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Olivia Pope has it pretty rough.

In order to save the life of one lover (Jake) on Scandal Season 4 Episode 6, our favorite fixer told another (Fitz) that there's still "hope" the two of them could have a future.

What will this mean for Olivia going forward? Many late-night phone calls at the very least, based on the following ABC teaser for Scandal Season 4 Episode 7:

Elsewhere on “Baby Made a Mess,” Olivia will set her sights on Tom in order to gain more intel about Jake, while Leo Bergen’s new client will prompt the Gladiators to spring into action.

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Olivia Pope fought for the innocence of two accused killers on Scandal Season 4 Episode 6.

We kicked off the hour by learning that the 40th President of the United States was not Ronald Reagan, but rather someone named Cooper who just died of a stroke.

Mellie passes along this news to Fitz, as we see that she’s looking like her old self and preparing to meet Cooper's widow, Bitsy.

Olivia, meanwhile, meets with the man accused of trying to murder Cooper three decades ago. With him now gone, could the bullet in his skull exonerate Leonard Francis Carnahan?

This storyline ends up turning on Olivia because the extracted bullet actually proves that Carnahan DID shoot Cooper and with the stroke tangentially related to the shooting, he can now brag about it.

"Thank you for making my life meaningful," the messed up man tells Olivia.

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Last night on Scandal, Jake's whereabouts were revealed, as well as his reasons for being where he is, and certain characters' motives for him being there.

Meanwhile, Catherine's case continued to consume the team's time, while Huck kept watch over his family and Fitz and Mellie had a revealing moment.

We won't spoil any more here, but it was intense.

Looking ahead to the next #TGIT event, check out the promo below for Scandal Season 4 Episode 6 and see what the coming installment has in store:

Spoiler alert: There's a lot going on this week too!

In the episode, titled "An Innocent Man," Olivia is contacted by a convicted assassin who claims he was wrongly accused ... but is he telling the truth?

Mellie Grant, meanwhile, becomes intrigued by a former First Lady whose stories from her time as FLOTUS sound strikingly similar to her own experiences.

Finally, Elizabeth inches closer to corrupting the White House and with the stakes rising by the minute, President Fitzgerald makes a truly shocking move.

What do you think will go down?

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Titled “The Key,” Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 honed in on a number of pressing issues, not the least of which was the team’s investigation of Jake.

Jake stopped returning Olivia's calls, however, making it hard for her to focus. The Fitz is frustrated that they don't have a confession from him yet.

Olivia's dad, meanwhile, offers no clue that he ordered Jake's disappearance.

Olivia's instincts are on point, however, to the surprise of no one.

Jake is under interrogation the Pentagon, and when Fitz arrives to personally confront him and demand a full confession, he insists he did not kill Fitz's son.

The President's jealous is the reason he's there, Jake believes.

Cyrus, meanwhile, tells Olivia about the evidence he has linking Jake to the murder of Fitz's son, Harrison and Cyrus' husband. Does it hold water, though?

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Olivia Pope will be getting along well with one important man in her life on Scandal Season 4 Episode 5, while asking a very important question about another:

Where the heck is Jake?!?

In the following sneak peek from "The Key," Olivia will actually be spending some quality time with her dear old very shady dad when the topic of her boyfriend comes up.

What advice does Rowan offer his daughter? You may be surprised. Check out the clip now.

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From a First Daughter sex tape... to a classic Olivia Pope verbal takedown... to the framing of Jake Ballard, Scandal Season 4 Episode 4 wasn't lacking for drama or excitement.

So you'd think Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 would have difficulty trying to top these events, right?

Only if you aren't a Gladiator would you think this!

Titled "An Innocent Man," Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 will find Olivia doing all she can to track down Jake, while Fitz makes a shocking move and tells Mellie the truth about their son.

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First Family drama. A major Fitz-Olivia showdown. A crazy final twist.

Was Scandal Season 4 Episode 4 scandalous enough for you?!?

Let’s begin with First Daughter Karen. She got away from her Secret Service detail in order to attend a house party… 500 miles away.

She drank. She smoked up. She engaged in a sex act with multiple people. And it was all caught on video.

The Gladiators were therefore called in and sprung into action, with Huck somehow powering down all party cell phones and Quinn learning the identity of the two sex partners.

Olivia met with the parents of one boy and they demanded $2.5 million to keep quiet. Forget the Kim Kardashian sex tape, they figured. Imagine how much a First Daughter sex tape would fetch?!?

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Cyrus did what?!? Quinn stayed the night with whom? Rowan threatened Jake how?!?

There were plenty of shocking developments and storylines on Scandal Season 4 Episode 3, but ABC is making it rather clear that the moment many fans have been waiting weeks for will finally go down next Thursday.

Fitz. Olivia. The Oval Office. And the showdown that involves Fitz asking where the heck Liv was for all those months.

Elsewhere on Scandal Season 4 Episode 4, Fitz will ask Olivia to shut down a situation that threatens destroy the Grant family reputation.

Also (on an installment titled "The Bleep"), Huck and Quinn will realize there's more than they originally believed when it comes to Catherine’s case, while Rowan asks old friend to do some dirty work.

Go watch Scandal online via TV Fanatic if you need to catch up and check out the official ABC teaser here:

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Heading into Scandal Season 4 Episode 3, Fitz's second term has been focused on actual governing, specifically the Elliot Gun Control Act.

This may be great for America, but it's less than ideal for those who turn into the crazy ABC drama each week for soap opera-like sex and shenanigans.

Did that change on "Inside the Bubble." Let's find out, shall we?

We start with Mellie, who passed on her daily cemetery stop and grew obsessed instead with the story of a killer bride. She practically called a cabinet meeting over it.

But when The First Lady learns it had actually been resolved hours earlier, viewers (and her husband) see the positive wind come out of Mellie's sails once again.

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Who knew it could be so much fun to be summoned?!?

That was one lesson we learned on Scandal Season 4 Episode 2, which involved Jake getting a hotel room near Olivia's place so she could pay him some "booty calls" every once and awhile. She can't always be "summoning" him, after all.

The two argued a bit over this request, while Jake looked over Harrison's files and found something that implicates Charlie in his death, only for Olivia to show up later in nothing but a trench coat. OOOHHH YEEAAAH!

Elsewhere, Cyrus asked Olivia find out why a high-profile couple that represents the face of gun control in order to feature them during Fitz’s the State of the Union address.

Turns out, the New Mexico couple is far from perfect, but Olivia handles the situation by promising to "spin" their respective careers after they get a divorce. They agree and put in their speech appearance.

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