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Modern Family's Sarah Hyland has been granted a three year restraining order from her allegedly abusive and unstable former boyfriend, Matthew Prokop.

According to L.A. County Superior Court, Hyland has been granted all the protections she requested, and Matt Prokop must stay 100 yards from her.

That includes her house, her dog, and her workplace on the ABC sitcom.

Prokop is also not allowed to own a gun, and not permitted to attack or threaten to harm her dog in any way. Yes, that part is scarily a real stipulation.

Sarah Hyland got a restraining order from her boyfriend of five years last month after claiming that Prokop was abusive throughout their relationship.

Friends say Hyland, who plays oldest daughter Haley Dunphy on the Emmy-winning comedy series, has been through hell as a result of his torment.

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Sarah Hyland has been put through hell by former boyfriend Matt Prokop, but she has her TV family, one that's always by her side and pulling for her.

Ariel Winter, who plays Hyland's sister on Modern Family, says that off screen, the co-stars have been the closest thing they have to actual family.

Sarah Hyland: Escape From HELL!

Winter was embroiled in legal drama herself recently, becoming estranged from her own mother, so she has some idea of what Hyland is experiencing.

At least in terms of the scrutiny and the public spotlight on her private life.

Few, if any of us had any inkling that Sarah has been enduring domestic abuse by Matt Prokop, who she recently filed for a restraining order against.

Hyland hasn't commented on the case, saying the restraining order speaks for itself. Instead, she's quietly leaning on her "family" for support.

“We all love Sarah [who plays Haley] very much,” Ariel tells In Touch Weekly in its the new issue, adding that the cast of the hit comedy is “super close."

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Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame made headlines in surprising fashion this week when she filed for a restraining order against her ex Matthew Prokop.

The actress refused to comment on the matter further, though, referring questions to her attorney, who issued a statement on the topic last night:

Sarah Hyland and Matthew Prokop

"The documents filed speak for themselves. Out of respect for the court, the process, and all parties, I have advised Ms. Hyland not to comment on the matter."

Hyland claims that Matt Prokop threatened and verbally abused her, and even got physical with her during their relationship of several years.

She alleges that Prokop "pinned [her] against a car," and grabbed her throat. Prokop's "grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak," she claims.

"I was scared and in fear for my life," Hyland writes.

He also reportedly threw a lighter at her and FREAKED when Sarah broke up with him, with her co-star Julie Bowen - on hand to help protect her - witnessing this.

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Modern Family star Sarah Hyland just got a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matthew Prokop, and the reasons why are pretty shocking.

According to Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy on the hit show, Prokop choked her, pushed her, abused her verbally and even threatened her life.

Matthew Prokop, Sarah Hyland

Hyland and Prokop broke up this summer, and the actor, who once appeared on Modern Family himself, has exhibited this behavior for years, she claims.

Prokop is accused of pinning Hyland up against a car during an argument about her outfit in May, calling Sarah "c--t, c--t, c--t, c--t" and choking her.

"His grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak. I was scared and in fear for my life," Hyland, 23, frighteningly recalls in court documents.

She adds that she had "a very sore throat following this event."

Hyland says she knew she was in an abusive relationship and even asked Julie Bowen, who plays her mom on Modern Family, to come to her house to help.

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After five long years of dating, it's all over for Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop.

The Modern Family actress and the former Disney actor have called it quits after a substantial relationship, according to Us Weekly insiders.

"Sarah's doing fine. It didn't work out," a source tells the tabloid. "She's young. They decided they would be better off as friends."

Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop

Hyland and her colleagues had a very good night Monday at the 2014 Emmy Awards, as Modern Family won the titleof Best Comedy for the fifth year in a row.

But Hyland, tellingly, walked the Emmy red carpet without a date.

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THG loves The Bachelor.

There. We said it. We have no shame over this fact.

Some folks out there aren't always so open about their affection, however, rarely going above a whisper when discussing Chris Harrison, dates on a helicopter and THE MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER.

But don't count the following celebrities among that group.

These stars definitely watched Andi Dorfman choose Josh Murray on The Bachelorette last night and they'll totally happy to talk all about it.

Flip through these photos and you'll learn that they already have many times in the past:

John Mayer
Said the singer to Ellen DeGeneres in 2012: "I don't even feel like it's my fault for liking it. It's not a guilty pleasure. It's designed to be a pleasure.

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Burning through famous boyfriends like it's your job is so 2013. Taylor Swift has moved on to the new hotness: burning through celebrity girlfriends!

Just weeks after Taylor and Karlie Kloss officially became platonic relation-chicks, Taylor has apparently moved on to a new celeb-bestie: Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland!

Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland

That's Sarah and Taylor stepping out for a Broadway play last night and this photo perfectly captures exactly what I imagine is the relationship dynamic between Taylor and every person in her life.

"We decided we were dressed like a strait-laced mom and her rebellious teenage daughter," Taylor wrote under the pic. 

Yeah, she claims she's joking around, but I bet she's scared off many a dude by licking her thumb and scraping the schmutz off his face.

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Sarah Hyland may star on an Emmy-winning comedy.

But there was nothing funny about what happened to the Modern Family star last night.

The actress was posing for photos with fans outside a party when a man reportedly grabbed her breast, prompting Hyland to yell: "Don't touch me!"

Sarah Hyland Picture

The star later vented about the incident on Twitter:

"Sorry to all the fans outside the event that I didn’t get to say hi to but I had to leave due to an inappropriate touch of a fan," she wrote.

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