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The Parents Television Council is taking its anti-Skins crusade to a new level this week, urging members to contact their state attorneys general about it.

Specifically, the PTC alleges that the MTV show and the satellite providers that air it may be in violation of child pornography laws. Yes, we're serious.

The news comes as more and more advertisers distance themselves from the show and the third episode garnered only 1.5 million viewers Monday.

Skins Cast

SKINS IN DEEP: The PTC may be the last of its issues. Ratings suck.

But an MTV spokesperson says all 10 episodes of the show will air this season, and despite rumors to the contrary, it will not cancel the controversial show.

The show's creator also defended it, telling critics that the truth hurts.

His claims that Skins is an honest, important look at teen life haven't exactly deterred efforts from some groups, namely the PTC, to bring about its end.

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Skins creator Brian Elsley has a message for critics of the new MTV series, which he calls "a very serious attempt to get to the roots of young people's lives."

In a lengthy statement to MTV News, Elsley called Skins a "very simple and in fact rather old fashioned" show that isn't pushing the envelope for no reason.

"It deals with relationships, parents, death, illness, mental health issues, the consequences of drug use and sexual activity," he writes.

NOT FEELING IT: Skins' critics are many, but its creator won't back down.

"It's just that these are characterized from the point of view of the young people who write the show and have a very straightforward approach to the experience; it tries to tell the truth. Sometimes that truth can be a little painful."

The Parents Television Council put out a release after the premiere, calling Skins "the most dangerous television show for children that we have ever seen."

Our critic had a different issue with last night's episode - it just sucked.

In any case, Skins has lost five advertisers since its premiere just two weeks ago, but that doesn't deter Elsley's. Here's his full open letter to viewers:

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Sofia Black D’Elia stars on the controversial new MTV show Skins.

As Tea, a teenage lesbian, she knows the show is bound to raise eyebrows, but defends her work on it despite the early pull-out of advertisers.

“Ss an actor on the show I’m proud of everything that we’ve done,” Sofia tells Steppin' Out. “We created something that we really care about."

SKIN: Sofia Black D'Elia is comfortable in hers.

"We feel the show has so much heart and potential and can impact so many teens,” Sofia said. “If people are going to focus on a 17-year-old having a sex scene as opposed to the rest of the entire series, there’s nothing else I can really say."

"I think those people are missing out. For parents who are afraid to let their children watch the show, they probably have some serious trust issues with their kids if they think they can be that easily persuaded by a television series."

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MTV's new show Skins is under considerable pressure from critics, as well as from some advertisers who are pulling out faster than ... you know what, forget it.

Wrigley's, General Motors and H&R Block are all bailing on Skins, the controversial new show that lost Taco Bell as a major sponsor already last week.

"It was never our intent to endorse content that would offend consumers," Wrigley's said in a statement, responding to the backlash against Skins.


The Skins premiere Monday drew 3.3 million viewers, a strong number for a cable show, but received mixed reviews and a lot of harsh criticism.

Groups like the Parents Television Council have lambasted Skins for content "marketed directly to children" and calling it the worst show ever.

MTV, which faced similar criticism during the early days of Jersey Shore, hasn't blinked, feeling companies will come running back if it's a hit.

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MTV's new sex-obsessed, drug-heavy show Skins is not popular with the PTC.

But the Parents Television Council is doing more than firing off a press release this time. They're calling for a federal investigation into child porn violations.

The PTC wants the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Senate and House Judiciary Committees to investigate Skins' underage stars in graphic sex scenes.

Skins LOGO

The group says besides sexual content involving stars as young as 15, there were 42 depictions and references to drugs and alcohol in the Skins premiere.

"It is clear that Viacom has knowingly produced material that may well be in violation of [several anti-child pornography laws]," the PTC said in the letter.

The real issue? The show is basically a carbon copy of the British version and sort of eats it. But think it crosses the line? Watch the trailer and judge:

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The Parents Television Council should strongly consider closing up shop.

Just as telling kids they can't do something only makes them more intrigued, calling Skins "the most dangerous show for teens" is only going to drive up ratings!

Nonetheless, MTV's new show is under fire from the PTC, thanks to this very trailer depicting "high school characters engaging in drug use and casual sex" ...

"Despite the MA-rating for Skins, MTV appears to be deliberately targeting teens with its marketing campaign," PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement.

"The marketing campaign itself makes light of lying to parents and participating in all manner of harmful, irresponsible, illegal and adult-themed behavior."

"Skins may well be the most dangerous show for children we have ever seen."

And with that, MTV just guaranteed another huge, Jersey Shore-style hit.

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