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So... where were we?

The last time we saw Ichabod and Abby, the former was in a casket and the latter was in Purgatory. Talk about tough situations!

We picked up on Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 1 with our favorite twosome telling viewers that it's been a full year since we last saw them and that they've both lost someone they loved in those past 12 months.

Wait, what the heck?!? Did Katrina and Jenny really truly their makers? Did they pass actually through Purgatory and allow Abbie to leave?

And, moreover, how on Earth were Ichabod and Abbie free? And why don't we know about it?!? So many questions. So few answers at the outset of the premiere.

Of course, if there's one thing to remember, it's this: nothing on Sleepy Hollow is as it seems. Ever.

Turns out, Henry had tricked our Witnesses into believing a long lie.

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The PR team for Fox's sophomore series Sleepy Hollow sent out an email blast announcing "National Beheading Day" this week, and quickly felt the backlash.

Sleepy Hollow Poster

They also asked viewers to get hyped for the show's DVD release by tweeting the hashtag #HeadlessDay, and needless to say, fans weren't happy.

After all, the campaign began just hours after the video of Steven Sotloff beheaded by ISIS hit the web, which on one hand was just poor timing, but still.

It was no doubt meant as lighthearted fun to promote the Headless Horseman on a show about the fictional legend Ichabod Crane. This is obvious.

Still, even before Sotloff was executed that same day, another American journalist, James Foley was killed by an Islamic State fighter in similar fashion.

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Sleepy Hollow welcomed back John Noble in Monday's Season 1 Episode 10.

The actor, in the role of Henry Parrish this week, made his presence felt as you'd expect while Ichabod was determined to learn the fate of his son.

What he found out was not what Crane yearned to hear, however.

Meanwhile, a golem took center stage, as did Captain Irving, while viewers were given a history of how Christmas came to be in this early December installment.

What else went down on Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 10?

Watch the show's midseason finale below and find out now:

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Last night's episode of FOX's new show Sleepy Hollow focused on a haunted house, trees that came to life and the jaw-dropping revelation that Crane is a dad.

This threw Ichabod himself for a loop on Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 9, as viewers saw the birth take place via flashbacks at the same time he realized it.

Elsewhere in the episode, the action focused by and large on Katrina as well as Captain Irving's personal life. Fans saw his daughter and his ex-wife, to boot.

Did you miss it? Want to re-visit Sleepy Hollow a second time?

Watch the full episode right here and now with just one click ...

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In a word: GULP.

On the latest episode of Fox's crazy fun new hit, Sleepy Hollow, fans learned of an enemy far more dangerous than any horseman without a head.

We were introduced to Moloch, who is all set to rise and cause some serious problems for Ichabod, Abby and, well, the entire world. Let's rundown what we learned on the latest installment, shall?

  • Ichabod has a way with women. Women over the roadside assistance voice system, that is. What a funny way to open the hour, as the series managed to remind us of Ichabod's love for Katia while also making us crack up.

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Sleepy Hollow centers around the resurrection of Ichabod Crane in modern day New York.

He's on a mission from George Washington to stop one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from regaining his skull and putting an end to mankind in the process.

In other words: the new Fox series, which kicked off tonight following the Bones Season 9 premiere, is totally and utterly insane. But it knows it's totally and utterly insane - and that's why it may become a surprise hit for the network.

Not every series can be Breaking Bad. Not every show aims to win an Emmy.

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