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The two women in the racy Jerry Jones pics that surprisingly hit the Internet this week say they had nothing to do with the leak or alleged extortion attempt.

They're lawyering up anyway, though, because they're victims too.

Jerry Jones Gropes Woman
That's Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones groping a woman who is totally not his wife. When and where, we cannot say.

Lindzie (the blonde) and Jordan (the brunette) are strippers in Texas.

TMZ reports that Lindzie dances at Centerfolds in Houston, and Jordan at Cabaret in Ft. Worth, and both fear that Jones might try to take legal action against them.

Both women claim to very little about the night they partied with the Dallas Cowboys owner nearly years ago, because "there was a lot of alcohol involved."

The photos were tweeted out earlier this week by a seemingly unstable Twitter user who claimed he's held them to protect Jones from an extortion plot.

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Paulina Gretzky's wedding to Dustin Johnson may be in limbo after his apparent suspension from the PGA Tour - and an ultimatum from her famous father.

Paulina Gretzky, Dustin Johnson Pic

Dustin Johnson was suspended from the PGA Tour last week for six months following a positive cocaine test, his third positive drug test in five years.

The PGA denied this is the official reason for his "leave of absence," but for whatever reason, the tour does not comment on these "internal" matters.

One person not willing to give D.J. a free pass? Wayne Gretzky.

The father of 25-year-old model Paulina reportedly reached out to offer support, but cautioned him to clean up his act, or the couple's wedding is off.

Sources say the family was aware of Dustin's penchant for partying, and that Wayne sought to be a positive influence, and offer help more than anything.

Still, he's very far from pleased by recent events.

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Greg Oden, a former number-one NBA draft pick, was arrested early this morning in Lawrence, Indiana and charged with battery against a member of the opposite sex.

Police were called to the residence of Oden's mother around 3:30 a.m. and arrived "to find the victim crying and lying across a bed holding her face."

Greg Oden Mug Shot

According to Bill McCleery and Matthew Glenesk of The Indianapolis Star, a witness told authorities that the basketball player “punched [the victim] in the face."

Moreover, law enforcement officials observed blood, nose swelling and forehead lacerations on the woman in question. They also noted blood on the sofa, carpet and floor.

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Late last month, Weird Al Yankovic scored his first-ever number-one album.

But thousands of fans around the country are hoping to help the unique artist earn an even bigger honor next year: Super Bowl halftime performer!

Weird Al Yankovic - White & Nerdy
Weird Al gets White & Nerdy in this hilarious 2009 music video parody of "Ridin' Dirty."

A petition has launched on that urges the NFL to select Weird Al for the big game on February 1, with over 40,000 names affixed to it as of this writing.

"Think about the Super Bowls of past years, when you had no vested interest in either team, especially during a game that was a blowout or boring," says Ed Ball, a fan from Seattle who started the petition while drunk.

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The David Wells of supermodels, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl Chrissy Teigen says she "pretty drunk" before she took the mound Tuesday.

At Dodger Stadium, a successful Chrissy Teigen first pitch kicked off L.A.'s game against the crosstown Angels. Not even margaritas could slow this ace!

It was an interesting day prior to the first pitch, apparently.

Teigen began by sharing a photo of her father on Instagram, noting: "Dad making birthday margaritas like only dad can!! I love you dad, happy birthday!!!!"

That picture was soon followed up by a pair of tweets:

  • "Crap I'm pretty drunk."
  • "My mom is bombed."

An hour later she posted a Vine video where she is seen practicing for her first pitch duties with husband John Legend, and appearing a little wobbly.

Fortunately, the beauty acquitted herself fairly well, and even if she flopped, margaritas make for a real excuse, unlike 50 Cent's masturbation injury ...

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Racy photographs of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in suggestive poses with young women hit the web this week as part of an apparent extortion plot.

Jones, 72, has been married to his wife Gene for 51 years.

One image shows Jerry cupping the breasts of a blond woman in a restroom. Another shows a brunette, in the same restroom, kneeling with her cheek up against his crotch.

Jerry Jones Gropes Woman
That's Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones groping a woman who is totally not his wife. When and where, we cannot say.

A Twitter user by the name INFIN8SON posted the pics with the caption, “Sins of Jerry Jones.” Sports and celebrity gossip site Terez Owens first shared them.

It's not clear when they were taken, who the classy ladies are, whether Jones' wife knows about this, or how in the hell he allowed photos to be taken.

Deadspin identified the source as Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks groupie Frank Hoover, who claims he got the pics from others who wanted to extort Jones.

Hoover bizarrely claims he had to move from Dallas to Wichita, Kansas, because unknown forces were out to kill him over his knowledge about Jones.

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Despite the fact that they both hail from Atlanta, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray didn't have any contact prior to The Bachelorette. His brother, though?

It appears Andi did connect with one member of the good-looking Murray family prior to the show, albeit only over Twitter. Allow us to explain ...

  • Aaron and Josh Murray
  • Andi Kisses

In an interview with Atlanta’s Jezebel magazine, Andi was asked if she and Josh, the baseball player turned financial services professional, ever crossed paths.

“A lot of people have thought that maybe we knew each other, but I had never met him before,” the attorney explained, but there was a connection of sorts.

Aaron Murray, however, followed Andi and gave her some Twitter love after her stint on The Bachelor, which made her day - and her father's.

"I remember his brother tweeting something at me, and I made one comment being like, ‘Oh, my dad’s dream has come true, Georgia football!’” Andi detailed.

“Obviously my dad is a UGA fan and [Josh's] brother played at Georgia," Andi Dorfman recalls, so that was awesome and all ... but didn't involve Josh.

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Chrissy Teigen threw out the first pitch at last night's Dodgers game in Los Angeles, and she nailed it with her jersey and short shorts (and the pitch itself).

The gorgeous model Tweeted that she prepared ahead of time, with the help of her husband, singer John Legend ... though she wasn't too worried:

"Throwing out the first pitch at the @dodgers game August 5. Making john practice with me now. I have such a false confidence after watching 50 cent."

That 50 Cent first pitch truly will live in infamy forever.

Chrissy had to overcome at least one obstacle, however. Prior to the game, she wrote that her father was making celebratory margaritas for his birthday.

Apparently having sampled the product, Chrissy and her mom had too many. "Crap I'm pretty drunk," she wrote, and added, "My mom is bombed."

You wouldn't know it from the pitch, which almost made it to the catcher's mitt and was more or less on line. Hey, as she said, 50 set the bar awfully low.

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Becky Hammon will retire after 16 years in the WNBA at the end of this season.

But she already has her next gig lined up.

The six-time All-Star has been hired by the San Antonio Spurs as an assistant coach to Gregg Popovich.

Becky Hammon Playing

"I very much look forward to the addition of Becky Hammon to our staff," Popovich said in a statement Tuesday. "Having observed her working with our team this past season, I'm confident her basketball IQ, work ethic and interpersonal skills will be a great benefit to the Spurs."

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Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy ended their engagement recently, just as the New York Giants legend was set to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

Initial reports indicated that the split was amicable, and that the longtime couple blamed the breakup on their hectic work schedules on opposite sides of the U.S.

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy

Then, the infidelity rumors started.

First, it seemed as though Strahan had been cheating on Murphy and the split was so poorly timed because she'd received "proof" that Strahan was carrying on an affair.

Just days before his Hall of Fame ceremony, Kelly Ripa's co-host was blindsided by the breakup story in what could not have been a coincidence.

Today however, the tables have been turned, as TMZ reports that Murphy was caught cheating with retired NBA player Jim Jackson.

The relationship between Murphy and Jackson was reportedly so serious that Strahan finally found out about it when the two decided to take a vacation together last month.

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