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Ray J may not earn an invite to the Kimye wedding.

But the hilarious R&B singer has easily earned himself the title of Best Wedding Gift Giver in the History of the Universe.

According to TMZ, Ray J is set to present Kim and Kanye West with a check for $47,000, which is the sum his amateur porn with the former has earned over the past four months.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Image

Yes, Ray J is giving Kim and Kanye money he recenly earned by sticking it to Kim on video. HA!

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 2 once again focused on the Mimi Faust sex tape saga, its origins and aftermath. But who really "Leaked" the XXX video?

On the season premiere two nights earlier, we heard whispers of the infamous sex romp with Nikko Smith, but this episode left nothing to the imagination.

Except, of course, who was responsible for the alleged "leak."

Mimi Faust, Nikko Smith
Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith of Love & Hip Hop fame are boning. On camera. The two made a sexual tape, because obviously.

The infamous shower rod bone-a-thon has been causing quite a stir ever since it was revealed in April. It was widely assumed they released it on purpose.

However, last night, as the Mimi Faust sex tape with Nikko Smith hit the Internet, she claimed it was "accidentally" released after someone stole Smith's camera.

Fans just lit up Twitter reacting to that bit of revisionist history.

A sampling of responses from fans believing that Mimi doth protest too much during Wednesday night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 2:

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Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member Nikko Smith is so in love with Mimi Faust and their newfound sex tape stardom, he decided to write a song about it.

The only sad thing is that Valentine's Day is 9-10 months from now ... because this is the kind of sensual classic that will get anyone's pants on the ground.

Listen to the hilariously titled "New Shower Rod" below ...

The Mimi Faust-Nikko Smith sex tape, technically titled Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, hit the Internet this month, breaking streaming records for Vivid.

One thing not being broken, however? Mimi's shower rod.

That thing is a beast when it comes to holding up to the strain of a hard core shower bone-a-thon, inspiring its own hashtag and Twitter handle as a result.

As rods go, it's even stronger than Nikko's ... never mind.

Nikko references it in his ode to Mimi with lyrics like, "Don't you change a thing, my personal freak ... Let me f--k you in the shower, hands up on the rod."

Who needs romance when you bring it like these two ...

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Move over, Kim Kardashian sex tape. The new Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta amateur effort has eclipsed it in pirated porno popularity, according to early estimates.

The Nikko Smith-Mimi Faust sex tape has overtaken Kim's legendary bone-a-thon with Ray J in terms of pre-sales - and number of sites hosting it illegally.

According to Vivid, the company behind its release, the full length Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta shower-fest was officially released at midnight this morning.

In the last 12 hours, the Steve Hirsch-helmed company sent out more than 1,200 cease-and-desist letters to sources that were illegally hosting it.

"If you even try to illegally download this tape we will come after you full force. We have three full-time attorneys prepared and ready to go," Hirsch told TMZ.

We'd take the man and what he's saying very seriously. The adult film visionary really knows his stuff, and is always prepared to protect his profits.

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The bombshell sex tape starring Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame is already shaping up to be a huge seller, according to reports.

According to Steve Hirsch, the Mimi Faust sex tape is one of the hottest pre-sellers his company, Vivid Entertainment, has ever seen in his years at the helm.

Mimi Faust, Nikko Smith
Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith of Love & Hip Hop fame are boning. On camera. The two made a sexual tape, because obviously.

Make no mistake, this tape is big ... and things get bigger, we're told.

The CEO says the company made more than $400,000 in pre-sales this week alone simply by releasing some stills (above) and one very NSFW trailer.

Vivid has never seen pre-orders at this level, he says, amazed.

Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta is set to drop Monday in full on Vivid's website, and Hirsch says he's expecting sales to be massive. We don't disagree.

Just how high will the Mimi sex tape sales go, though?

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The Mimi Faust-Nikko Smith sex tape seems like a source of pride for the couple, so it's no surprise to find that the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars were happy to discuss a strange scene in the homemade porn while strolling through LAX.

When a TMZ cameraman asked the reality stars about their bedroom behavior, the couple were more than happy to discuss their unusual quirks:

Turns out their use of props isn't limited to Mimi's shower rod.

Those who have seen the tape in its entirety report that it includes a scene in which Mimi whips out a ruler to measure Smith's member before saying, "Let's see if we can make it grow."

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Love & Hip Hip: Atlanta star Mimi Faust clearly has no shame about her sex tape with Nikko Smith, nor has she lost her sense of humor. On the contrary in fact.

The Mimi Faust sex tape, scheduled for release later this month, will play a major role in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3, a fact not lost on the co-stars.

Mimi’s bathtub tryst, which sparked a national shower rod shortage, became an instant Internet sensation when her sex tape was revealed on April 14.

It also spawned a viral Twitter meme, #mimishowerrodstrongerthan, and its own handle @MimiShowerRod, which Mimi amusingly Tweeted at yesterday.

Clealy, Mimi is feeling pretty confident about her performance on video ...

Mimi Tweet

Pretty funny, you gotta admit. And a fair question. That thing got a workout.

Mimi and her man were spotted last night at Aurum Lounge in Atlanta, looking super into each other. Mimi wasn’t the only one who had eyes for Nikko Smith.

“About every girl in the building was like, ‘Girl, I’d let him f--k me,’” an eyewitness recalls hearing. “You could hear the murmurs of the women in the club."

"They were all chatting about what they’d do to him and how he looked.”

Probably just what the Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta stars want.

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Mimi Faust's maneuvering in the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta sex tape has fans everywhere trying to get their hands on heavy-duty shower rods ASAP.

Seriously. Mimi's shower rod is more than a Twitter hashtag.

Demand is through the roof for the rods (think top of the line, "gymnastics-strength" models), and retailers nationwide can thank the Mimi Faust sex tape.

Mimi's Shower Rod

As you can see, it plays a key role in Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta.

Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, and Walmart are struggling to keep up with orders from Georgia (obviously) all the way out to California this week.

Ever since the trailer for Mimi Faust's sex tape came out, people have been racing to purchase their own "supplies" to recreate the Mimi experience.

L&HH co-star Nikko Smith not included, of course.

Supplies are running out across the nation, as a customer at one Home Depot in Georgia reports that they were totally sold out of "Mimi strength" shower rods.

This is not just a fluke, either. Not by a long shot.

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fans were thrust into a frenzy Monday after hearing about Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith doing some thrusting of their own.

We mean sexually. Vivid will be releasing a Mimi Faust sex tape this month, and you best believe it will be a major focal point of L&HH: Atlanta Season 3.

VH1 is already teasing it in its latest press release for the show!

Mimi Faust, Nikko Smith
Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith of Love & Hip Hop fame are boning. On camera. The two made a sexual tape, because obviously.

Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta (see photos above) will hit the web soon, just in time for Faust and Nikko Smith (not the American Idol guy) to return to VH1.

Clearly, the release of this X-rated romp was not an accident.

Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch confirms that the duo and reality show's producers gave the adult entertainment company the green light to sell the sex tape.

Judging from the press release issued by VH1, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will include the couple's adult business in a major way come Monday, May 5:

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Former American Idol finalist Nikko Smith is not the Nikko Smith who co-stars in the Mimi Faust sex tape ... the singer just wants to clear this up.

The Nikko Smith that competed on Season 4 is not the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star. Not that he's upset or worried about the confusion, per se.

After all, the sex tape Nikko is hung like ... never mind.

  • Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith Picture
  • Nikko Smith (American Idol)

The American Idol Nikko Smith his phone has been blowing up with a TON of calls from friends and family who just heard about Mimi's shower rod.

Which must be awkward and kind of hilarious for him.

Vivid announced the sex tape April 14 in a release about Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta featuring VH1′s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Mimi Faust.

The Nikko Smith who is dating and putting it to Mimi is not the Osborne Earl Smith who competed on Idol, who says he's never met Mimi in his life.

Then again, “There could be worse things linked to my name. At least the guy didn’t murder someone,” he told TMZ regarding his sex tape namesake.

It's true. Mimi could be dating a guy named Aaron Hernandez.

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