British author Sir Terry Pratchett - an icon in the world of fantasy literature - has passed away at the age of 66.

Pratchett published more than 70 books over the course of his 40 year career. He is best known for the Discworld series of novels.

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Following a long and inspiring battle against colorectal cancer, Sam Simon died at the age of 59 on Sunday.

An accomplished director and producer, Simon was best known for co-creating The Simpsons... and then later in life for choosing to give away his fortune once he was diagnosed with his fatal disease.

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While American viewers agonized last night over who Chris Soules would select as his wife on The Bachelor season finale, the world of French reality television was stunned by a horrific accident. 

A contingent of 10 sports stars filming the program Dropped were killed when two helicopters collided in mid-air while shooting footage in Argentina.

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