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Marion Barry, one of the more controversial political figures of modern times, died this morning from causes not yet known.

He was 78 years old.

Marion Barry Image

Barry rose to national prominent after he was caught by the FBI while smoking crack in a hotel room with a young woman.

He screamed “she set me up!” upon being arrested by authorities, but, incredibly, this incident did NOT derail his career.

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Hollywood woke up this morning very sad news:

Director Mike Nichols is dead at the age of 83.

In response to Nichols' passing, celebrities took to Twitter and mourned the man who helmed such beloved filmed as The Graduate, Working Girl, Angels in America, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff and The Birdcage.

Here is a sampling of what they had to say about the late husband of Diane Sawyer:

Kevin Spacey: Mike Nichols gave me my start. A mentor, friend, colleague. One of the best observers of life. My thoughts are with Diane & his children.

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Mike Nichols - director of such beloved films as The Graduate, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and The Birdcage - passed away last night away at the age of 83.

Nichols leaves behind three children, as well as his wife of 26 years - iconic television journalist Diane Sawyer.

Nichols Pic

Born Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky in Berlin in 1931. Nichols' family fled to America when the Nazis began arresting Jews when he was just eight years old.

Nichols first made a name for himself as one half of the comedy duo Nichols and May. Shortly thereafter, he became one of the most in-demand theater directors on Broadway.

In 1966, Time magazine published a piece praising Nichols' talent and charisma. The article prompted Warner Bros. to hire Nichols for the film adaptation of Edward Albee's play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, thus kicking off one of the most successful careers behind the camera in the history of Hollywood.

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Katerina Netolicka, a Czech model who has appeared as a cover girl for Prada and L'Oreal, among other high profile brands, has been found dead.

She was 26.

Katerina Netolicka Photo

Her two dogs were also found dead along with her in the model's apartment in the Czech Republic. She was discovered by her brother, reports indicate.

Katerina Netolicka shared the apartment with ice hockey player boyfriend of five years Jakub Petruzalek, 29, who was out of the country at the time.

The model's body was discovered after she failed to answer her brother's calls and he became increasing worried. He decided to go over in person.

After going to the apartment and failing to get an answer when he knocked, he broke the door down and found the model and her two pets also dead.

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Tributes are pouring in from fans, friends and former colleagues of reality star Diem Brown, who died at age 32 on Friday after valiantly battling cancer.


Brown, who starred on several seasons of MTV's Road Rules and The Real World spinoff The Challenge, is perhaps best known, tragically, for fighting cancer.

By the time Diem Brown died, she had been diagnosed with cancer three times, most recently this summer, when it quickly spread and took her life.

She had bested ovarian cancer twice before, beginning at age 23.

Throughout her recent battle, family and friends were by her side and many posted inspiring, heartwarming messages of support on social media.

Brown herself posted a heartbreaking tweet a couple of days ago.

"I NEED PRAyErs and advice my doctors are seemingly giving up but I won't & can't rollover. Whatever option I have to LIVE I'm grabbing!" she said.

So, so sad. Here are some of the many notable tributes to her:

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Diem Brown has died after a prolonged battle with cancer.

The popular reality star, who rose to fame on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, then inspired so many people in the years since, was just 32.

Diem Brown Photo

Chronicling her cancer fight in great detail and with refreshing candor, Diem Brown became an advocate and inspiration for others facing similar battles.

She founded MedGift, a support registry for those suffering from any illness, saying that her motivation was for "people to know that the fight is worth it."

This week, Brown asked for prayers after receiving the devastating news that the cancer in her stomach and colon had spread to her liver and lymph nodes.

"That was a shocker to me," she said last month after that jarring news, which foretold the end. "I was blown away. It really crushed a little bit of my spirit."

Friends and family gathered at Brown's bedside at a New York City hospital as her condition worsened and she ultimately succumbed after a decade-long fight.

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Tragedy has struck Jamie-Lynn Sigler and her family.

Sources have confirmed that Adam Sigler, the brother of the former Sopranos star, passed away yesterday after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

He had been in a comma at the time of his death and was surrounded by his family before moving on.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Brother

"Adam was always so happy and inspired Jamie to be a better person every day," an insider tells Us Weekly. "[Jaimi-Lynn] loved him dearly and will miss him more than anyone can ever imagine. The family was with him every second he was in a coma and was surrounded by his entire family when he passed."

A day before losing her brother, Sigler changed her Facebook profile picture to the one above, as she poses happilty with her oldest sibling.

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The animal kingdom has lost one of its best known.

Network sources have confirmed the passing of Jovian, a lemur who starred as Zoboo on PBS’ hit nature series Zoboomafoo. He died on Monday at the age of 20.

Jovian Photo

From 1999 to 2001, Jovian appeared opposite Zoboomafoo hosts (and real-life brothers) Chris and Martin Kratt, yukking it up and becoming a small screen sensation.

“He was very social and calm,” Martin Kratt wrote on Facebook of his former co-star. “He was young and good-looking and very gentle."

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Carol Ann Susi, the actress who played Mrs. Wolowitz (or at least her memorable voice) on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, has sadly passed away.

She died Tuesday after a brief battle with cancer.

The longtime TV veteran was 62 years old.

Carol Ann Susi Photo

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you know that viewers never saw her face, but she nonetheless became a larger than life and unmistakable presence.

That voice could carry her a long way.

Just hearing her say "Howard!" was never not entertaining as she let always let the younger Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) know who was really in charge.

Susi's co-stars and colleagues were saddened by this sudden loss. Said Warner Bros. and The Big Bang Theory producers in a statement Tuesday:

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Big Bank Hank, a rapping legend who is best known for his role in the Sugarhill Gang, passed away early this morning.

He was 57 years old.

Born Henry Jackson, Big Bank Hank had been suffering from cancer for an unknown period of time and died in greater New York City area around 2 a.m., according to TMZ.

Wonder Mike and Master Gee, Hank’s collaborators with The Sugarhill Gang, released a brief statement to TMZ after learning the news, telling the site:

"So sad to hear of our brother’s passing. Rest in peace, Big Bank."

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