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Ready to play a game, Revenge viewers?

With Victoria sleeping in her hospital bed, Emily and David Clarke got down to the business of Two Truths and a Lie on Revenge Season 4 Episode 8.

FIRST TRUTH: David will always love Emily! AWWW! After emphasizing that he never asked her to seek revenge in his name, David told his daughter that she’ll always, well, be his daughter.

Of course, he was in a gracious mood after she saved him from a couple of thugs who attempted to kidnap him from the hospital.

SECOND TRUTH: Supposedly, a powerful rival of Conrad’s faked David’s demise all those years ago, holding him captive. This man had his cronies take pictures of Amanda, vowing to murder her if David didn’t follow every last command.

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The truth didn't just spill out to close Revenge Season 4 Episode 7.

It came flying out at warp speed via an enraged Emily Thorne, who FINALLY revealed her true identity to her father, but not before learning he had been monitoring all of her activities.

Emily lashed out at her crazy, bushy-bearded father for not coming to her aid sooner, leaving David stunned into silence and unable to respond.

How will Victoria avoid being exposed for her double-crossing ways? Via sheer luck, apparently.

It didn't seem like she had an actual plan, but a brewing thunderstorm struck down a power line outside Emily’s old residence, knocking Victoria unconscious as she tried to flee the scene of the Clarke family reunion.

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A large segment of Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 was taken up by Nolan coming face-to-face with David Clarke.

First, on national television, as David tossed some serious accusations Nolan's way; and, second, in Nolan's home, where Clarke slugged Emily's best friend in the face.

Next Sunday night, however, two other characters will come face-to-face. Finally. After a great many years apart.

Oh yes. Check out the following promo for Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 and see David arrive at his daughter's door:

According to the official ABC synopsis for "Ambush," Daniel will confront Emily about the secrets she's been keeping... which is a storyline that could take up weeks and weeks all by itself.

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Remember when Oprah Winfrey tore James Frey to shreds in a televised sit-down?

The interview with David Clarke on Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 made it appear as if Oprah went easy on the Million Little Pieces author.

Snarked Nolan to Victoria prior to the event: “I just love live TV. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Then again, Nolan never would have predicted that David would pull him in front of the camera to publicly accuse him of cheating "Amanda" out of her hundreds of millions of dollars.

“She died without knowing that you betrayed her, that you betrayed me, and for that, I will never forgive you,” David vowed.

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On Revenge Season 4 Episode 5, Emily sets out to reunite with her father, the formerly late David Clarke, but needs to find the right plan to do so, of course.

Victoria has the upper hand, as well, so that's complicating matters.

Since the Ice Queen herself was the first one to get to David, she is in total command of how the media sees him and who gets access to the mystery man.

This has - to quote the Revenge Season 4 Episode 5 title - lasting "Repercussions" for Emily Thorne as she seeks to come face to face with David this week.

David's got a lot on his plate as well, considering he's ... well, him.

No sooner does the media gather for an appearance by David than someone with a mysterious crescent moon tattoo on his hand attempts to run him over.

Emily believes the would-be hit man was hired by Victoria, which wouldn't be hugely surprising, and goes to Charlotte for help getting access to David.

Victoria tells Charlotte that there's no subterfuge here, and that it's Emily who's the manipulator, lying about her identity at the expense of people's lives.

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Emily Thorne came face-to-face with her father on Revenge Season 4 Episode 4.

Well, she came face-to-two-way-mirrored-face with her father, to be exact.

But the point remains: Emily knows her dad is actually alive, as she had to stand in the audience at a press conference to hear him conjure up a story about what the heck happened to him all those years ago.

Will Emily and David finally have the reunion fans have been clamoring for on Revenge Season 4 Episode 5

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Oh, yes. It finally happened on Revenge Season 4 Episode 4.

Emily Thorne now knows her father is alive. Commence screaming!!!!!

Actually, commence crying for Emily, who viewed her very-much-alive father through a two-way mirror and totally lost it as a result.

Later - with Emily in the audience and with Victoria and Charlotte by his side - David delivered an epic sob story to the press; saying, for instance, that Conrad faked his death and then paid to have him apprehended and tortured.

Of course, in the opening moments, viewers actually saw David whipping himself and proving that he may have a few (dozen) screws loose.

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We were teased a bit heading into Revenge Season 4 Episode 3, as episode hyped a "family reunion" orchestrated by Victoria Grayson that only sort of took place.

Viewers did kind of get one, as David broke into his daughter's home and stood like a creep over her bed until Nolan shooed him away with a gunshot.

But does it really count when Emily is asleep and when David has no idea about her identity? No. Of course not.

Fortunately, there's no mistakes to be made in the official ABC teaser for Revenge Season 4 Episode 4. It very clearly depicts Emily laying sights on her alive father for the first time in years.

How will she possibly react?!? We can't wait to find out.

NOTE: those looking to watch Revenge online can follow this link and check out the latest episode at TV Fanatic.

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The reunion between Amanda and David Clarke went down on Revenge Season 4 Episode 3 not with a whimper, but with a bang.

A literal bang, that is, as David was told some girl named “Emily” was standing between his happily ever after with Victoria. So he snuck into her house and was standing VERY creepily over her sleeping body… when Nolan interrupted and scared David off with a a warning shot.

We'll need to wait until next Sunday for Emily to actually get her first look at her alive father.

Elsewhere, Victoria went into Manhattan to reunite with her kids. Charlotte invited her mother in for tea and was told that her real dad was still alive.

She gave props to Charlotte for taking down Conrad and exonerating David, a fact she neglected, of course, to share with Emily during her trip out to the cabin. Maybe because Victoria was pointing a shotgun at Emily during this confrontation. 

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SPOILER ALERT: Emily Thorne is going to survive.

On Revenge Season 4 Episode 2, the show's heroine told her half-sister the truth about their identity and their shared father, only this reveal was not exactly met with a positive reaction.

That may be an understatement, considering Charlotte dragged Emily into a bar and set the establishment on fire.

But, come on, we all know Emily will survive this development and we all know she better: because it's about time for Emily to be reunited with her non-dearly-departed daddy.

On Revenge Season 4 Episode 3 (titled "Ashes"), Victoria will orchestrate a family reunion between her ex-lover and her arch nemesis, not caring one bit who gets caught in the crossfire.

Check out the official ABC teaser for this all-new installment now:

Need to catch up on the first couple Season 4 episodes? No problem: go watch Revenge online via our friends at TV Fanatic.

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