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Tila Tequila is allegedly making a new sex tape, and the video will hit the Internet within the next couple of weeks. Knock us over with a feather, we know.

The new tape, like the old, is expected to be pretty hardcore, with an unexpected twist. This time around, TMZ reports, she's getting it on with a guy.

That's right, Vivid Entertainment - the folks behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape and so many others - obtained footage of Tila recently boning on video.

The company plans to release the tape just in time Christmas.

If that doesn't sound like a great stocking stuffer, what does?!

According to those who've seen the new Tila Tequila sex tape, calling it hardcore is an understatement compared to her last version, a girl on girl affair.

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Paris Hilton does want anyone in Slovenia spending 1 Night in Paris.

The former A-lister has taken legal action in order to shut down ParisHiltonPornVideos(dot)com, a Slovenian website that features clips of her sex tape with 2004 boyfriend Rick Salomon.

According to TMZ sources, Hilton is looking to have the domain name transferred to her and to ensure that no one makes money off her videotaped bedroom actions except her and Salomon.

She has filed documents with the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center in order to plead her case.

NOTE: Paris Hilton is a celebrity who was once really famous.

She was Kim Kardashian before Kim was Kim Kardashian. Paris' video romp with Salomon was kind of like a prototype for the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Paris now works sometimes as a DJ.

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An alleged Charlie Sheen sex tape is being shopped around, and its bizarre link to the recent Nic Cage burglary scandal has been unearthed as well.

Also, a man who was supposed to be a key witness in that case is missing.

  • Charlie Sheen Crazy
  • Cage, Nic

It's hard to keep straight, but handyman Ricardo Orozco is currently on trial for allegedly breaking into the home of Christina Fulton, Cage's baby mama.

He is accused of stealing computers and memorabilia, which allegedly includes Nicolas Cage sex photos ... and somehow, a Charlie Sheen video.

A detective testified in court Thursday that one of the items taken was a Charlie Sheen video on one of the stolen computers. Sources say it's a sex tape.

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It's no Kim Kardashian sex tape, but reports say Indianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson could become the next big accidental XXX star.

Someone is shopping explicit sex footage showing the former college star and first round NFL Draft pick engaged in an orgy with at least three girls.

The owner (or stealer) of the tape has contacted various media outlets.

So far, there have been no takers ... although you can watch the clip above for a rundown on the video from TMZ staff members who have seen it.

Let's just say Trent and the Indy mascot have some things in common.

No word from Trent's camp regarding the status of the graphic video. Ditto the Colin Kaepernick sex tape, which has also been rumored to exist.

Just put the camera down, fellas. It's not worth it in the end.

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There are no sex photos of Nicolas Cage and his ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton, the actor says in response to their alleged existence and theft.

It was previously reported that images of the pair engaging in sexual activity had been stolen by handyman Richard Orozco from Fulton's home.

He has been charged with burglary, but the Nicolas Cage sex photos have yet to be recovered. Nor will they be, says Nic. 'Cause there are none.

He says in a statement regarding the alleged, scandalous snaps: "Explicit photos of myself and Ms. Fulton simply do not exist and never have."

The alleged images show Nicolas in private bedroom moments with Christina Fulton, who is the mother of their 22-year-old son Weston Cage.

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Nicolas Cage sex photos are out there somewhere. That's the takeaway of a new report, which indicates the woman he's getting down and dirty with is ...

Christina Fulton, the mother of his adult son Weston Cage.

According to law enforcement, the intimate pictures were stolen by a former handyman, who broke into Fulton's house in April and jacked those items.

In all, four computers and box of wild photos were taken.

Police say that the caper has been solved, but only in part:

The handyman, Ricardo Orozco, was arrested last month and charged with felony burglary. He pleaded not guilty and is being held on $1 MILLION bail.

The photos have yet to be recovered, so there's a chance.

For what, we don't know ... but there's a chance for it.

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Tori Spelling says that the sex tape she writes about in her new book Spelling It Like It Is is legit. However, she never thought this would become a story.

Sure thing, T.

Tori Spelling Book Cover

"I told the story in the book and I never in a million years thought that people would pull out, 'Oh my gosh, Tori Spelling made a sex tape!'" she told E!

"'Cause I don't even think of me that way. I don't think anyone would ever be like, 'Wanna see that!' I'm a mom of four! At night we're in bed by 9:00, watching TV."

Shockingly, the fact that a Tori Spelling sex tape exists was easily the biggest revelation from the book, whether people want to watch the thing or not.

But Spelling clarified that, while it made for great book fodder, she and husband Dean McDermott never wanted anyone to actually watch them bone.

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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has experienced a meteoric rise to fame in the past 12 months, but is there a major scandal brewing?

While there has been plenty of speculation about his love life, there are now rumors that a sex tape floating around - as well as a pregnant baby mama.

Celebrity sports and gossip site Terez Owens is reporting that the football star has a love child on the way, and also a sex tape, with Stephanie Santiago.

She is reportedly seen in the athlete's bed posting a nude selfie, on the same comforter seen in the Colin Kaepernick nude ESPN the Magazine shoot.

The site says Santiago is "a 27-year-old gold digger" who he met just a few weeks ago. Prior to that, Kaepernick was romantically linked to a slew of athletes.

She's also a few weeks pregnant and already living with him. Allegedly.

Is there any truth to the rumor(s)? We'll have to wait and see ... but we can only imagine how this story would blow up if it were even partially accurate.

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Kris Jenner appeared this week on "In Bed with Joan," talking to host Joan Rivers about a number of topics related to her family, most notably the time Kim Kardashian got into bed with Ray J.

Yes, Jenner addressed the Kim Kardashian sex tape and admitted she was behind the whole thing!

HA! Just kidding.

Kris claims she "cried myself to sleep" over the video that propelled her daughter to fame, adding nonsensically: "I literally fell apart."

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Columbia Pictures, the studio behind 1988's The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, does not want to be associated with the Tami Erin sex tape. At all.

Pippi Longstocking Sex Tape Picture

The studio behind the movie wants photos of a then-14-year-old Tami removed from all efforts to market her sex tape, which hit the web last week.

Columbia's legal team fired off an email, warning websites hawking the porno to take down shots of the freckle-faced redhead or face a giant lawsuit.

Most of the offending sites have complied, although the web is still full of Pippi references, as well as a screenshot from the original movie (above).

One of the XXX sites has added a disclaimer on its home page, saying the Tami Erin sex tape is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Columbia.

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