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Scandal, known for its fast-paced, wicked-sharp dialogue, crazy good fashion, and jaw-dropping drama, comes across as having quite the polished and professional cast of actors. (Well, aside from that whole Columbus Short arrest thing maybe...)

But that doesn't mean they're always perfect on the first take. And this Scandal blooper reel from Jimmy Kimmel's "Behind the Scandalabra" bit pretty hilariously proves it.

Harrison dances, Mellie has a potty mouth, and then there's Olivia Pope tying penises together. (Andre Johnson's johnson what??)

Oh, and you ABSOLUTELY must see what Huck and Quinn did with a Shake Weight.

Pour yourself a glass (or bottle) of pinot and pop some popcorn and then get ready to laugh with Scandal.

In case you want more, you can watch Scandal online at TV Fanatic to see how beautifully these outtakes were turned into their dramatic realities.

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We only thought Cyrus Beene was the worst monster on Scandal, y'all! Rowan Pope just showed us how it's done! 

Scandal Season 3 Episode 18 might have put an early end to the season, but it was definitely a finale that left us counting down the days until October.

With a blown up church, a murderous and manipulative father, a double crossing agent, and plenty of setup for what's to come, you're going to want to watch Scandal online to see it all for yourself.

Or just read the THG recap below.

When last we saw Cyrus Beene he was sauntering merrily down a White House hallway, content with the knowledge that by letting the church blow up he was solidifying Fitz's reelection. 

It's hard to lose when there is no opponent.

But as he listened to Fitz's eulogy for the dead senator, he realized the error of his ways and decided to come clean. Too little too late.

The church blew up and Sally, coached by Leo Bergen, rode to the rescue, looking like Mother Teresa and soaring in the polls.

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Scandal season 3 might have gotten a shortened order because of Kerry Washington's pregnancy, but as it turns out, that's been a very, very good thing. It's forced the show to step up its game in the storytelling department and things are getting absolutely insane over there in the fake D.C.

Last night's episode, Scandal Season 3 Episode 17, saw Oliva Pope and her team racing against the clock to find a group of terrorists before they detonate a bomb which will blow up the President. To find the terrorists, they need to find Maya Pope.

But Maya Pope, because she's the wiliest villain in primetime right now, got to them first. The results were potentially deadly.

The night began with Jake confronting Olivia about the dismantling of B613. President Grant appeared and wanted to know what the plan was to fix things, telling Olivia she'd made a huge mistake. Despite the fact that Fitz sided with Jake in the Olivia-screwed-up argument, Jake decided to go ahead and reveal to the President just how she managed to take down the super secret super spy society.

By sleeping with Jake, of course.

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We're down to the final two episodes in Scandal Season 3 after last night's installment saw Olivia Pope unknowingly allow her mother, Maya Pope, to get away from B-613.

How did she do that, you ask? By shutting down B-613 right as they were in the middle of a mission.

Scandal Season 3 Episode 16 started off with Abby in the White House as Olivia's proxy. After last week's realization that she's "the help," Olivia needed a break from Fitz. That break was, however, short lived as Fitz threw a tantrum and demanded to see Olivia

Olivia declined his request until she learned that Jeanine Locke, the woman with whom Fitz did not have an affair, wrote a tell-all memoir about her scandalous relationship with the President.

And that wasn't even a major facet of last night's episode.

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There was a surprise surgery for someone's birthday... a dead supporting character... and some seriously hot sex.

Just an ordinary night of Thursday television this week? Not exactly. We rundown the highlights below and make it easy for readers to watch TV online in order to catch up.


It was Richard Webber's birthday on GREY'S ANATOMY and Bailey gifted him with an unusual surgery. A really, really unusual surgery.

Elsewhere, Jackson and April got an unexpected, unpleasant surprise from the former's mother. Watch Grey's Anatomy online to find out what she wanted:

Staying on ABC, SCANDAL had one question to answer on the appropriately-titled "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 13 picked up after we saw Harrison and Abby save David Rosen's life in the last installment, with the Daniel Douglas scandal still a focal point.

Needless to say, Olivia faced a difficult moral predicament upon learning the truth about Daniel's murder. Would she stand by the administration or do the right thing?

Meanwhile, Cyrus had no such crisis of conscience. Taking matters into his own hands the way Cyrus does, he told Jake he needed to take Sally Langston out.

The big debate hit a snag as it appeared Sally was losing it, but where did that leave the gears that make the Grant administration turn behind the scenes?

Olivia decided the only way to get her to cool it was for Fitz would have to throw the debate a bit, making for one of many twists in Scandal Season 3 Episode 13.

Sally has become a problem of unpredictable and significant proportions, so Jake came around to Cyrus' view. Meanwhile, Cyrus also learned that James was Publius.

As for those shocking last 30 seconds? We can't do them justice here.

Follow the link to watch Scandal online to see it play out for yourself.

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Does Olivia have eyes for another man besides Fitz?

The President of the United States certainly seemed to think so on Scandal Season 3 Episode 12. Could it be that Olivia’s fake boyfriend isn't so fake after all?

And then there's the long-suffering First Lady ...

After allegations of drug abuse in the governor’s mansion surface, new VP contender Andrew Nicholls takes the fall, claiming he needed pain meds fast.

A flashback reveals he’s lying, though, in a big way ... the real culprit was none other than Mellie Grant, who ordered the pills and attempted suicide!

Andrew found her and saved her, agreeing to keep the incident a secret, but not before she confesses a very dark secret and forges a bond with him.

Meanwhile, back in 2014, Olivia is sure her dad is responsible for leaking the story to the press and in turn, pushes Jake to have B613 look into this.

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 11 was the show's first episode of the new year, following its midseason/Kerry Washington pregnant hiatus. But it was worth the wait.

Fitz on Scandal

One month has passed since we last left the addictive ABC drama, with Sally's murder of Daniel Douglas and Jake taking over leadership of B613.

This week, we learned perhaps above all else that Eli Pope will not go quietly into the night. The Prez may have met his most unpredictable and formidable enemy.

Invariably, someone leaks details about Daniel Douglas' death to the media, causing Cyrus and Leo, Sally's campaign manager, to team up to quash the scandal.

That could be the end of a lot of people's careers. Cyrus is not about to have that.

He enlists Charlie, again, to do what it takes - in this case having Quinn kidnap a child as a means of forcing the medical examiner to cover up Douglas' murder.

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The bad news? We still must wait many weeks for the return of Scandal Season 3.

The good news? ABC is at least whetting our appetite for more Gladiator action by releasing a sneak peek at the February 27 return episode via Facebook.

It features Olivia sitting down with Mellie and wondering why the heck the First Lady requested a lunch date, as curious photographers snap shots of the enemies from the sidewalk.

Mellie says she wants to make a "respectable woman" out of her husband's lover, but call us crazy for thinking she has an ulterior motive.

Watch Scandal online to catch up prior to this month's return and get your first look at the upcoming installment now:

Star Kerry Washington, meanwhile, celebrated a birthday last week.

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 10, the show's winter finale did not disappoint.

While the ABC drama is off until February 27, 2014, and will only air eight more episodes in the spring due to Kerry Washington's pregnancy, it is stronger than ever.

New alliances were formed last night, while old ones were renewed. Some dramatic twists unfolded, and someone told Olivia Pope that he loves her.

Who was it? What's the latest with Quinn and Christine? How will Jake's new position impact Fitz and Olivia? How did everything else play out last night?

Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 10 below to see for yourself ...

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