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Tila Tequila really is pregnant, folks.

Start rationing those canned goods for the coming Apocalypse.

The formerly troubled reality star posted a new selfie to Instagram last night, revealing both her baby bump and some serious underboob while apparently at work.

"A pregnant woman's body is a beautiful thing!" Tila wrote as a caption. "You should never be ashamed of such a blessing! I'm just here working in my office on my new website, and my jean shorts busted open since I'm now growing at a rapid rate!"

Tila Tequila Baby Bump, Boobs

Tequila is expecting the child of someone named Thomas Paxton Whitaker, someone with whom she is decidedly NOT getting along.

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Miley Cyrus doesn't just talk the talk.

She walks the walk... by standing still and wearing VERY little clothing.

The singer, a major player in the anti-censorship free the nipple campaign, posted a revealing photo to Instagram over the weekend, snapping a selfie that leaves little to the imagination and writing as a caption to the image:


Miley Cyrus, Topless Again

Unlike Kendall Jenner's underwear-free look at last night's MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada, Miley is only wearing underwear in this picture.

And thank goodness for that at least.

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Have no fear, ladies.

When it comes to stars donning half a birthday suit, THG is an equal opportunity website.

Earlier today, we published a photo gallery of 43 Stars Who Have Gone Topless in Magazines - and now we've returned to satisfy the fairer gender.

From ex-husband and ex-boyfriends of Kim Kardashian... to many professional athletes... to a pair of Twilight Saga studs... to, of course, Justin Bieber, many handsome men have posed nearly naked for national publications over the past few years/months.

But there's no reason to go snooping through your local newsstand like a crazy person trying go find them! We've compiled all these cuties below. Drool Click away!

Charlie Hunnam Shirtless Photo
Charlie Hunnam stars on Sons of Anarchy. And, after seeing this photo, likely in the fantasies of many women around the Internet as well.

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A major uproar broke out this week after Interview Magazine published a picture of Kendall Jenner topless.

But let's be honest: this reality star wasn't the first famous female to ditch her shirt for a national magazine spread... or the second... or the third... or the fourth...

You get the idea.

Kendall is only 18, of course, yet plenty of celebrities have gone half-birthday suit style in order to leave their racy mark on readers.

Some might be obvious (hi, Miley Cyrus!), some might be surprising (really, Celine Dion?!?) and some might be cast members on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

So sit back, try to control your drool and click through 43 steamy images of well-known women going topless in various publications:

Miley Cyrus Topless Cover
Miley Cyrus isn't wearing a shirt for this cover of Rolling Stone. What do you think of the racy pic?

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Scott Eastwood is sure to leave tongues wagging as usual with his latest Instagram post, taken on the set of the up-and-coming actor's new project.

We know you've already tuned us out, so here it is ...

Scott Eastwood Instagram

The 28-year-old son of Clint Eastwood showed off his sculpted physique, managing to look good even while tired and taking a shirtless snooze in the sun.

With Scott Eastwood looking every bit the man's man in jeans, a belt, boots and cowboy hat, the image of his famous father, now 84, is hard to escape.

Scott captioned the photo on Instagram, "Taking a little nap on the job. Soaking up some Carolina sun. #makingmovies #hurryupandwait #loveit."

The movie, in which he plays the lead role, is The Longest Ride, Fox's film adaptation of Nicolas Sparks' best-selling novel of the same name.

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Kendall Jenner has upped the racy photograph ante.

Perhaps as a way to distract from the ridiculous notion that she and Kylie Jenner wrote a book, the 18-year old reality star is featured in the latest issue of Interview Magazine.

And she's posing completely topless in one of the pictures just unveiled by the publication.

  • Kendall Jenner Topless Photo
  • Kendall Jenner Interview Picture

Kendall, of course, is covering up her bare boobs in this case... but the model isn't afraid to actually show her breasts on the runway.

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Another day, another eyebrow-raising shirtless Instagram photo of James Franco, who enjoys nothing more than publicly blasting shirtless James Franco photos.

The actor's latest effort was captioned, "SELFIEMADNESS The adderall diaries." He will soon star in a film based on Stephen Elliott's memoir by that name:

James Franco Shirtless on Instagram

Looking like he's in prime seduce underage girls on Instagram mode, Franco is seen with pants unbuttoned and his underwear exposed in a provocative manner.

That or the 36-year-old's just trying to mimic the image posted next to his mirror, which from the looks of it is a 1975 Robert Mapplethorpe self-portrait.

Either way, it's pure vintage, borderline creepy James Franco.

Earlier this year, the topic of James Franco selfies came up after he tried to pick up a teenager using social media (he backed off when he learned her age).

He later explained his Instagram love to David Letterman:

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It's typically hard to find fault with a photo of Irina Shayk topless.

The same can be said for supporting the safe rescue of countless kidnapped children.

But put those two things together and, well... there's a bit of understandable controversy.

The model has joined the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, an online movement meant to raise awareness over the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls who were abducted by a terrorist group last month.

It's a movement celebrities such as Michelle Obama are also a part of - but Shayk is the only person so far to pose topless on its behalf.

Irina Shayk Topless Pic

Many Instagram users have slammed Shayk’s decision to go half naked in this context, referring to her as "tasteless" and "ignorant" given the subject matter.

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Due to a health setback, Miley Cyrus has canceled even more stops on her Bangerz tour.

But the singer has at least given fans a chance to see something they would have seen in one of her concerts: a video that introduces the singer each night before she takes the stage.

And it is very revealing.

Titled “Miley Cyrus: Tongue Tied,” the footage depicts Miley with only black duct tape over her nipples, as she performs like an acrobat and hangs upside, nearly naked.

She also gets covered in oil and sweat as she dances around. Watch now, close your eyes and pretend you're inside an arena at an actual Miley Cyrus show:

It's nothing new, of course, for the Internet to be treated to a handful of Miley Cyrus topless images and scenes.

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In the following video, a reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles is doing a story on the dangerous blaze raging behind her.

But when she stops to talk with a shirtless dude holding a dog, the man believes only one thing is on fire: the reporter herself!

Watch now as the unnamed subject scoffs at the flames (eh, they're "pretty cool") and instead focuses his attention on the woman behind the microphone. Will she go on a date with him?

Find out her answer now!

Gotta give the guy props for trying... right? Maybe?

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