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Well, this was awkward.

During a segment of CBS' college basketball pregame show tonight, Doug Gottlieb was asked for his opinion on something related to the NCAA Tournament and - surrounded by Greg Gumbel, Greg Anthony, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley - cracked:

"I'm just here to bring diversity to the set here. Give the kind of white man's perspective on things from the point guard position."

Did the quip go over well? Not exactly...

When asked via Twitter about the random comment, Gottlieb defended it as a "joke."

But do you think he was really kidding? Or actually felt out of place in some way?

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Did Tiger Woods steal his new girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, out from underneath Kris Humphries of all people? A new report in Us Weekly implies exactly that.

Yes, if this is to be believed, Liger was almost Lump.

  • Kris Humphries: Douche
  • Liger

The new issue of the celebrity news magazine claims that Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian's infamous ex, was very much in the picture with Vonn romantically.

That is, until Tiger Woods came along.

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The NFL's Miami Dolphins have a new logo.

One they meant to unveil April 25 but leaked.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee made it official Wednesday, saying that the logo that has made the rounds on Internet in recent days is the real deal:

New Dolphins Logo

Over the weekend the logo was leaked when one of the team's players was wearing a T-shirt with the new design in a Twitter pic. Ah, the Digital Age.

Also on Wednesday, the NFL's official website accidently posted the new logo on its "Predict the Draft Pick" page. That page was quickly taken down.

Featuring a meaner and sleeker looking dolphin, the logo is still similar to Miami's traditional look as the marine mammal is cascading across a sunburst.

Whether it will help them swim past New England is another story. New logo or not, Ryan Tannehill is still the one wearing it when he lines up under center.

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Tiger Woods may be back on top of the golf world, but he hasn't put all controversy to rest, thanks to his "winning takes care of everything" Nike ad.

The new ad congratulates the golf legend's return to the No. 1 ranking with a phrase often used by Tiger himself ... one that's viewed differently now.

Tiger Woods Winning

The main takeaway: Some feel the ad's swagger is offensive given the 2009 cheating scandal that ruined his marriage and took a toll on his golf career.

Many Americans blasted the ad on Facebook and Twitter as being too dismissive of the many extramarital affairs Woods committed four years ago.

Among the choice comments Nike has received on FB:

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In golf, Phil Mickelson's short game is pretty much unrivaled.

In this "flop shot" demonstration, he proves this once again.

The four-time major winner demonstrated his famous trick shot with Roger Cleveland, chief club designer at Callaway Golf, standing just three feet away!

After describing how to play a successful flop shot, Mickelson barely (but effortlessly) clears Cleveland's head from an impossibly short distance:

It's not only something he does to rack up YouTube views. The shot allows Phil to arc the ball significantly to land the ball softly on firm PGA surfaces.

We didn't think it would be possible for another golf video to top Sergio Garcia hitting out of a tree in less than one week's time, but that's Lefty for you.

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Tiger Woods is officially back on top of the golf world. And Lindsey Vonn.

The Olympic gold medalist skier couldn't be happier about both.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

As Tiger regained the #1 ranking in the world for the first time since 2010 with a win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, his new girlfriend rejoiced on Twitter.

"Number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!" the 28-year-old blond beauty posted.

Tiger's feat comes a week after the 37-year-old star announced via Facebook pics and a rare, personal statement that he is in fact dating Lindsey Vonn.

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With marriage equality and the Supreme Court dominating news today, rumors are swirling that a current NFL player is considering coming out of the closet, and soon.

If a report from Mike Freeman of CBS Sports is to be believed, it would be a controversial and virtually unprecedented move in the world of male-dominated pro sports.

NFL, Rainbow

Freeman does not name the player, but says if he does come out, he wants to keep playing. He says he’s basing this on interviews with current and former players.

Freeman writes, “I’m told this player believes the time is now for someone to take this step - despite the remarks from [49ers defensive back] Chris Culliver."

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A man who interviewed disgraced football coach Jerry Sandusky in prison has given his second victim an ultimatum that arguably amounts to extortion:

Give me an exclusive interview, or I'll reveal your identity.

Sandusky, Interviewer

John Ziegler, who interviewed Sandusky for a documentary he hopes will clear Joe Paterno's name, said Monday that he planned to "out" victim #2.

Sandusky was convicted of raping the victim in a Penn State shower back in 2001, following testimony from former PSU assistant football coach Mike McQueary.

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It's the end of the line for Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart.

Insiders confirm to TMZ that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and husband Kordell Stewart are divorcing, as the ex-NFL quarterback filed legal documents Friday.

Porsha Williams Photo

The couple has been wed for under two years and have no kids together… a source of contention between the pair throughout Porsha's run on the Bravo franchise.

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"Winning takes care of everything." - Tiger Woods

It certainly doesn't hurt. Three years and four months since the infamous car crash shattered his image (and to a degree his golf game), he is #1 again.

Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational Monday (amazingly for the eighth time in his career), claiming the mantle of the world's top-ranked golfer.

A new Nike ad celebrates the 37-year-old's feat:

Tiger Woods Winning

While reclaiming his throne doesn't erase the last few years, there's no doubt his game is in top form, and time does have a way of healing wounds.

The fallible, non-invincible Tiger may be more likable, too, ironically.

Having been knocked down so epically, and without a major championship since 2009, the best player ever somehow has a comeback kid feel to him.

He's also dating Lindsey Vonn. So, take that haters.

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