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Folks in Durham, North Carolina have reason to celebrate today.

Jabari Parker, considered by many to be the best high school senior in the nation, announced this afternoon that he will attend Duke University in 2013, instantly boosting the Blue Devils' title chances a year from now.

Parker Pic

Parker is a 6'8" forward who attends Simeon Career Academy in Chicago.

His all-around game has been compared to players such as Grant Hill and he's considered a surefire top pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

In the end, Parker selected Duke over Michigan State, BYU, Florida and Stanford.

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The NFL fined Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III $10,000 for wearing Adidas apparel to a post-game news conference ... seriously.

Nike is the league’s official uniform maker, so this was a big no-no.


League officials said they would issue a warning but not a fine to Griffin earlier this season when he covered the Nike logo on his shirt before a game.

The rookie phenomenon was fined this time, however, after rocking Adidas again following the team's win over the Baltimore Ravens on December 9.

Griffin was also in the news this week because of the comments made by Rob Parker of ESPN, who accused him of being a "cornball brother" ... seriously.

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Still on suspension by ESPN, Rob Parker has offered a public apology for the race-based rant he went on last week against Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

On First Take, the reporter referred to Griffin as a "cornball brother" and said he's a pretend African-American, partly because the rookie is married to a white woman.

"I blew it and I'm sincerely sorry," Parker Tweeted today. "I completely understand how the issue of race in sports is a sensitive one and needs to be handled with great care."

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The Los Angeles Lakers pulled out a 101-100 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats last night, bringing their record to 12-14 in Pau Gasol's return after an eight-game injury absence.

But who cares? Did you see Gerald Henderson's throw-down?!?

The shooting guard cut down the lane, caught a bounce pass and appeared to use a trampoline in order to rise head and shoulders above all defenders.

The best part? Watch the reaction of a LAKERS' bench player to the slam. We have a feeling Kobe Bryant won't be happy to see it...

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Wow. That was faster than an Adrian Peterson touchdown run.

Just two weeks after announcing their engagement, Samantha Steele and Christian Ponder were married yesterday. The couple exchanged vows inside a Minnesota courtroom.

Samantha Steele Picture

Steele is an ESPN college football reporter, while Ponder tries really hard to play quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. He only has a 78.6 rating and 14 touchdown passes this year, however.

Still... look at Steele!

Ponder may be unable to hit Percy Harvin on a crossing pattern, but he must be doing something right when he's practicing out patterns at night with such a personal tight end. If you know what we mean!

Congrats to the happy couple.

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New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz visited the home of Jack Pinto, the 6-year-old Connecticut school shooting victim who idolized the NFL star.

Jack was among 20 children who lost their lives Friday in Newtown, Conn., when a crazed gunman open fire inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Victor Cruz NY Giants

Upon learning that Cruz was Pinto's favorite player, the 26-year-old reached out to the family, and visited their home for a touch football game Tuesday.

Victor Cruz honored Jack Pinto during Sunday's game against Atlanta, writing the slain child's name on his shoes. Then he went the extra mile Tuesday.

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This just in: it's very expensive to break one's penis.

Just ask Ray Elbe.

The MMA brawler was rushed to a hospital in Malaysia last week after rough sex with his girlfriend resulted in a fractured unit, one with blood spewing out everywhere that required emergency surgery.

It's an incident Elbe describes in harrowing detail below. Be warned, fellas. Be seriously warned...

Now, TMZ reports Elbe actually took photos of the mangled love-making tool and is looking to pay his medical bills by selling them to disturbed interested parties.

Are you among them? How much would you shell out for pictures of Ray Elbe's bloody and broken junk?


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Popular New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow reportedly wants to leave the team and will request to be traded or released after the 2012 season.


The move is expected if backup quarterback Greg McElroy starts the final two games of the season for the Jets, the New York Daily News reports.

McElroy, a second year pro, was given the start for this Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers due to the fact that starter Mark Sanchez sucks.

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In the course of just a few weeks, Mark Sanchez may very well go from riding Eva Longoria to riding the pine.

The New York Jets lost out on any hope to make the playoffs last night when Sanchez threw four interceptions in an ugly 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

He now has 24 turnovers this season, 50 in the past two seasons and the time may have come for Coach Rex Ryan to make a change - especially when the possible son of God is Sanchez's backup.

Mark Sanchez  Close Up

"It doesn't feel good hurting your team like that," Sanchez said. "It's not a winning formula. It never feels good."

Ryan has not yet named a quarterback for next week's game against the Chargers, but Jets fans may officially rebel if Sanchez is under center.

Do you think Mark Sanchez should be benched?


UPDATE: Greg McElroy has been named the starter. Someone tell us, why did the Jets sign Tim Tebow again?

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The University of North Alabama confirms it has kicked a player off the team after he fired off a racist slur in a Tweet about President Barack Obama.

Coaches made the move after Bradley Patterson complained that Obama's Newtown speech pre-empted Sunday night's Patriots-49ers NFL contest.

Obama in Newtown

University sports publicist Jeff Hodges said the school found that there’s no question the tweet was issued by Patterson, and that he used a racial slur.

Patterson joined the University of North Alabama team as a walk-on after the fourth game of this season. He has now been issued his walking papers.

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