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Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip! This is just a quick reminder that our Facebook fan contest ends Monday, and you can win a $25 iTunes gift card!

To enter the contest, all you need to do is become a fan of THG on Facebook. If you're already a Facebook fan of ours, thank you! You're already entered.

That's it! We'll pick a winner at random, notify you (privately) and send your prize next week. The winner will be announced on THG Monday (June 21).

Good luck!

Today Show Performance

With a $25 gift card, think about how much Justin Bieber music you can own. Or music by some other artist, sure. But it's the Bieb's world here. We just live in it.

NOTE: In addition to our Facebook page, you can follow THG on Twitter!

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We are proud to announce that you can now experience The Hollywood Gossip on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch! Our new application is FREE and combines all the features you love about THG with the latest iPhone technology.

You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Below is a little preview/tutorial:

  • Home Screen: Functions exactly like the iPhone screen you're used to. You can re-arrange icons and soon, add shortcuts to your favorite stars / features.
  • News: Get up to date news as it happens with stories formatted completely to your iPhone. Coming soon? Push notification of stories that matter to you!
  • Gallery: Browse our entire gallery of celebrity pictures the same way you browse photos on your iPhone. Flick, pinch and rotate just like you're used to.
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    • Videos: Watch The Hollywood Gossip's celebrity videos, specifically formatted for the iPhone to take advantage of the device's native YouTube player.
    • Stars: Browse your favorite stars using a contact style interface, complete with search. Then browse through your star's news, pictures, and videos!
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      Welcome, readers. The Hollywood Gossip is happy to announce another contest in which we give away free stuff to show appreciation for you. Gotta love it!

      The prize: A $25 iTunes gift card. It's all yours for (almost) nothing.

      To enter the contest, you just need to be a fan of THG on Facebook.

      If you're already a fan of ours, thank you! You are already entered.

      That's it! We'll pick a winner at random, notify you (privately) and send your prize. The winner will be announced Monday (June 21). Good luck!

      Leading the Crowd

      With $25 iTunes gift card in hand, just think about how much Justin Bieber music you could own by this time next week. We're talking 25 songs or multiple albums.

      Much like our Facebook page, you can also follow THG on Twitter for all the latest celebrity news, gossip and discussion on that social networking forum. Enjoy!

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      Last week, the latest edition of The Hollywood Gossip's Comments Contest began to recognize readers who spark discussion with comments on our site.

      This week's winner: meh42.

      Congratulations on a job well done! A $25 iTunes gift card is now yours for free. You will be contacted shortly regarding the prize and how to receive it!

      From all of us at The Hollywood Gossip, thanks to everyone for playing and making us your #1 celebrity gossip source! Check back for future contests!

      Lindsay isn't pleased with your comments about her. Keep 'em coming!

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      Four years to the day. That's when The Hollywood Gossip entered the celebrity gossip world with a single news article. 6/6/06. You couldn't plan it any better.

      Fittingly, Lindsay Lohan was the topic of our first-ever story. What a wild ride it's been since - for Lohan and her fellow celebs, for our entire staff and for readers.

      To commemorate our four birthday, THG takes a look back at the stars who generated the most buzz on our site for each of our 48 months covering celeb gossip.

      Not surprisingly, our girl has made a big splash again lately ...

      Still On Probation

      Our journey began with LiLo, whose ankle-monitor antics continue to this day.

      June 2010: Miley Cyrus. The month is still young, but Miles already looks to have it wrapped up with her edgy, unwilling-to-be-tamed comments and behavior.

      May 2010: Kendra Wilkinson. Before she was one of the Girls Next Door, she was a sex tape star. Only now did she leak the tape and feign heartbreak, though.

      April 2010: Lindsay Lohan. One of the great train wrecks hit a new low, partying like crazy, bailing on a court date and later being slapped with ankle monitor.

      March 2010: Jesse James and Michelle McGee. A poor man's Tiger, Jesse James' and Bombshell's cheating ways - and Nazi pics - were scandalously exposed.

      February 2010: Vienna Girardi. The controversial contestant on The Bachelor shocked the world by winning Jake Pavelka's heart - and by still being with him.

      January 2010: Robert Pattinson. His popularity is always high. This month, it wasn't a testament to any particular event, but to his widespread, mass appeal.

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      THG is pleased to announce a brand new Comments Contest! The prize: A $25 iTunes gift card. $25. Yours in exchange for sharing your opinions. What's not to like?

      It works like this: Leave the most comments on THG between now and next Tuesday and it's yours. Boom. That's it. The only rules of THG's Comments Contest are:

      1. You must register and create a profile. This is easy, fun and FREE. You can fill out a profile under the "Edit My Profile" link while logged in.
      2. Comment on any celebrity gossip article on THG, not just this one. Please keep it clean ... ish. Vulgarity and profanity are discouraged.
      3. We can and will disqualify users for spam comments at our discretion.
      4. Comments will be tallied between now and next Tuesday at this time.
      5. We will announce the winner and contact you then. Good luck!
      Adam Lambert Album Cover

      You could buy an Adam Lambert album with your iTunes gift card ... or anything else. It's entirely up to you if you leave the most comments. So comment away and win!

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