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Britney Spears. Jesus Christ. Aside from wildly successful comebacks, what do these two have in common? A musical, that's what.

SPEARS: The Gospel According to Britney will use the Britney Spears' music to tell the story of Jesus Christ.

It's a good thing this show is one-night only because the theater might not be standing by the time it's over.

Hot Work Bitch GIF

"Is it the greatest story ever told set to the greatest music ever written?" asks the shows' promotional materials? idea.

The show promises to answer the question, though, provided the lead performer isn't struck by lighting like Jim Caviezel was when he gave the savior-impersonating a go back in 2004.

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On the list of Unintentionally Comedic Moments in Social Media (which someone really should compile), this one from the Rev. Joel Osteen is pretty high up there.

Maybe not quite on the level of Chris Brown Twitter rant or an Anthony Weiner junk pic, but close. Behold, the pastor's pearl of wisdom from last week:

Osteen Tweet

The tweet was quickly deleted, for obvious reasons, but here we are.

Osteen, the best-selling author and pastor of the Lakewood church in Houston, has been the target of online hoaxes in the past. This doesn't appear to be one.

It looks like an unfortunate (or fortunate) choice of words. Nothing more, nothing less. Take away the accidental suggestiveness and it's a nice sentiment.

One that makes you wish you were true friends with Kate Upton.

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Larissa Murphy has shared a wedding video documenting her love story with a man she got engaged to, only to watch him suffer a traumatic brain injury.

The couple's touching love story from 2010 has gone viral and is inspiring in the story it tells of love, commitment and compassion triumphing over all.

Larissa and Ian met in college, dated for 10 months and were planning to get married when their lives were changed forever by a tragic 2006 car crash.

"We watched our future crash with him in that white station wagon," she writes on of the brain injury that left him unable to talk or eat.

"I still don't think Ian would have ever left me if the role had been reversed," she writes. "And walking away from my best friend was never truly an option."

As Ian's condition slowly improved, and he regained some speech, and the wedding plans that had been put aside for years became feasible again.

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We're not very mature at The Hollywood Gossip.

We once made an entire article out of Taylor Swift resembling a famous Satanist.

So you can only imagine our reaction when we saw a bird's-eye image from Google Earth of the newly-built Christian Science church in Dixon, Illinois. Because it looks just like male genitalia!

We're sorry... but it does. See for yourself:

Church Resembles Penis

And we can't help but wonder if the owners were aware of this when they came up with the church slogan.

Rising Up?!? Come on. That's just too easy.

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Wendy and Tom Montgomery, devout Mormons, are pushing the church to reconsider its anti-gay stance now that their own teenage son has come out.

They had to do some rethinking of their own. As recently as 2008, they campaigned hard in their California neighborhood for anti-gay marriage proposition.

The Supreme Court threw out Prop 8 for good this year, upholding a lower court's ruling. Despite their prior efforts, the family now sides with the court.

They learned last year that their 15-year-old son is gay, a revelation that rocked their belief system and shifted their views, Wendy Montgomery admits.

Now, she is leading a growing movement among Mormons to push The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to teach that homosexuality isn't a sin.

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Pat Robertson has already come out against gays, saying some spread AIDS on purpose.

He's also taken wives to ask, blaming them for their cheating husbands.

And now the 83-year old televangelist has issued a warning to anyone cooking up an Atkins or Paleo recipe: you are totally dissing God!

In yet another impossible-to-believe segment on The 700 Club this week, Robertson told the story of some dude named Jimmy Moore who lost 180 pounds by cutting out carbs.

And what's the matter with such a healthy move?

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Hanukkah comes early this year ... except at 550 Hobby Lobby stores, where it doesn't come at all because the owner won't carry any such merchandise.

The national craft chain owned by conservative billionaire Steve Green and modeled after his “Christian values” is in hot water over this apparent policy.

“I will never set foot in a Hobby Lobby. Ever.” wrote Ken Berwitz, the New Jersey blogger who brought the Hobby Lobby Hanukkah flap to light last week.

Berwitz’s outrage has spread, with others taking Hobby Lobby to task as a store that courts the public, but refuses to stock anything related to Judaism.

In response to questions about its lack of Hanukkah items - no paper dreidels, menorah-making kits, greeting cards - Hobby Lobby said in a statement:

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Chuck Smith, founder of the Jesus People and the Calvary Chapel movement and one of the most influential figures in modern U.S. Christianity, has died.

Smith passed away in his home in Newport Beach, Calif., after a two-year battle with lung cancer, church officials said, at the age of 86.

C. Smith

"He was definitely a pioneer," said Donald E. Miller, a professor of religion at USC.

"He had a transformative impact on Protestantism.

The Calvary Chapel, which includes more than 1,000 churches nationwide and hundreds more overseas, began with Smith and 25 members on a Costa Mesa lot in 1965.

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Pope Francis has once again come out in favor of tolerance for all, regardless of sexual orientation.

A couple months after saying he is in no position to judge a gay person, the 76-year old pontiff gave an in-depth interview to Italian Jesuit magazine La Civilta Cattolica and reiterated this unexpected stance.

"We must always consider the person," Francis said. "In life, God accompanies persons, and we must accompany them, starting from their situation. It is necessary to accompany them with mercy. When that happens, the Holy Spirit inspires the priest to say the right thing."

The Pope does not believe his view veers from the teachings of the Catholic Church, saying God endorses the "existence" of all people with "love."

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