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Looks like Gwyneth is trying to give Ellen DeGeneres a run for her money.

Gwyneth Paltrow Selfie

The newly single actress posted the above selfie to Instagram last night with a caption reading "girls' night."

Okay, so it's not as epically star-studded as Ellen's famous Oscar selfie, but it's still pretty impressive that a casual night out for Gwyneth involves hanging with Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie, Chelsea Handler, Stella McCartney, Naomi Watts and director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

In typical Gwyneth fashion no non-famous peasants were permitted to besmirch the photo with their presence.

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The selfie trend shows no sign of slowing down as U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has joined Instagram and posted a selfie with President Barack Obama.

We'll just allow a moment for you to process that statement.

Using the badass Instagram handle @VP, Biden captioned the image "Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram. Thanks for following and stay tuned. -VP"

Biden, Obama Selfie!

The pic of VPOTUS with POTUS was taken in the back of the President's armored limo known as "The Beast," and has received over 23,000 likes so far.

Biden also posted the shot on Twitter, grandly entitled "The First Selfie." His cover picture is also a photo of the pair with a tender arm on each other's back.

The first picture the Veep uploaded hours before was of his beloved Ray-Ban aviators in the foreground, with himself in the background out of focus.

Obama is, of course, no stranger to the selfie.

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Valeria Lukyanova is loving the selfie trend. As well as the no makeup trend.

Oh, and the revealing, tiny bikini trend. Everyone's in on that nowadays, too.

The part where she tries to become a Human Barbie doll is all her, though.

Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Selfie

Having already shown us Valeria Lukyanova without makeup this week, she's upped the ante here with a (mostly) bare-faced bikini selfie flaunting her insane body.

The 28-year-old with the impossibly tiny waist, ridiculously enhanced breasts and almost comically emotionless expression checks all the boxes here.

There's no doubt that Human Barbie, who makes use of contact lenses, massive stage makeup and hair extensions, looks a bit less plastic au naturale.

It's those very factors that leave Human Ken (Justin Jedlica) unimpressed by Valeria's committed efforts to look like a toy. Only he is truly plastic.

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Think the selfie trend hit an all-time low when Barack Obama snapped one at the Nelson Mandella memorial alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt?

Think again.

A video has gone viral of a young man trying to snap a shot of himself directly next to a set of train tracks.

Watch now as the conductor of an incoming train takes exception to this moronic act and lets the subject know about it... kick to the face style!


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We're not sure what Jenelle Evans loves more: getting pregnant or taking photos of her pregnant stomach.

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump Photos
Jenelle posted this pic to Instagram. She's currently 29 weeks pregnant.
View As List
Jenelle Evans: Pregnant Selfie

1. Jenelle Evans: Pregnant Selfie

Jenelle posted this pic to Instagram. She's currently 29 weeks pregnant.

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bump Image

2. Jenelle Evans: Baby Bump Image

Jenelle just a few weeks pregnant. She's been posting selfies every step of the way.

Jenelle Evans' Pierced Baby Bump

3. Jenelle Evans' Pierced Baby Bump

Leave it to Jenelle Evans to post a baby bump photo like this one.

Jenelle Evans Bump

4. Jenelle Evans Bump

Jenelle Evans' baby bump would be cuter if we weren't petrified for the actual baby once he's born. Nice photo though.

Jenelle Evans Bump Pic

5. Jenelle Evans Bump Pic

Jenelle Evans showing off her baby bump. She and Nathan Griffith are expecting.

Jenelle Evans Nude Baby Bump

6. Jenelle Evans Nude Baby Bump

Jenelle Evans just posted this nude baby bump pic on the Internet. Because obviously.

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

7. Jenelle Evans Pregnant

Jenelle Evans was pregnant at the time this picture was taken. She was also like 16.

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle

8. Nathan Griffith and Jenelle

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans have already been through a ton together.

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump at the Gym

9. Jenelle Evans Baby Bump at the Gym

Jenelle Evans just posted this gym-themed baby bump pic on the Internet. Because obviously.

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump Pics

10. Jenelle Evans Baby Bump Pics

Jenelle Evans posted these early baby bump pics on Instagram. So cute.

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bump Collage

11. Jenelle Evans: Baby Bump Collage

Jenelle's self-made collage of selfies. This girl really likes taking pictures of herself.

The Teen Mom trainwreck posted yet another photo of her growing baby bump to Instagram yesterday along with a caption reading, "29 weeks in counting #BikiniShot."

We're sure she meant "and counting," but whatever...we're not gonna make fun of Jenelle's language skills when she's given us so much more to mock.

Life's been a mixed bag for Jenelle lately. She's got another baby on the way and she may even be getting married soon.

Of course, her baby daddy and possible fiance Nathan Griffith may propose from jail according to reports, but in Jenelle's world, that's as classy as it gets. 

Griffith is currently serving a 30-day sentence in South Carolina jail after his third DUI arrest.

So maybe that's why Jenelle takes so many selfies. There's no one else around to take her picture!

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Watch out! Katy Perry is ROARing about a social media phenomenon taking over the world. Oh yes, we're talking about the selfie.

Katy Perry says selfies are a disease and refused to take one for a fan this weekend at Coachella. She relented, but only after the fan agreed to be in the photo with Perry, and not without tweeting out a message to her KatyCats.

Katy Perry Selfies

A study recently found that selfie-taking is linked to increased narcissism and mental illness. In her mind, refusing to take the selfie and sharing a warning with her fans was probably a public service announcement, but we kind of think more pictures of Katy Perry in the world does just as much good.

It's true that a glance at Katy Perry's Instagram feed shows only a few selfies, but that doesn't stop her from being photographed while all glammed up and nearly naked for various magazines and music videos.

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James Franco has shared a new selfie of himself lounging in bed, begging for followers in the language of a web spam bot in an attempt to be funny.

We think. One never really knows how much of an act James Franco's creepiness is. He would definitely pretend to be creepy for fun, but then again ...

That James Franco Instagram scandal turned out to be real and involved him sort of seducing a teenager. Dude got played, but still. It makes you think.

Anyway, back to the picture below. "I AMOST FOLLOW 3000!! AT 2M FOLLOWERS ILL FOLLOW 5000," he wrote, while struggling to turn off caps lock.

James Franco Selfie

Tired? Stoned? Seductive? Any/all of the above? Acting? Real?

It is not clear if this is performance art, a skewering of the superfluous search for positive reinforcement on social media, or an actual attempt to get more followers.

Or perhaps a little of both? One never knows with Franco.

It is also unclear if he intentionally misspelled ALMOST or eschewed punctuation deliberately, but guy has a second career as a spammer if he ever wants it.

In any case, teenage girls and fellow weirdos everywhere, FOLLOW JAMES FRANCO ON INSTAGRAM if you want more sexiness like this in your feed.

Then check out more classic celebrity selfies below ...

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It's been a rough week for Kim Kardashian. At least by her standards.

First she was dissed hard by President Obama, now rumors are emerging that she gave new meaning to the word "diva" on her recent trip to Thailand.

Kim Kardashian Surprised

Kim took to her blog yesterday to defend herself against rumors that she spent six hours a day receiving massage treatments at her posh Thai hotel.

Kim even claims she has evidence the marathon massage rumors are untrue.

The proof? Her dozens and dozens of selfies taken during the vacation!

"I see the hotel I stayed at gave quotes that I had 6-hour spa treatments daily," Kim wrote (Yes, she can write). "The hotel was gorgeous and had amazing service, but not once did I get a massage."

"NOT ONE! So I really don’t appreciate false info making me out to be a diva…. come on I was busy taking selfies all day!!! Just kidding…well not really :)"

She didn't get spend hours at the spa because she was busy taking Kim Kardashian selfies! Well that puts the spoiled narcissist rumors to rest!

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Cats. They're so vain and self-absorbed, it's no surprise that they're getting in on the selfie trend. In fact, it's a small wonder it took them this long.

Narcissists. Bunch of pompous, entitled narcissists.

The selfie has quickly become the most popular (and controversial at times, like with the Ellen Oscar selfie) photography trend of the Internet these days.

In the gallery below, 15 of our furry feline friends prove that they can be just as addicted to their phones and obsessed with themselves online as us.

Only most of the time, they win for cuteness ...

15 Crazy Cat Selfies
Yo B. Watchu doin'?
View As List
Hey Bruh

1. Hey Bruh

Yo B. Watchu doin'?

Sooo Far Away

2. Sooo Far Away

Look at me, I'm so big!

Kiss Me

3. Kiss Me

C'mere, camera!

Mr. Cool

4. Mr. Cool

This kitty is 2 cool for skool lol.

One Paw!

5. One Paw!

That takes dexterity for a cat.


6. Trippy

We like what he did with the angle and filter on this one.


7. Artsy

This selfie could win an art project.



I'm so scared of my own selfie!

Cuddly Selfie

9. Cuddly Selfie

She looks so relaxed and wants you to know it.

Just Hangin'

10. Just Hangin'

Wif my friends.

Loungin' in Bed

11. Loungin' in Bed

Where I spend 16-20 hours a day.

Mr. Serious

12. Mr. Serious

Who says selfies can't be professional?


13. Zzzzzzzzzz

How do you pull that off? Or are you just pretending?

Preparing 2 Creep

14. Preparing 2 Creep

That kitchen will never know what hit it.

Double Trouble

15. Double Trouble

Your Instagram or mine?

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As if you weren't starting to hate selfies enough, that spontaneous one between President Barack Obama and Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is a fake.

Phone maker Samsung confirms that it signed a promotional deal with the World Series MVP just in time for the Red Sox team visit to the White House.

The Korean company's Twitter account posted Ortiz's photo Tuesday:

  • Ortiz-Obama Selfie
  • David Ortiz-Barack Obama Selfie

The company famously pulled a similar stunt in March with Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie, which went viral and featured a collection of Hollywood stars.

Before anyone learned that Ellen's impromptu-looking A-list picture was a sly Samsung promotional idea, it became the most re-tweeted image EVER.

Samsung said in a statement to the Boston Globe: "It was an honor to help him capture such an incredible and genuine moment of joy and excitement.

So genuine.

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