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Sorry, UNC Harlem Shake video.

You've just been one-upped.

While the Maryland men's basketball team was taking on Duke earlier this winter, the whole student section performed flash mob and Harlem Shake routines.

The atmosphere at Comcast Center is known for being off the hook, and the Terrapin fans lived up to their reputation on this occasion. Fear the turtle ...

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Perhaps taking their locker room cues from the Miami Heat Harlem Shake video, the University of the North Carolina Tar Heels made their own this week.

By now, you may be totally over this long-running meme. We respect that.

However, there is a human Whoopie Cushion involved here. Just saying.

Hopefully the Heels do this on the court tonight against Florida State.

Which of the many Harlem Shake videos is your favorite so far?

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For once, a LeBron James highlight that involves him on the losing end!

Check out this sick dunk by Jrue Holiday of the Philadelphia 76ers ...

With 1:25 remaining, Holiday, an All-Star himself, decimated the Miami Heat defense with a series of sweet dribble moves and an emphatic finish.

Not DeAndre Jordan material, but pretty impressive just the same.

Of course, the game-tying slam wasn't enough to get the one thing that matters. LeBron got the last laugh as the Heat prevailed 98-94 for their 20th straight win.

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Pepsi Max and NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon have teamed up for a viral ad in which Jeff disguises himself as a regular guy looking to test drive a Camaro.

The poor car salesman may never be the same.

“It’s got some power, so just get a feel for it.”

The 41-year-old, unassuming 5'8" Gordon already fits the average Joe mold, but the cheesy goatee really makes the look. As for his driving skills?

Let's just say those moves aren't street legal.

The ad is a takeoff on last year's Kyrie Irving spot, in which the Cleveland Cavaliers guard dressed as an old man and owned guys on the playground.

Both are pretty classic.

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NFL star Michael Vick says he won't be bullied by a spate of recent death threats, but he has canceled his upcoming book tour in the wake of them.

Vick on the Eags

The once-imprisoned QB and author of Finally Free: An Autobiography says he will continue his work with community service organizations, too.

Vick nixed his book tour after "credible threats" were called in to several Barnes & Noble stores across the country, but "won't let this control his life."

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As the College of Cardinals decides on who will be the next Pope, one layman is determined to meet His Holiness and chart a global course for peace and prosperity.

Fresh off his "basketball diplomacy" trip to North Korea, NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is en route to Vatican City with hopes of meeting the new pontiff.

A Rodman Pic

On Tuesday, Rodman was en route to Rome with the goal of meeting the Catholic Church’s next leader, with the conclave underway inside the Sistine Chapel.

While it may be some time before white smoke billows out of the chapel’s chimney signaling the election of a new pope, Rodman is excited about it.

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Svetlana Pankratova owns the world record for longest female legs.

What she really wants to own is a high school basketball title.

Long Long Legs

The former Russian women’s basketball standout and VCU college player is now an assistant coach at Falls Church (Va.) George Mason High.

Pankratova married a Falls Church resident, Jack Gosnell, taking a position as an assistant coach at Mason High, one of the state’s top girls programs.

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In a stunning move that has left teammates shocked and angry, the Baltimore Ravens have traded All-Pro wide receiver Anquan Boldin to their 2013 Super Bowl opponents.

In exchange, Baltimore will receive a sixth round draft pick... and... wait... THAT'S IT?!?


Boldin is coming off an impressive postseason, catching 22 passes for 380 yards and four touchdowns in four games.

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Gotta love Spring Training ... when Hooters girls are acceptable stand-ins for "real" ball girls and toss fair balls into the crowd by mistake during games.

This scenario happened to the clueless cutie below.

We laugh, because the bleach-blonde Katy Perry Hooters knockoff seems nice, and her sheepish reaction once she realized her gaffe was cute too.

Meanwhile, bunting in the ninth inning results in a MELEE because that violates an unwritten rule - even though margin of victory counts in the WBC.

That's baseball for you. Anyway, enjoy the clip!

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Simply put, DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers may have executed the greatest dunk in the history of the NBA last night.

Even teammate Blake Griffin - renowned for his relentless, awe-inspiring attacks of the rim - might agree with that assessment.

In a play against the Detroit Pistons (and poor point guard Brandon Knight, caught on a switch), Jordan received an alley-oop from Chris Ball, caught it high above the basket, adjusted in mid-air to the opponent directly in his face, pulled the ball back somehow and simply threw... it... down.

This is a must-watch:

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