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Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 19 saw the commitment ceremony we have been waiting for, as Kody Brown and his family came together as one.

Not that they weren't a united front before this, but it reaffirms their unity, don't you know. Plus every season needs some sort of climactic storyline.

They certainly earned this special day after the season that was.

Child illnesses, deaths in the family and so many other challenges threatened to nix the big day for Kody and company, but it came. And it was wonderful.

All 22 members of the Brown family - one groom, four wives and 17 children - stood as one on Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 19, with many others on hand.

Everybody looked great, but perhaps none more so than Janelle, who ended up losing so much weight that her dress had to be continually tailored.

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Last night on Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 18, the Browns discussed the idea of a fifth wife, which just sounds crazy, but when you already have four?

What's one more spouse thrown into the mix? Law of diminishing returns and all of that. Think they'll add to their family sooner or later? It could happen.

Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 18 saw the Brown family preparing for their big commitment ceremony and talking about how, when and if things will change.

Kody Brown and each of his four wives planned to put a mission statement on something they would hang in each of their homes as part of their commitment.

They discussed putting the statement on canvas and each of them signing it, which made Janelle ask what they would do if they ever added another wife.

Crickets. Room, meet elephant!

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Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 17 saw the family confront its second crisis in as many weeks, as Kody was forced to bury another dear, dear family member.

The Brown family patriarch had decided to throw a huge commitment ceremony on the show, until a family crisis derailed his plans at the last minute.

Kody’s father Winn passed away at the age of 78. Only weeks earlier, Kody’s brother Curtis died in a motorcycle accident. It's been a really rough stretch.

Once again, the tragedy served to bring together - and bring out the best of - Kody’s unorthodox family, as usually seems to happen with the close-knit crew.

When the chips are down, they pull together and pull through.

Also on this week's episode, the Brown family prepares to say send Mariah off to college. Far away. The wives worry about the distance aspect.

Kody has always emphasized the importance of education, however, so they can't really have it both ways. Still, saying goodbye is never easy.

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It's been a whirlwind day in the world of reality television.

THE AMAZING RACE named a couple Globetrotters, two cancer survivors and a pair of YouTube hosts as its upcoming All-Stars edition, releasing the following cast photo in anticipation of the February 23 premiere.

The Amazing Race All-Stars

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS told the story of a homeless Khloe, a stripping Kourtney, a singing Kris and a lactating Kim. Yes, sadly, you read that final part correctly.

Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online here for more... if you dare:

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Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 16 saw the Browns faced with a major health scare, setting an atypically somber tone for the typically light-hearted family drama.

Truely, Kody's daughter with wife Christine, was rushed to the ER.

“This is serious,” Truely's pediatrician told the worried family.

And it was. “When eyes go crossed, that’s emergency.”

That was the fear was that the youngster had contracted meningitis, especially when her condition didn't improve after a few days. If anything, it worsened.

Needless to say, this cast a pall over the fun that was Mariah's goodbye party.

Once he got the news in Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 16, Kody Brown did all he could to help Truely and make sure she followed doctor's orders.

The dialysis didn't kick in for nine days, however, making for an epically long week for the poor, ailing three-year-old and her concerned family members.

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It was road trip time on Sister Wives Sunday, but not for Kody Brown. His wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn were taking this one "solo."

If you ever watch Sister Wives online or on TV, you can imagine how this all played out for the Browns. The wives, after all, are Sister Wives in name only.

Without Kody around as a buffer or object of mutual affection, how would they get along? It's not like they would ever hang out together in the real world.

They seemed to acknowledge this right away, while also saying that quality time together is much needed as they prepare for a commitment celebration.

The first San Francisco snag? Finding a store that sells dresses in sizes that fit all the ladies. The first store they visit only works for Robyn’s slim figure.

This, in turn, made the others feel discouraged and uncomfortable ... though the next day, a trip to a plus size store left Robyn as the odd girl out.

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Forget the Sister Wives.

Last night's installment of this TLC hit focused more on the the brotherly buds, as Kody spent time with a couple pals in Las Vegas.

One of them used to be especially close to the reality star, until they had a difference of opinion over Mormonism awhile back and actually went five years without speaking.

But, hey, that's nothing that a skydiving trip won't fix!

Elsewhere on the episode, Meri broke down over her place in the family once her daughter departs for college. Watch Sister Wives online now and watch her shed quite a few tears:

Sister Wives, Husband
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Fresh off a Sister Wives return episode that introduced the world to Kody's many mother-in-laws, this TLC hit turned the focus back on to the men this week.

Specifically, it gave us a look at Kody rekindling his friendship with Brett, someone who had turned away from Mormon Fundamentalism back in the day.

But he and Kody have remained close and here Brett's wife planned a trip to the zoo for her and the ladies.

She admitted there that she doesn't get the concept of polygamy, as the wives tried to explain their tight relationship not just with Kody… but with each other.

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Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 12 saw the TLC reality hit return Sunday night, with a bang. Kody Brown, his wives and ALL their moms were featured!

Titled "Mother-in-Law Invasion," Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 12 showed just how complicated life can get when a man has eight mothers-in-law.

Yes, eight. Some of the moms-in-law are sister wives as well.

Meanwhile, the wives talked about college and how to pay for tuition, while Kody sought to foster a sense of family unity in the event that he passed away.

Brown opened up to the many moms about the family remaining intact and strong, and emphasized the need for a mission statement and a commitment ceremony.

How did it play out? Does the "family" have the kind of bond that would keep it together through thick and thin? You can watch Sister Wives online below to see:

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Sister Wives returned to TLC last night, and with it, the mothers of Kody Brown and his four spouses, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, descended.

It was Mother's Day for Kody's mom Genielle, Meri's mom Bonnie, Christine's mom Annie, Janelle's mom Sheryl (also Kody's step-mom) and Robyn's mom Alice.

Several of his moms-in-law also have Sister Wives, so he actually has eight in all ... a lot to handle, to say the least. So how did they all handle it?

Before we get to that, we see that the kids are thrilled running back and forth between each other's houses, while the wives are working on their relationships.

They were living very independently for quite some time before their little cul-de-sac was done. In Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 12? Not so much.

Christine and Janelle liked their relative freedom a lot, while Meri and Robyn became close friends as well as wives. It all worked out well, for a time.

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