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Kody Brown and his many spouses revealed behind-the-scenes secrets on the mid-season tell-all installment that was Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 9.

If you watch Sister Wives online, you know that while unconventional, the plural marriage-loving group is bonded by true love and mutual compassion.

There is always drama right around the corner, however, as we saw last night when Christine Brown stormed off the stage in the middle of an interview.

Don't get us wrong, this isn't The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion brawling or New Jersey table-flipping insanity we're talking about here.

She made a polite request to leave, basically, and that was about it.

We don't even know for sure what caused it, although it was insinuated via a voiceover that Robyn's plans for pregnancy may be upsetting Christine.

Robyn insisted that no questions about more kids be asked. That clearly tells you how sensitive a subject this is for everyone involved, and then some.

Christine also denies this was even a factor in her walk-off.

She Tweeted: "Why did I walk off set? It's not complicated but it's not because of Robyn wanting a baby. Honestly it was childish and I shouldn't have done it."

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On Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 8, we learned how much the Browns value their plural marriage in what was sort of a giant clip show about their lives.

In other words, when you watch Sister Wives online, you will be watching them watch home videos and baby photos projected on a sheet in the yard.

"Every Brown Revealed" was the episode's title, and while most if not all of the Browns were featured, not all that much was revealed to be honest.

Except one interesting topic: Meri Brown and Janelle Brown openly acknowledged that as Sister Wives go, their relationship could use some work.

It's amazing that the women aren't all hankering to punch Kody Brown sometimes, given that the guy is happily banging three other women.

Not to be crude, but that's what plural marriage entitles him to do, while they don't enjoy the same kind of variety and freedom. This is simply fact.

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The Brown family's epic RV adventure continued Sunday on Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 7, which saw the family finally reach its destination, Missouri.

There, for those unfamiliar with the Brown family goings on, awaited a Biblical polygamist family they traveled more than a thousand miles to meet.

Kody's wife Christine Brown (one of four wives, and perhaps the most grounded one), kept stressing about the family and whether or not they're weird.

It's a valid concern, Christine.

Her fears were assuaged, however, before too long, even though the Missouri family approach polygamy from a very different religious background.

Whether their lifestyle is rooted in their interpretation of the scripture or not, the bottom line is that both want to live together as a family of their liking.

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Have no fear, Mrs. Lovejoy.

On Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 5, TLC did, indeed, think about the children.

Titled "Growing Up Polygamist," the installment mostly focused on the Brown teenagers and how they're adjusting the life in this sort of unusual family.

It’s a concern for Kody because he knows he can’t really control their lives. Would he want them to avoid premarital sex? Absolutely. But good luck making sure they listen once they’re out of the house!

Take Logan, for instance. This sophomore in college is living off campus with roommates and his parents know he’s dating someone. They don’t approve of him kissing her or even holding her hand prior to exchanging vows.

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Last night on Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 3, and Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 4, fans were treated to a double shot of the Brown family on TLC.

What does that mean for viewers? Double the awkward, well-meaning, charming polygamist antics from Kody and his many, many wives and kids.

On Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 3, Robyn's hard work paid off in securing a loan for the family, proving that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Then in Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 4, one of the emotional highlights was Christine revealing the truth of Kody's feelings about the move to Vegas.

It was a lot to take in for Kody Brown and family.

From the view inside the Polygamist Shark Tank, it looked like there was zero chance the were going to get the investor capital they needed for Robyn's project.

Well played, TLC editors ... because they did!

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On Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 2, Robyn and Meri hit a critical point in their relationship as the Browns pitched their latest business idea to investors.

The whole family was setting out to pitch their family company, My Sisterwife's Closet, to a group of venture capitalists looking to get in on this action.

Kind of like a polygamist Shark Tank of sorts.

The main takeaway from Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 2 was Meri trying to prove that she can in fact do it all, despite any preconceived notions.

She has every intention of going back to school - the bomb Meri dropped in last week's season opener - and helping out with the business too.

Can she pull it off, though, is the question.

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The fifth season premiere of Sister Wives, “Meri Drops a Bomb,” was not as explosive as the title would have you believe, but Meri did shake things up.

Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 1 kicks off with Kody making dinner for Meri and Dayton’s birthday and talking about his online jewelry boutique plan.

Dad of the Year Kody jokes that he feels uncomfortable snuggling with Dayton before bed now that he's 14; Dayton has been diagnosed with Asperger’s.

At dinner to celebrate Meri's birthday, she gets ready to drop the bomb. That's when she announces to Kody that she is ... going to go back to college.

She was afraid Kody would disapprove, but is relieved when he says he's excited for her and they conclude their dinner date with some dancing.

The next night is Kristine's, and at her house, their daughter Mykelti and her boyfriend John join the couple for dinner. Things are getting serious, too.

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Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 19 saw the commitment ceremony we have been waiting for, as Kody Brown and his family came together as one.

Not that they weren't a united front before this, but it reaffirms their unity, don't you know. Plus every season needs some sort of climactic storyline.

They certainly earned this special day after the season that was.

Child illnesses, deaths in the family and so many other challenges threatened to nix the big day for Kody and company, but it came. And it was wonderful.

All 22 members of the Brown family - one groom, four wives and 17 children - stood as one on Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 19, with many others on hand.

Everybody looked great, but perhaps none more so than Janelle, who ended up losing so much weight that her dress had to be continually tailored.

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Last night on Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 18, the Browns discussed the idea of a fifth wife, which just sounds crazy, but when you already have four?

What's one more spouse thrown into the mix? Law of diminishing returns and all of that. Think they'll add to their family sooner or later? It could happen.

Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 18 saw the Brown family preparing for their big commitment ceremony and talking about how, when and if things will change.

Kody Brown and each of his four wives planned to put a mission statement on something they would hang in each of their homes as part of their commitment.

They discussed putting the statement on canvas and each of them signing it, which made Janelle ask what they would do if they ever added another wife.

Crickets. Room, meet elephant!

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Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 17 saw the family confront its second crisis in as many weeks, as Kody was forced to bury another dear, dear family member.

The Brown family patriarch had decided to throw a huge commitment ceremony on the show, until a family crisis derailed his plans at the last minute.

Kody’s father Winn passed away at the age of 78. Only weeks earlier, Kody’s brother Curtis died in a motorcycle accident. It's been a really rough stretch.

Once again, the tragedy served to bring together - and bring out the best of - Kody’s unorthodox family, as usually seems to happen with the close-knit crew.

When the chips are down, they pull together and pull through.

Also on this week's episode, the Brown family prepares to say send Mariah off to college. Far away. The wives worry about the distance aspect.

Kody has always emphasized the importance of education, however, so they can't really have it both ways. Still, saying goodbye is never easy.

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