Live from New York... it was every celebrity known to man last night!

Pretty much, at least, as Saturday Night Live celebrated 40 years on the air with a three-and-a-half hour special that brought actors together with singers; politicians together with comedians; and fashion hits together with fashion misses.

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Last night's Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special had plenty of moments that made the show's 3 and-a-half hour running time seem like an inspired decision rather than simply another example of Lorne Michaels being able to do whatever the hell he want:

We had the return of celebrity Jeopardy, featuring a slew of epic impersonations. A touching tribute to Tracy Morgan, who's still recovering from a near-fatal car accident. We even had Bill Murray crooning about Jaws.

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The Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special brought out nearly every big name in Hollywood last night, even Eddie Murphy, who had not appeared on that stage in three decades.

But there was a noticeable absence: due to the injuries sustained in a car accident last summer, Tracy Morgan could not attend the proceedings.

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