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When last we saw our beloved survivors on The Walking Dead, most of them were being held captive inside a train car inside Terminus. 

"They're screwing with the wrong people," said Rick Grimes. They are, indeed!

Take a look at The Walking Dead Season 5 cast photos we found on the Internet and then read on for speculation as to what might take place when the series returns.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Cast
The Walking Dead is returning soon to AMC! Take a look at the cast now!

Warning: Potential The Walking Dead spoilers follow. Read at your own risk.

Right now we have three separate stories set to converge when The Walking Dead returns. There's Terminus, Beth Greene, and Carol and Tyreese who, along with Baby Judith, are hopefully coming to the rescue.

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Ready to sink your teeth into a bunch of Vampire Diaries spoilers?

Let's do it!

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 kicks off on Thursday, October 2, with the fate of Damon and Bonnie hanging very much in the air.

Producer Caroline Dries says we'll "slowly" discover what's going on with those two characters, while she also gave us an idea of what to expect from our other heroes and heroines.

The Vampire Diaries Cast Photo

To wit:

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The more things change, the more they stay the same?

FOX has released the official synopsis for Glee Season 6 and it promises a return to the show's core premise, as Rachel finds herself back in Lima and the New Directions find themselves as underdogs once again.

What brings Lea Michele's character home? What will Rachel's Season 6 mission be?

Rachel on Glee

Catch up on the series prior to its 2015 return when you watch Glee online at TV Fanatic and scroll down for the network description:

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Damon Salvatore is alive and well, folks.

Or maybe just alive.

Ian Somerhalder Tweeted a photo this week of our first look at his character on The Vampire Diaries Season 6, leaving many to wonder just why Damon has a chin full of blood.

The veteran vampire concluded Season 5 by holding Bonnie's hand and getting sucked into... well, we have no idea where. The Other Other side, we guess?

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Star Wars Episode VII won't hit theaters until December of 2015, but leaked images and online spoilers have already given us some ideas of what to expect.

the Millennium Falcon will appear in the film thanks to on set photos posted by an anonymous source. Then came news about the iconic ship's beloved commander:

Harrison Ford's injury on set, we learned that Ford will be playing a more crucial role in the reboot than any of the other returning cast members. 

While the original films remain classics, of course, they can come off a bit dated these days and director J.J. Abrams will probably dispense with some of the wackier hijinks for Episode VII.

So sadly, we probably won't get to see Han and Luke dress up in Stormtrooper attire this time around. But if they did, their headgear might look something like this:

Star Wars Episode VII Stormtrooper Helmet

These photos of the new Stormtrooper helmets leaked online over the weekend and the Internet is naturally buzzing with feedback.

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Two non-gay characters will engaged in some hot and heavy gay sex on True Blood Season 7.

There. Do we have your attention?

Our friends at TV Fanatic have viewed the first two episodes (airing June 22 and June 29, respectively) of this HBO drama's final season and they've passed along the following Sookie-related scoop.

What can fans expect from the opening hours of Season 7? Among other tidbits...

True Blood Season 7 Photograph
  • A significant character will die within the opening minute.
  • Sookie will regret her mind-reading capability.
  • Someone will partake in a game of Russian Roulette... in Morocco.
  • We'll flash back to the very first episode.
  • We'll visit a neighboring town.
  • Political upheaval will create major tension.
  • You may never look at the hood of a police cruiser again.

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Many things in life may be subjective.

Is the Kim Kardashian sex tape better than the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape? Was Tupac a better rapper than Biggie? Should Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik apologize for smoking pot and insulting African-Americans?

We could debate those topics forever.

But, thanks to the magic of the Internet, we now have conclusive evidence about another pressing pop culture issue: the infamous 50 Cent first pitch tossed by the rapper prior to a Mets game this week.

As you can see, it was rather abysmal:

But was it the worst ceremonial first pitch ever thrown by a celebrity?

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When we last left The Following on Fox, Ryan Hardy and his ex-wife had both been stabbed.

But while viewers were rather confident Kevin Bacon would return in the former role, many wondered whether Natalie Zea had cried her last tear as Claire Matthews.

The Following Cast Pic

The actress has now confirmed, however, that she WILL return as the troubled mother of young Joey... although initial plans called for producers to kill Claire off.

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