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Lance Easley is making like Teresa Giudice.

The referee who ruled Golden Tate had simultaneous possession of a Russell Wilson Hail Mary Monday, giving the Seahawks a controversial 14-12 win over the Packers, is somehow standing by his call.

Even if it's more unpopular than Dina Lohan.

"I didn't do anything wrong," Easley tells TMZ, saying of the Packers defenders most believe intercepted the pass: "You have to not only have the ball but have either two feet or a body part on the ground, and that never happened."

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Never before have officials been so celebrated.

The NFL and its referees union signed an eight-year contract Wednesday night, ending their surprising labor stalemate in time for this week's contests.

The regular NFL refs are back on the job today, scheduled to work Thursday’s Browns-Ravens as well as the week’s remaining games Sunday and Monday night.

Their pending return was a source of jubilation among players and fans. If you haven't been following it, the worst call in NFL history Monday night (above) sums it up.

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Having watched his team get screwed over by replacement officials, in what many believe is the worst call in NFL history, Green Bay Packers guard T.J. Lang simply doesn't care at this point.

Go ahead and take his money, league officials. The man needs to tell it like it is.

"Got f-cked by the refs.. Embarrassing. Thanks nfl," Lang Tweeted last night, not long after Green Bay fell to Seattle 14-12, adding:

"F-ck it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs."

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Move over, Baltimore. We have a feeling the Bullsh!t chants were the loudest they've ever been across every bar in Green Bay last night.

The Packers were leading the Seattle Seahawks 12-7 with mere seconds remaining when Russell Wilson hoisted a prayer into the corner of the endzone.

And it was apparently answered by the replacement referees, who inexplicably awarded Golden Tate a game-winning touchdown reception, despite clear evidence that Green Bay cornerback M.D. Jennings actually came up with the ball first. See for yourself:

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Things got pretty heated last night during the Patriots-Ravens game on Monday Night Football, with the Baltimore crowd erupting into a boisterous "bullsh*t" chant at one point.

Which NBC aired in all its glory, uncensored:

Convinced that the maligned replacement refs blew a call (the regular refs are currently in a labor dispute with the NFL), Ravens fans called BS ... loudly and clearly.

NBC play-by-play man Al Michaels noted, "It's the loudest manure chant I've ever heard."

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Forget bump, set, spike.

Kerri Walsh-Jennings is now focused on BABY bump, set, spike: the three-time Olympic Gold Medalist is pregnant!

Kerri Walsh-Jennings Picture

Kerri appeared this morning with husband Casey on The Today Show and admitted that not only is she expecting her third child… she actually conquered all competitors in London while she was five weeks along!

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Chad Johnson just cut a deal to keep his unemployed a$$ out of jail.

The former NFL star was arrested for domestic violence after head-butting Evelyn Lozada during an argument, but he's agreed to be placed on probation and complete extensive anger management counseling in exchange for a guilty or no contest plea.

That will keep him out of jail on the battery charge he's facing.

Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) Mug Shot

A hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow, during which a judge is expected to sign off on the plea bargain and make it official. Man, they wrapped this up quick.

Evelyn and Chad's divorce was finalized yesterday. They wed July 4. Not even six weeks later, she found a receipt for condoms in their car and lost her $h!t.

He allegedly head-butted her at that point, and was arrested; Evelyn filed for divorce, VH1 axed their show and the Miami Dolphins cut Chad loose within days.

Life's changed quite a bit for him in the last three months. Lots of free time for Madden now at least, despite the awkwardness of having to create himself.

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Former NFL star Vince Young is not only out of the league, but broke.

His financial fall from grace is extreme even by pro athlete standards.

Six years after joining the NFL as the third player taken in the draft out of the University of Texas, Young has little of the $26 million his contract(s) guaranteed him.

In addition to a lucrative NFL deals, the QB also had endorsements worth another $30 million, deals that included Reebok, Madden '08, and the National Dairy Council.

So what the heck happened?

Young, V

Young is suing his former agent, Major Adams, and a North Carolina financial planner, Ronnie Peoples, alleging that they misappropriated $5.5 million of his money.

In some instances, the pair forged his signature or impersonated him on the phone or in emails, according to the lawsuit, filed by Young in Houston in June.

"I would just say that Vince needs a job," said Trey Dolezal, Young's attorney, when asked to give a general assessment of his client's finances these days.

"They conspired to take Vince's money," Dolezal added. "It's that simple."

Not according to the accused.

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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler recently became parents for the first time.

The reality star, 25, and Chicago Bears quarterback, 29, welcomed son Camden Jack six weeks ago, a moment that made them a “new family” and changed life instantly.

“I like having this life that I’m responsible for,” she tells People, while sharing the first photo of her baby boy. “It’s exciting and so rewarding ... it’s also a little scary!”

Kristin Cavallari Baby

After a relatively easy pregnancy, with Kristin Cavallari admits was lucky, her new priority became every clear once she held Camden in her arms for the first time.

“It was the most incredible moment I’ve ever felt,” the star explains.

“With Camden, I’ve realized what really matters. We’re a family.”

Football standout Jay noticed something else. he "pointed out right away how big his feet are! And his hands were massive - he’ll sure be able to hold a football."

Never too early. In other Camden news, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo also named their son that, although their youngster's middle name is ... John.

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Yunel Escobar has issued an apology for one of the stranger scandals we've seen recently in the world of sports.

The Toronto Blue Jays shortstop donned eye black for his team's game against the Boston Red Sox on Saturday, scribbling Spanish words across the outside that translate roughly to "faggot."

The ball player was suspended three games for the action.

Yunel Escobar

"I feel bad," he told the media this afternoon in response to the incident. "I’m leaving my team for something I didn’t intend to do. I have nothing against the gay community and honestly I’m sorry... It was just a joke and it wasn’t directed to anyone in particular...

"It's just something that's been said around amongst Latinos. It's not something that's meant to be offensive. For us, it didn't have the significance to the way it's being interpreted right now. It's a word used often within teams. ... I agree with the suspension and don't have any problem with it."

Escobar, who is hitting only .251 this season, will forfeit about $92,000 as a result of the suspension. A portion of those funds will go to GLAAD.

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