If Tyga's hand got any closer to Kylie's vulva, we'd have a full-on sex tape on our hands. 

... Not that we're saying there is one, or that we've seen it, because that just wouldn't be entirely accurate. 

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As if being held at gunpoint and robbed in your own apartment wasn't bad enough, now Kim Kardashian has to worry about information on her stolen phones.

When Kardashian was bound and thrown into the tub of her and Kanye West's Paris apartment on October 3rd, armed robbers made off with not only ten million dollars worth of jewelry, but also Kardashian's two smart phones.

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Teen Mom and celebrity gossip legend Farrah Abraham loves to say, almost as often as she breathes oxygen, that she is not a porn star. 

She totally is, of course, having starred in a hugely successful porn film ... and is about to star in another. Oh yes, she's doing it AGAIN!

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