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Two dozen workers formed a massive heart and skied down the halfpipe in honor of the late Sarah Burke, a champion freestyle skier, at the Sochi Olympics.

The halfpipe pioneer died after a training accident in 2012 and had been instrumental in elevating women's freestyle skiing to this global Olympic platform.

This was the skiing community's way of saying thank you:

Sarah Burke Heart

Burke's husband, Rory Bushfield, and parents, Gord Burke and Jan Phelan, were there to see the result of her hard work, and were moved by the tribute.

"Sarah has inspired us on snow and off snow, and she would have been very proud of how all of the girls rode tonight," gold medalist Maddie Bowman of the U.S. said.

"I sure hope that I and everyone else made her proud."

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The Sochi Olympics have introduced us to a number of serious athletes, as well as some who bear a serious resemblance to certain stars we know and love.

While The Vampire Diaries has become synonymous with "doppelganger" by cheating and using Nina Dobrev as multiple bloodsuckers, these ones are still striking.

Left and right, random and well-known Olympians are spitting images of celebrities, to the point where it's become a fun game trying to identify them in pairs.

For example, track star turned bobsledder Lolo Jones looks a heck of a lot like actress Rashida Jones (no relation ... surprisingly). And that's just the beginning.

Scroll through nine amazing Sochi Olympics celebrity look-alikes below!

Rashida Jones & Lolo Jones
Only one Jones is the daughter of music producer Quincy Jones (Rashida).

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Bode Miller won a bronze medal in the super-G skiing event at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia Sunday, but it was his post-race interview that's generated even more buzz.

The 36-year-old, whose brother died last year before he could make it to Sochi - Chelone Miller was a promising young snowboarder - was clearly emotional.

It wasn't unreasonable for NBC’s Christin Cooper to ask about his brother’s death in this context, and Miller brought it up in response to her first question.

He admitted he had “a lot of emotion riding” on the race, but then Cooper pushed too far, in the opinion of some viewers. Take a look and see what you think:

“I know you wanted to be here with Chelly experiencing these games; how much does it mean to come up with a great performance for him? Was it for him?” she said.

This was borderline intrusive, but she pushed Miller into a thoughtful answer, that he did not know if he had won a medal for his brother or to “make myself proud.”

Even then, Cooper pressed on.

She asked whom the skiing great seemed to be talking to when he looked up in the sky before he started his run. “What’s going on there?” she said.

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American snowboarder Jamie Anderson is looking for a hottie.

She told UsWeekly in an interview that the Tinder app - designed to help make hook-ups even easier for the young and beautiful - was a lot of fun to use in the Olympic Village.

"Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level. It's all athletes! In the mountain village it's all athletes. It's hilarious. There are some cuties on there," Anderson told the magazine.

Jamie Anderson, Sochi Olympics Photo

But the co-founder of Tinder isn't exactly excited about the publicity. He wants Anderson to think less about that kind of scoring and more on her snowboarding scores.

Justin Mateen told TMZ, "Tinder will always be here when you're done."

"Tinder is a great way to meet new people when you're traveling and want to get the most out of your experience in a new city, but for now, focus on giving it your all while competing"

Clearly Jamie Anderson wasn't too distracted - she took home the gold medal in the Women's Slopestyle Event on Feb. 9.

Check out the other hot athletes hanging around the Olympic Villiage... and maybe using Tinder too?

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As if the Sochi Olympics needed another disappointment, Evgeni Plushenko has withdrawn from competition ... and the sport that made him famous.

With his hands on his heart and a brave smile on his face, the figure skating great was escorted off the ice by his coach moments just into his routine.

The announcer told a shocked audience of his decision.

Evgeni Plushenko Olympics Photo

The 31-year-old skater was one of the most anticipated men's competitors of the games.

He had undergone back surgery in 2013 but had spoken hopefully of his recovery and was trying to add another medal to his collection.

He earned a gold medal in 2006, two silvers in 2002 and 2010, and has already won the team gold medal in Sochi this year.

An AP tweet confirms Plushenko has retired from skating entirely.

To see some more Olympians still in competition in Sochi, check out our gallery of hottest athletes.

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Lebanese skier Jackie Chamoun is receiving a chilly reception back home, despite how smoking hot she is. Actually, it's directly because of that fact.

The Olympian, 22, posed topless three years ago for a calendar that featured, well, scantily clad Olympians. Images of it have gone viral at the Sochi Games.

Jackie Chamoun Topless: Before Sochi Olympics

The media in her home country has cried scandal and the sports minister called for an investigation "to take the required steps to avoid harming Lebanon's reputation."

More like providing it with a much-needed boost, are we right?!

Unless she gets frostbite out there ... in which case, #FAIL.

A contrite Jackie Chamoun explained on Facebook that these were behind-the-scenes images and that the material "wasn't supposed to go public."

The tried and true Farrah Abraham defense. Always a winner.

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Olympic snowboarding king Shaun White lost to a kid they call the "I-Pod" and finished fourth in the halfpipe Tuesday, making for a shocker in Sochi.

That's right, he didn't even win a medal in the event he dominated and won gold in during the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. White finished fourth.

Shaun White Loses at Olympics
Shaun White's fall at the 2014 Olympic winter games in Sochi meant he didn't earn a medal in the halfpipe, an Olympic shocker.

The 27-year-old American, who opted out of the Olympic slopestyle debut, put all his chips in the halfpipe, where he hoped to win a third straight gold.

Iouri Podladtchikov, a.k.a. "I-Pod" and the Russian-born inventor of the "YOLO" trick that White could not master, took first place in a mammoth upset.

The Japanese pair of Ayumu Hirano and Taku Hiraoka won silver and bronze, as the Americans were shockingly shut out on the halfpipe for the first time.

I-Pod's "YOLO" stunt, which stands for You Only Live Once, set the bar high for White, who has previously owned the halfpipe to a ridiculous extent.

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The 2014 Winter Olympics are underway and we're loving the fierce competition, the thrill of the rivalries, the close races and all that good sporty stuff... 

But we don't mind a little eye candy along the way. We're all human, right? 

And it seems like this year's crop of athletes are particularly easy on the eyes ...

Ashley Wagner, Olympics Hottie
22-year-old figure skater Ashley Wagner is one of the most talked-about American athletes in this year's games.

That's why we're rounding some of the hottest athletes competing at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games. 

From hockey players to bobsledders, these strong and sexy 2014 Olympians are extremely skilled. They also happen to be ridiculously good looking. 

Click through the slideshow above to find out who made our list!

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Ashley Wagner's figure skating short program was hot but the judges scores left her cold.

The 22-year-old American skater did a little shimmy with joy as she took her bows on the ice, confident her performance was excellent. But when she saw her score - a 63.10 - she couldn't hide her disappointment.

Like, at all.

Ashley Wagner Bullshit Face

Wagner's shocked face quickly became the Sochi Olympics version of McKayla Maroney's "not impressed" face from the 2012 Summer Olympics.

"Bullsh*t", she mouthed to her teammates, although she later amended her statement to "To score that low was very disappointing to me," when she spoke to reporters.

Ashley Wagner Is Not Impressed

The score put Wagner in fourth place but it was good enough to advance the U.S. to the next round, where they ended up with a bronze medal in team skating.

I think she deserves a gold medal in awesome faces, in any case.

Remember when McMayla Maroney wasn't impressed either at the 2012 Summer Olympics? Check out the best of that meme in our sideshow:

McKayla is Not Impressed!
McKayla Maroney is not impressed with her silver medal at the vault in the Olympics. Ho hum.

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Google's home page is not only celebrating the start of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, they're taking a stand for equality. 

Their latest Doodle represents sports from the Winter Olympics in its letters. The images are set in front of a series of rainbow colors from the gay pride flag, a probable nod to Russia's stance on gay rights.

Olympic Google Homepage Doodle

Below the search bar is a quote from the Olympic Charter, which gives individuals the "possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind."

Russia has been under immense criticism for their position on gay rights following legislation that bans pro-gay "propaganda" that could be accessible to minors. 

The 2014 Sochi opening ceremonies are set to begin tonight. 

What do you think of Google's logo?

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