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Timothy Henry Gray, a homeless man, died under a railroad overpass in Wyoming - just before learning he stood to inherit $19 million from a reclusive New Yorker.

Eccentric Huguette Clark (pictured) who died in 2011 and left nothing of her $300 million fortune to her family in her will, but relatives challenged the document.

That meant her great-nephew Gray, 60, stood to inherit $19 million.

H Clark

Sadly, children playing on sleds discovered Gray's body in the snow on Thursday. The former cowboy died of hypothermia in the 10-degree Evanston, Wyoming weather.

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A look back at this epic year in celebrity news would not be complete without reflecting upon some of the brightest stars who said goodbye to us in 2012.

Here are 12 of the most notable pop culture figures - from singers to actors to authors and even historical figures - who passed away this year:

12. Donna Summer, disco's queen, became synonymous with an entire genre of music with hits like "Love to Love You Baby" and "Last Dance."

11. Ray Bradbury was an author ahead of even his sci-fi time.

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Chicago mobster Frank Calabrese Sr., a known hit man who strangled victims and slit throats, died earlier this week in a federal prison at the age of 75.

Calabrese passed away Tuesday at the Butner Federal Medical Center, said Ed Ross, a spokesman for the North Carolina Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Frank Calabrese Sr.

Ross had no information on the cause of death, though Calabrese claimed in 2009 to be suffering from a host of ailments, including an enlarged heart.

"It's very emotional right now because there were two sides to my dad, and I miss the good side," son Frank Calabrese Jr. told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The younger Calabrese isn't kidding about his mixed emotions; he actually helped put his father away by secretly recording him boasting about mob killings.

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Retired four-star U.S. Army Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, who led allied forces to a routing of Iraq in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, has died at the age of 78.

Norman Schwarzkopf Photo

President Obama called Schwarzkopf's death a loss of an "American original," adding:

"From his decorated service in Vietnam to the historic liberation of Kuwait and his leadership of U.S. Central Command, General Schwarzkopf stood tall for the country and Army he loved."

"Our prayers are with the Schwarzkopf family, who tonight can know that his legacy will endure in a nation that is more secure because of his patriotic service."

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Ray Collins, a musician who invited a guitarist named Frank Zappa to join the band that eventually became the Mothers of Invention, has died aged 76.

R. Collins

Collins was instrumental to Zappa's early career, asking him to join the Soul Giants in 1964. By 1966, the covers band were the Mothers of Invention.

Collins contributed vocals on three albums before he left, disenchanted with their comedic style. Collins passed away five days after a heart attack on Monday.

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Fontella Bass, the singer most famous for her huge 1965 hit "Rescue Me," has died. She passed away Wednesday in Missouri at the age of 72.

According to Bass' family, the singer passed away in a St. Louis hospital from complications Fontella suffered following a heart attack three weeks ago.

Bass also had several strokes since 2005.

The R&B star scored a ton of hits over her decades-long career, including "You'll Miss Me (When I'm Gone)" and "Don't Mess Up a Good Thing". R.I.P.

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Charles Durning, an 89-year-old decorated World War II veteran and award-winning actor whose career spanned the 20th Century, has passed away.

From the burlesque stage and theater to television and film, playing roles as diverse as society itself, Durning's career was marked by so many roles.


He won Tony and Golden Globe awards and was nominated for Academy Awards two times as a supporting actor. He also received nine Emmy nominations.

He was honored in 2007 with a lifetime achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild.

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Very sad news today out of Puerto Rico:

Dylan Smith, a 23-year old surfer named by People Magazine as a Hero of the Year for his actions following Hurricane Sandy, has passed away. He body turned up on a beach yesterday morning in Rincon.

Dylan Smith

Smith, a lifeguard, used his surfboard and a homemade bridge to save six people in Queens, New York during the aftermath of the tragic storm this fall.

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Richard Adams, an early figure in the push for gay marriage decades before it reached the center of the national consciousness, has died at the age of 65.

Richard Adams Picture

After a brief illness, Adams died in the Hollywood home he shared with Tony Sullivan, his partner of 43 years, attorney Lavi Soloway told The AP.

Adams and Sullivan met at an L.A. gay bar called The Closet in 1971, but their life and relationship would soon be on display for a global audience.

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