The Brown family's epic RV adventure continued Sunday on Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 7, which saw the family finally reach its destination, Missouri.

There, for those unfamiliar with the Brown family goings on, awaited a Biblical polygamist family they traveled more than a thousand miles to meet.

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Last night on Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 18, the Browns discussed the idea of a fifth wife, which just sounds crazy, but when you already have four?

What's one more spouse thrown into the mix? Law of diminishing returns and all of that. Think they'll add to their family sooner or later? It could happen.

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Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 17 saw the family confront its second crisis in as many weeks, as Kody was forced to bury another dear, dear family member.

The Brown family patriarch had decided to throw a huge commitment ceremony on the show, until a family crisis derailed his plans at the last minute.

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It's been a whirlwind day in the world of reality television.

THE AMAZING RACE named a couple Globetrotters, two cancer survivors and a pair of YouTube hosts as its upcoming All-Stars edition, releasing the following cast photo in anticipation of the February 23 premiere.

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