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The New York Giants needed a big play late in the Super Bowl and Eli Manning delivered, lofting a pass to Mario Manningham that sent them on their way to a winning drive.

Somehow managing to keep two feet in bounds while making a fingertip catch in double coverage, Manningham defied comprehension - and stunned the Patriots.

New York went on to win 21-17 and Manning claimed his second Super Bowl MVP award thanks to Manningham, who made the biggest play of the Giants' season.

Watch below: Was his Super Bowl catch the best ever?

One guy who may give Manningham a run for his money: David Tyree. Four years ago, HE made a key reception of a Manning pass that helped lead the Giants to victory.

Also trailing late in the fourth quarter against the Patriots, Eli's escape and Tyree's catch off of his own helmet have already gone down in Super Bowl history.

Take a look at that catch below:

Which Giant's Super Bowl reception was better?


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It's all come down to this: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots, The Rematch!

These two rivals will go at it again in Super Bowl XLVI, four years after an epic 17-14 upset that cost New England the first 19-0 in league history. So, which team will come out on top this time? THG analyzes the big game from every angle below - except the commercials - and makes a bold prediction...


Giants: East Rutherford, NJ
Patriots: Foxboro, MA
Edge: Patriots

Giants: Zero
Patriots: One
Edge: Giants

Giants: 17
Patriots: 14
Edge: Giants

Giants: Cheerleaders
Patriots: A star wideout who shot himself at a nightclub
Edge: Patriots

Giants: Yankees
Patriots: Red Sox
Edge: Giants

Giants: 2 (XXI, XXV as Defensive Coordinator)
Patriots: 3 (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX as Head Coach)
Edge: Patriots

Giants: The Big Apple
Patriots: Beantown
Edge: Even

Giants: "New York, New York" (Frank Sinatra); "New York State of Mind" (Billy Joel); "Empire State of Mind" (Jay-Z Ft. Alicia Keys)
Patriots: "Dirty Water" (the Standells)
Edge: Giants x 10,000

Giants: One Giant Step for Manning Kind
Patriots: EEEK-Li!
Edge: Even

Giants: Yes
Patriots: No
Edge: Giants

VERDICT: Sorry, Patriots. But no revenge will be had this year, not when Victor Cruz is lining up against a wide receiver playing in your defensive backfield and not when Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z are all so clearly in New York's corner. The G-Men take this one 5-3-2.



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We know who Gisele Bundchen will be voting for in this poll ... once she finishes praying for a Patriots win in Super Bowl XLVI Sunday night. But what about you?

Gisele's husband, Tom Brady, goes for his fourth Super Bowl win when the Pats take on the New York Giants and Eli Manning, who's in search of his second ring.

The big game is as close to a toss-up as you can get, and both quarterbacks have proven themselves to be MVP-caliber. But which would you rather ... you know?

Vote for the hottest signal-caller in THG's survey below!

And the Winner is?

Eli Manning or Tom Brady: Who would you rather ... you know? Vote for which QB is the bigger hunk in THG's very scientific and important poll now! View Poll »

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Mark Sanchez tossed 18 interceptions last season, but is it possible this New York Jets quarterback saved his worst decision for off the field?

A new report claims Sanchez is dating Kim Kardashian. A source tells TerezOwens dot com that the relationship started, in secret, prior to Kim ever pretending to love getting together with Kris Humphries - and that the romance has now heated up again.

“Kim and Mark like to meet in hotels for dinner dates and flings," according to an insider. “Whenever Kim is in New York, they hang out. They are very careful with not being seen together."

  • Kim Kardashian in Beverly Hills
  • Mark Sanchez Red Carpet Pic

Sanchez - who many believe should no longer be the Jets signal caller, especially if Peyton Manning is released by the Colts - hasn't been shy about dating celebrities in the past. His bedpost notches include Kate Upton and Hayden Panettiere, while he also reportedly had intercourse with 17-year old Eliza Kruger.

Sanchez was also teammates at USC with Reggie Bush, making it likely he does know Kim in some way.

But does he know Kim in that way? We assume a sex tape will soon come out that settles this issue once and for all.

UPDATE: Kim has Tweeted, in response to this rumor: "Dating rumors are always fun when u don't even know the people your supposedly linked to! Who makes this stuff up!"


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Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers has suffered another relapse, according to reports. The baseball star, an alcohol and drug addict, apparently fell off the wagon again.

According to the Dallas Morning News, citing individuals familiar with the episode, Hamilton drank alcohol Monday night at Sherlock's Pub & Grill in Dallas.

Hamilton's teammate Ian Kinsler also showed up for what appeared to be an attempt to persuade the outfielder to call it a night and return home.

J. Hamilton

A ballplayer drinking in a bar in the offseason would normally be a non-story, obviously, but given Josh Hamilton's history of abuse, and how outspoken he's been about falling victim to, and later avoiding drugs and alcohol, it's anything but.

This was Hamilton's second alcohol-related relapse in three years.

In January 2009, he drank to excess in a bar in Tempe, Ariz. A day after the 2009 incident, Hamilton informed his family, the Rangers and Major League Baseball.

The four-time All-Star and 2010 MVP passed an immediate drug test and participated in an MLB-mandated counseling program. The Rangers took no punitive measures.

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An email sent by Gisele Bundchen to friends and family asking them to pray for Tom Brady before the Super Bowl has sparked widespread ridicule in New York.

The sappy Brazilian supermodel (and Brady's wife) writes: "Dear sweet friends and family. This Sunday will be a really important day in my husband's life."

"I feel Tommy really needs our prayer, our support and love at this time."

Excuse us while we vomit on cue.

Gisele Prays For Tom Brady

"He and his team worked so hard to get to this point and now they need us more than ever to send them positive energy so they can fulfill their dream."

"So I kindly ask all of you to join me on this positive chain and pray for him, so he feels confident, healthy and strong before this Super Bowl. Envision him happy and fulfilled experiencing with his team a victory this Sunday."

Boo hoo. As if being a handsome, multi-millionaire NFL legend who sees Gisele Bundchen nude weren't enough, l'il "Tommy" needs positive thoughts to be confident, healthy and strong? Does Melinda Gates pray for Bill's continued affluence?

Get outta town. This prayer is equally pointless because God was been waiting smack the Patriots down for eliminating Tim Tebow and His Broncos. Bank on it.

Not to mention, the Giants' pass rush will inflict too much pressure on Brady, while Eli Manning has been playing out of his mind. The Giants also have Victor Cruz.

Sorry Gisele.

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Football recruit Cassanova McKinzy proved in choosing Auburn over Clemson that picking a college is a deeply personal decision in which many factors come into play.

Like Chick-fil-A.

Yes, that's apparently what swayed the Birmingham, Ala., linebacker after a visit to the Clemson, S.C., campus in which there was no Chick-fil-A in sight. Not cool.


"[It was] the environment, and plus they had no Chick-fil-A on campus," McKinzy said, asked why he didn't choose Clemson. "You had to go like, probably like 15 minutes off campus to go to like a real restaurant. Their café was kind of small."

Brutal. Never mind that there actually is a Chick-fil-A on Clemson's campus. A crucial fact apparently not highlighted on McKinzy's visit ... student tour guide FAIL!!

Seriously, how did that not come up at some point? Maybe it was Sunday ...

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An Egyptian soccer match between two longtime rivals descended into a violent melee yesterday as fans supporting the winning side rushed the field at the end.

They attacked players and fans in clashes that reportedly killed at least 79 people.

The clashes broke out in the town of Port Said after that city's team won a rare victory over the visiting Ahly, a powerhouse club from Cairo, by the score of 3-1.

Port Said "fans" swarmed the field immediately after the game, as Ahly players and fans ran for cover beneath the stadium and into locker rooms amid chaos:

The fighting quickly took on broad political overtones as The Muslim Brotherhood, which controls nearly half of the nation's parliament, blamed thugs connected to ex-President Hosni Mubarak who are plotting to destabilize the country.

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Blake Griffin rocked both the rim and the Twitterverse last night, delivering a slam dunk over Kendrick Perkins that simply has to go down as one of the best in NBA history.

But where does it actually rank?

We spent far too long today and had far too much fun going back in time and collecting 10 noteworthy jams, from Blake and LeBron James in the past week to some all-time greats.

There's Shaquille O'Neal showing his might... Vince Carter humiliating Frederic Weis... Dwyane Wade going coast to coast over Anderson Varejao... more from Griffin... John Starks clinching a playoff win over the Bulls... Michael Jordan being Michael Jordan... Darryl Dawkins shattering a backboard... Baron Davis soaring over Andrei Kirilenko.

All incredible athletic feats, all posted below. View each ridiculous slam now and then cast your vote for the best:

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This little guy is a big time New York Giants fan.

His dad may be pushing him a little hard (and sounds like one of the guys on The Real Housewives of New Jersey), but he has good taste in teams at least.

Watch the youngster rattle off the whole roster of his beloved franchise, which is clearly going to defeat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday despite being modest underdogs, in the cute viral video below!