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After endless parodies, blogs, videos, books, news reports and T-shirts, Snakes on a Plane finally opens on Friday with fans not knowing quite what to expect other than a story about... reptiles on a passenger jet.

After an amazing run of publicity, the world is dying to figure out what story line the $30 million film will bring to complement its intriguing title -- a title producers once seriously thought of changing because it gave the plot away.

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Smart moviegoers usually avoid a film released without advance screenings because it can indicate a studio knows the movie is bad. But Snakes is unusual. People who have never seen it already call themselves "fans" and many hope it will be awful.

For a year, bloggers and web-savvy moviegoers have fed an undercurrent of excitement for the action flick about an FBI agent protecting a witness whom the Mafia tries to kill via snake bite on a long flight, turning the movie into a pop-culture phenomenon.

"I really think we're on unprecedented territory," said David Waldon, author of Snakes on a Plane: The Guide to the Internet Sensation, which was published in July. "You see movies that are hyped like this or even bigger, but almost all of them are based on things that already have a bond with the public, like the Star Wars trilogy."

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