A Costco location in California has apologized for labeling what it describes as a "small percentage" of its Bible inventory as "Fiction."

The issue was brought to the attention of the store after Caleb Kaltenbach - a pastor at Simi's Discovery Church - noticed the placement of the Bibles and Tweeted:

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Hanukkah comes early this year ... except at 550 Hobby Lobby stores, where it doesn't come at all because the owner won't carry any such merchandise.

The national craft chain owned by conservative billionaire Steve Green and modeled after his “Christian values” is in hot water over this apparent policy.

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Chuck Smith, founder of the Jesus People and the Calvary Chapel movement and one of the most influential figures in modern U.S. Christianity, has died.

Smith passed away in his home in Newport Beach, Calif., after a two-year battle with lung cancer, church officials said, at the age of 86.

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