldberg spear.

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Matt Harvey may require Tommy John surgery and will almost definitely miss all of next season for the Mets.

But at least New York sports fans have something to feel good about today: the Giants clearly have the most in-shape punter in the NFL.

Seriously, A new Instagram photo of Weatherford and a fan has gone viral and the former's six-pack makes Justin Bieber look like The Man with the 132lb Scrotum.

There may not be a spot on your fantasy football roster for punters, but we have a feeling that millions of women around the country will not include Weatherford in their fantasies tonight... if you know what we mean! Ogle away now:

Steve Weatherford Abs

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He may be little more than an above average point guard now, but Jeremy Lin was once the biggest story in the NBA.

Nay, in professional sports. Nay, on the entire Internet!

The former Knicks star simply owned New York for a month in early 2012, dominating the court and leading people to take notice of his unusual background, from Division I afterthought to the grandest stage in the league.

How did he arrive in such a place? Where did he come from? What has the pressure been like? And what does the future hold for Jeremy Lin?

The documentary Linsanity, which opens in October, explores these questions and more. Watch a trailer for it now:

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Yup, Bill Goldberg has still got it.

The former WCW and WWE star threw out the first pitch at a Miami Marlins game this week - and then took it upon himself to quiet an irritating fan. Spear style!

Watch now as Goldberg lays the smack down on a (clearly planted) dude on the field who thinks he's all that... only to quickly feel the wrath of this former champion:

With the Marlins at 49-80 and fans not exactly rushing to attend games (check out the stands above), shouldn't the team simply sign Goldberg to pitch for the rest of the season?

Either him or this backflipping South Korean, right?

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